The best online marketing strategies will arrange these marketing practices so that they complement each other. This isn’t always easy to do though, and sometimes it takes a bit of trial-and-error to get things right. In order to practice online marketing successfully, businesses need to create unity in their marketing efforts.
By Angie Links on our site may lead to consultants ready to help you start a home business. The first part of this marketing post will assume your company doesn’t have any restrictions in place for online marketing. Once you have that blog going, start commenting on similar blogs in an attempt to generate traffic. Now, if your company prohibits online marketing using their name, you may need to get a little creative.
Just as mentioned above, use any social networks you set up for your business to be social. Join the newsletter Each week you will receive by email a featured direct sales opportunity and introduction to consultants ready to help you start a new home business.
Now let’s say at the end of the month all of this effort brought in 36,000 visits and 25 conversions for a total eCourse sales volume of $10,000. In the graph above you see our member had a total of 25 sales spread across all of their efforts. As you’ll see below, referral traffic lead to 8 out of 25 conversions which is 32% of all sales.
Here we have an interesting case because we only had 1 eCourse sale through social (drilling deeper I can see it came from YouTube). FREE ECOURSE GROWTH TUTORIALWatch our free 30 minute eCourse growth video tutorial by signing up below. If you have a course ready to be sold but you have no clue how to set up the ecommerce to handle payment or how to install the Learning Management System (LMS) required to teach students online then let us help . Increasing online sales is possible only and only if website visitors turn into customers; most commonly the process is known as conversion. Many websites rank high in organic search results as well in paid results and also get lots of traffic, but low conversion rates make online sales tougher than ever. 1- Focus on conversions NOT the clicks: A click from SEO, SEM or any other PPC campaign if not converted is a mere waste of money and load on the server.
2- Know the right keywords: When you are focused more on conversions and less on clicks, pick up the filtered list of conversion keywords. 5- Know the schedules of your audience: Whether you are running a search marketing campaign or sharing your offer over social media, knowing the time when your prospect clients are online is crucial.
7- Evaluate the performance weekly and make adjustments: Daily tracking is good, but you cannot generalize something on one day performance, rather evaluate a week and identify the areas which need improvement. How to Grow a Small Business Startup Faster  If you are here, you must be a startup owner who wants to grow his small business faster.
Sugar reporting turns data into useful information so you get the information you need, when you need it. Sugar reporting helps managers to monitor performance business-wide including marketing analytics, sales trends, case reports, and customer profiles. See your personalized sales information on your Sugar homepage when you log-in each morning.
Investigate account progress and sales performance by viewing the account information contained within sales dashboards.
Sugar marketing analytics allows marketers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns from the initial offer to a closed sales opportunity. Understand which campaigns generate positive returns with comprehensive return on investment (ROI) analysis for each campaign.
Measure campaign effectiveness based on a variety of attributes, including leads created, new opportunities and closed-won deals. Sugar reporting gives sales managers the insight needed to adjust to changing business conditions.

Access all opportunities in a defined sales stage with one click to see next steps needed to progress the opportunity. A single view of all sales calls over a given time period, including held and planned calls. Sugar case reports monitor customer problems and how well your customer support team is solving these issues. Monitor open cases across support representatives, account, time period or other attributes.
Connect customers to their original lead sources for better understanding of customer acquisition. It also incorporates several other components, like email, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and search engine optimization (SEO).
SEO and social media marketing shouldn’t compete with each other; they should complement each other. Even when businesses focus on multi-channel marketing, they sometimes find discontinuity in their marketing efforts. It wouldn’t make sense to use a certain logo and color scheme on your website and change things up in your marketing emails. If you advertise on social media that you offer excellent customer service, then you need to back that up with your email management.
To do this, you have to establish a brand identity online and maintain it on all the marketing platforms you use. Please verify current promotions and compensation plan with your sponsor prior to enrolling. Through the various social avenues available, you can now have regular access to your customer base. You don’t want to scare off all of your Friends by promoting your business, but having a little blurb about this personal business may spark a little interest on its own without you pushing it. You can still start blogging, but you are going to need to brand yourself rather than your products or company.
You can then use this as your marketing platform if you are unable to publicly market online.
It’s tempting to want to go all online, but face-to-face interactions are still extremely effective. You might be building landing pages and great content using various content marketing strategies. Not bad right. Splitting our time between social, SEO and referral traffic seemed to work great. This of course let’s them refine their efforts and ensures higher sales volume next month. So in terms of spending time on getting mentions and links on strong websites and blogs in your niche, this seems to be a good way to spend your time.
This data is interesting because although this is where they received the bulk of their eCourse sales from, the conversion rate is actually lower than the site’s average.
Now, if the member was spending their time equally on all activities (SEO, social, referral traffic) then this data would clearly indicate that it’s time to re-prioritize and re-strategize or dump social marketing all together. Well, it doesn’t mean that every click must convert, but yes, by doing some improvements, we can maximize the conversion rate.
Read details about how to find the best keywords for your website SEO, SEM and other PPC campaigns.
Procedures, requirements and limitation for developing ads and content baits vary from platform to platform and getting them done by the experts is the right way. If you’re a manager, you can monitor performance across your entire business including marketing analytics, sales trends, case reports, and customer profiles. Customizable dashboards meet the individual roles of users or to track key metrics across the organization.
Dashboard access can be limited to specific user profiles so team members see only the information they need to know.
Display multiple dashboards on your homepage in a variety of formats, including line, pie, bar, performance, and bubble charts.

Campaign effectiveness can be assessed relative to budget, channel, expected revenue and win rate to gain a full picture of how marketing programs affect the sales pipeline. On one screen, sales managers can monitor the pipeline of sales representatives by sales stage, view how many calls each rep has made over a given time period, and monitor closed and expected revenue for the quarter. Case reports can be used to measure open cases by time period, support representatives, priority, and entitlement. Reports and dashboards show customer profiles by industry, geography, company size, product assets, revenue and other important attributes. My suggestion here is to “go local.” You will have an instant connection with these users, and they may become your next customers or hostesses. If you are personally using your company’s products, blog about the personal changes you have experienced. Please perform due diligence to verify the facts with a company representative prior to enrolling for an opportunity. You’ll also likely be active in social communities like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Data analysis is one thing, but knowing what that data means, and then taking action based on your findings are two totally different things.
But in fact, if we look closer, we’ll see this particular member is not spending enough time on this activity. If, and only if, after spending enough time on the platform they find the traffic from social less valuable then it would be time to make a decision on which activities to engage more in and which activities to engage in less. Rather than outsourcing stuff to multiple people, good idea is to have an in-house resource with expertise in creating on page content, content marketing and writing developing compelling ad creatives.
If you’re an individual user, customizable dashboards meet the requirements of your specific role as well as helping you track key metrics across the organization. The data from each report is accessible, so users can drill down and explore the data impacting their business. Automatic consolidation of sales data from across teams reveals the information executives need to drive performance across their business.
Managers and reps can also take advantage of the strong reporting and charting capabilities to create personalized dashboards that update whenever information changes. With Sugar case reports, managers gain a better view into customer satisfaction and support organizational performance.
By gaining a better understanding of customers, companies can better manage existing relationships and build new ones. If you have knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, this door can be opened even wider as you are able to directly tailor your content to meet search engine users’ needs. The fact of the matter is you can’t rely on your company-hosted site to generate a lot of sales on its own. Write a small report of Quick Tips or Inside Secrets that pertains to what you are selling.) From there, you can either set up an automated RSS feed to go out to your subscribers with your new posts, or send them periodic updates with new sales or products. At the end of the day, it’s a combination of all of these marketing activities that are driving traffic to your website and helping you convert that traffic into eCourse sales. Not only that, but referral traffic seems to stay around longer (avg time on site) and visits more pages. Don’t bombard them day after day, just a little email regularly to try to get them back to your site.
If you have to send the link to your personal website via email, that’s what you will have to do. But you need to know what traffic sources are helping you convert the most visitors into paying students.
So this lets our member know that this is a marketing activity they should be spending more time on. But before we find out how much more time, we first need to find out how search traffic and social traffic stand up against this traffic source.

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