No matter how fantastic your video creations are, it will mean nothing if you don’t market and distribute them effectively.
Here I have devised a online video distribution plan for you to use and adapt to suit your own goals and needs.
Please note that this distribution has been created on the assumption that you will use video sharing sites like YouTube.
Firstly we will go through some of the background work that you need to get done in order to set up your distribution channels. Ensure that the pages on your website that you embed the video on have social sharing buttons and if possible comments functionality – best option would be to put the videos within a blog on your website.
There are a range of social networking sites available to use including Reddit, Delicious, Stumble Upon and Digg. Oneload and Heyspread are video distribution sites which allow you to upload a video to multiple platforms at one time. Both of these tools have an analytics tool built in which means you will be able to monitor how many times people have viewed your video on each of the different platforms. It is a time consuming task to get all of your profiles set up on the different video sharing platforms – Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo and etc as well as social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Now that you have a basic distribution system set up you need to work hard at oiling the system to keep it running as if you have no friends on Facebook, no followers on Delicious and no subscribers on Youtube then unfortunately your content will not be going anywhere fast.
1) Add your key 3 social profiles to every one in the organisations email signatures so that with every communication you are raising awareness and occasionally picking up new followers.
3) Promote your social profiles on your website – use the Facebook social app as well as Twitter apps to get people going from your site to your social networks – seems counter productive but if you can grab a new contact on Facebook rather than lose them forever then it is worth doing. 4) Every time you receive a comment, Tweet, mention then you need to respond to it – be fun, friendly and open – that is what social networking is about.
When you are distributing your videos you need to be able to call on partner organisations to offer their support. Create a list of potential partners while writing your distribution plan and approach them one by one. A fantastic tool for meeting like minded bloggers and content producers is Triberr – you can form groups with others who create content on similar topics and promote each other through Twitter, Facebook and all of the other platforms. YouTube has Insight which can give you lots of details about who is watching your videos and can even show you drop off points (i.e.
Google Analytics is a free tool that you can use to assess the impact your video is having on your own website. This entry was posted in Video Marketing and tagged online video, online video distribution, video marketing on 9 July 2012 by Neil Davidson. If you would like to learn more or just have an informal discussion over a coffee, then just send us a note.
SubscribeGet a weekly dose of clear, practical and easily applicable video production and marketing tips by email. You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Rich teaches Constitutional Law, Constitutional Litigation, Civil Liberties, and Jurisprudence. Pierce received a law degree from Washburn University School of Law in 1977 and a master of laws from University of Utah College of Law in 1982. After receiving a law degree from the University of Kansas School of Law, Concannon served as a law clerk in the Office of the Kansas Attorney General and the Office of the Kansas Insurance Commissioner and as a research attorney for Justice Alex Fromme of the Kansas Supreme Court. Westbrook's teaching and research focus on financial, international, and transactional subjects. The article asserts that with nearly every phone call, text, Facebook post, and store purchase humans are adding to huge databases containing their personal information. The couple became pregnant without using the services of a licensed physician; they separated after giving birth to a girl three years ago.
In the January 2, 2013 Washington Post article "-->Kansas sperm donor fighting effort by the state to make him pay child support," Elrod "said the law seems clear: Sperm donors who don't want to be held liable for child support need to work with a doctor. Professor Glashausser said "The president would simply announce that Congress had created a 'Catch-22' situation requiring him to both borrow and not borrow the money." The President would take the position that the appropriation bills amount to an implicit repeal of the debt ceiling because newer law trumps older law. Powell, of Wichita, currently serves as a Judge for the Sedgwick County District Court and was first elected in 2002.
Schroeder, of Hugoton, began his practice in rural southwest Kansas and has served as a district court judge for the 26th Judicial District since 1999.
Some donors had their children write messages to the intended recipient child or donated multiple items that were to be kept together for one child that were themed, such as school supplies or art.
After a fun day of packing and preparing the boxes with labels, they were delivered to a local collection center. This Article bridges a gap in existing literature by evaluating, from an empirical perspective, the impact of conflict among the lower courts on the Supreme Court’s decision to grant or deny a petition for a writ of certiorari. The case involved same-sex partners who had entered into an agreement to coparent children who were conceived by artificial insemination and born to one of the partners.
The Kansas Supreme Court issued its opinion in this case on Friday, February 22, 2013, including mention of the Center's brief.
The decision upheld the right of a same-sex nonbiological partner to continue parenting the two children born to the relationship. The case was returned to the district court to hear evidence pertaining to the best interests of the children and reconsider matters of visitation time. Professor Rory Bahadur has been selected the National Academic Curriculum Consultant by the Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO), a division of the American Bar Association.
The CLEO program seeks to expand legal education opportunities to minority, low-income, and disadvantaged groups.
Advancing again this year to at least the quarter-final round, the team lost on a split-decision to the University of Montana. Graeme Austin is chair of private law at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and professor of law at Melbourne University Law School, Australia. On February 13, 2013, at the end of its two‐day event, KCSDV held its 10th Annual Safe Homes Safe Streets Benefit Reception at the Topeka Performing Arts Center.
Becky Price, of KCSDV, was grateful that Washburn Law students volunteered and was excited that the dinner helped to educate so many on the important work that KCSDV does.
The Kansas Association for Justice established an award in remembrance of Raymond Spring, '59, former professor and dean of the law school. Amy currently represents clients through her general practice office in Tonganoxie, Kansas. While surveys show a majority of Americans are sympathetic to this young man's situation and would be in favor of some form of immigration relief for the Dreamers, Congress has not approved legislation to revise the immigration code. Having graduated from high school or obtained a GED, being in school or a GED program now, or being honorably discharged from military service in the U.S.
Not having a felony conviction, significant misdemeanor, or three or more misdemeanors and not posing a threat to national security.
Interns in the Law Clinic help clients gather documentation to prove the elements of their case and file all of the necessary forms for deferred action.
Washburn University School of Law's Legal Analysis, Research, and Writing Program is ranked 11th among all law schools in the U.S.
From its inception, the strength of Washburn Law's LARW program has been its commitment by faculty to provide integrated skills education essential in producing competent, practice-ready graduates committed to serving their clients, the legal profession and society at large. Washburn Law legal writing professors regularly teach a seminar session in the Washburn Law Clinic, helping students to make a smooth transition between classroom and practice, and our legal writing students regularly observe oral arguments before state and federal appellate courts. Washburn Law was named a top law library, ranked at #19, in the National Jurist's list of Great Law Libraries.
Washburn Law is one of the nation's most outstanding law schools, according to The Princeton Review.
Washburn Law has offered one of the most extensive oil and gas law curricula in the nation and is recognized as a premier learning institution with a focus on oil and gas law. The oil and gas industry has been a significant part of the Kansas economy since the early 1900s, and oil and gas law continues to be a major area of practice in Kansas and throughout the world. Many of the significant scholarly resources used in the practice and teaching of oil and gas law are associated with Washburn. As Professor Glashausser explains, however, the text, context, and drafting history of the Extension Clause reveal the fallacy of those conventional justifications. As the many Native American nations gamer economic strength and come into increasing contact with state and local forums, so do the chances that those forums will come face to face with questions of tribal law.
It may be possible for tribal courts to gain some of the advantages and ameliorate some of the dangers by entering into a variety of cooperative arrangements with state courts.
The purpose of this article is to bring together the various options for tribal and state court cooperation for the analysis of tribal law questions. If you are at this website, you’ve probably already read lots of articles regarding how to make money online. The online world is flooded with competition and all of them with the same promotion ideas…every single website in any industry is flooded with Ads trying to fight for your attention.
Let’s say you have a membership website that teaches people about oil painting (just an example!). Unfortunately, even though this website has been worked on and perfected over hundreds and hundreds of hours, nobody knows it exists and nobody cares about it.
Put up fliers about her website at the art department of her local colleges, universities, and other art schools.

Put incentives directly into these “real life” advertisements (“email me that you found me through this Ad, and I will give you 20% off your first month’s membership fee!”). Not only will these visitors be extremely targeted when they visit the oil painting website, they also won’t be in “browsing mode” (i.e. Real life advertisements give a sense of legitimacy to any website promoted that way, and the competition is WAY lower. The truth is people put in ridiculous amounts of effort into their online advertising, making the competition extremely stiff online. Spend one day per week on your offline marketing efforts for your online business and you will start to see how effective it really can be. I started this blog because I've been making money online since 2005,and now want to help everyone else start their online business and make money online from home. While a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and State Bank of India (SBI) emerged as a many elite employer for under-graduate business students in a country, engineering and MBA students chose record giant—Google as their ideal employer in a consult conducted among 8,356 students conflicting Indian colleges by Universum, a tellurian consulting organisation that helps companies urge their lure to impending jobseekers. The rankings also uncover that Indian business students (under-graduate) associate banks with larger turn of responsibility, secure practice and high destiny earnings.
While confidence is a large cause pushing students to opt for a pursuit in a open zone as good as in Indian firms, a possibility to grow their careers is another reason because youngsters get captivated to these companies. Among engineering and IT students , record firms dominated a tip rankings with Microsoft and IT bellwether Infosys holding second and third place, respectively. The normal approaching monthly income for undergraduate students was Rs 49,729, while it was Rs 51,161 for government students. What stood out significantly was that there was a opening in income expectations of anywhere between Rs 7,000-13,000 (monthly) for women compared to group during both undergraduate and post-graduate levels, according to a survey. Freshersplane is online web Platform working for graduates with aim is to to make the career searching task simpler and easier by providing them information about jobs which are relevant to them. Best Viewed In Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox 6 +, Google Chrome 10+, Safari 5+, Opera 11.5+. Online video distribution should be a part of your video marketing strategy and is as important, if not more so, than the video production process.
I would highly recommend attaching target dates to each item so that you know when you need to have completed each task by.
Ensure that the video is on a page with a good textual description around the video to explain what the content in the video is. If you post links to your content on social bookmarking sites you are creating inbound links to your content, which is useful in terms of search engines and improving your ranking. Though once they are set up then you have a distribution channel that is very easy and quick to use going forward.
Then create a plan around emailing all of these contacts with social profiles asking them to connect with you on there – just promote one profile to each person.
The best way to encourage this is for requests to be based upon prior-arranged reciprocal agreements i.e. Make it personal and specific to them and don’t send out mass emails – you are unlikely to get half as many responses if people feel they are being spammed.
This is a great way to get solid social networking going and to get yourself recognised as central within your niche.
Users of Twitter will be ‘following’ a lot of people and therefore have pretty heavy home feeds. If you use the correct tools you could actually complete a comprehensive plan *without spending a penny.
Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. He received a law degree from the University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law in 1975. He began his legal career as a solo general practitioner in Neodesha, Kan., and worked as city attorney for Cherryvale, Kansas.
Dean Romig indicated that instructors at Washburn Law explain to first-year students how Facebook entries posted years ago could come back to haunt them in Internet searches done by future employers or clients. In the future, drones flying overhead on routine traffic patrols may pick up something in a person's backyard that looks illegal; would this information be admissible in court? The birth mother sought and received assistance from the State of Kansas when the non-birth mother became unable to work because of an illness. Other than that, the general rule is strict liability for sperm." Elrod also provided comments to Kansas First News for their -->January 3, 2013 report-->. The Children and Family Law Center and the five student organizations originally set a goal of ten boxes but as donations poured in, it became apparent that more boxes would be filled. Professor Elrod kindly donated multiple plastic containers which were used in lieu of a standard cardboard shoebox. The volunteers there packed the shoeboxes into larger cardboard boxes which were taken by box truck so they could be shipped from the distribution center. Specifically, this Article looks at the political ideology of the lower courts involved in a split of authority on federal law and compares those positions to the political ideology of the Supreme Court itself. Following the couple's breakup, joint custody was granted to the non-biological parent; the biological parent argued her parental rights were violated when the district court awarded parenting time to the ex-partner. In role as consultant, Professor Bahadur will be assisting CLEO with program development and oversee all of CLEO's programming for entering and first-year law students. Hatcher, Marissa Frederick, Kaitlin Marsh, Megan Williams, and 1L support-member Norah Avellan. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss how the New Zealand tribunal's decision affects the debate about intellectual property protection in the context of indigenous societies. He is co-author, with Professor Laurence Helfer (Duke University School of Law) of "Human Rights and Intellectual Property: Mapping the Global Interface," (Cambridge University Press). The event provides an opportunity for community members, legislators, and professionals to become more informed about the prevalence of sexual and domestic violence. In one case, Amy worked long hours on a post-conviction petition that remained pending beyond her clinic semester. On June 15, 2012, President Obama issued a controversial administrative policy allowing Dreamers to apply for deferred action.
As one can imagine, it is not always easy to come up with an actual document to prove you have been in the United States every month since 2007 or even that you were actually here on the exact day of June 15, 2012.
Our clients are grateful for the representation as they navigate an immigration system that can be very intimidating to someone who must come forward and openly reveal his undocumented status.
Our full-time LARW professors co-direct the first-year program and are members of the Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD) and the Legal Writing Institute (LWI). The education service company features the school in the 2012 edition of its book, The Best 167 Law Schools. Creating the Oil and Gas Law Center will provide a structure for the existing oil and gas curricula and reflects Washburn's institutional commitment to these programs.
The Center structure will allow Washburn Law to more effectively attract students, obtain grants and other financial support for Center programs, and attract alumni and other oil and gas lawyers to assist with the Center's educational mission. Pierce is the author of the Kansas Oil and Gas Handbook, a co-author of the West casebook Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas Law, and the West hornbook Hemingway Oil and Gas Law and Taxation.
Legislators have repeatedly introduced bills seeking to prevent the Court from hearing cases on politically charged topics such as marriage, religion, and abortion. Just as other constitutional provisions guarantee the jurisprudential independence of federal judges so that they can do their jobs without fear of reprisal, the Extension Clause prevents Congress from taking certain cases away from the Supreme Court and thus secures the Court’s jurisdictional independence. The challenges posed by an AngloAmerican court answering questions of tribal law present both danger and opportunity. In an arrangement of true parity, these options may also provide avenues for tribal courts to obtain assistance in answering important questions of state law in tribal court cases. Professor Kowalski further concludes that each option has costs and benefits, and that individual tribal nations must each undertake their own cost benefit analyses to determine which action - or none at all - is the most likely to benefit tribal sovereignty and institutions based on their goals, history, relationships with state and local entities, and even relationships between individual leaders in the state and tribal justice systems.
Members pay a monthly fee and get access to premium videos teaching them everything there is to know about oil painting.
Hours of link building and promotion never seems to get any significant numbers to the website, and those that do make it there aren’t the target audience. In person, the competition is not only virtually non-existent and can be much more effective. We provide you with the latest personal finance news straight from the industry and individuals. This trend, manifest globally as well, reflects on how youngsters are looking during pursuit confidence as one of a many critical parameters while selecting their destiny employers.
Also, some-more women find banks to be an appealing workplace compared to group while in many other markets it is a opposite, pronounced a survey.
We see a transparent trend that banks and veteran services are some-more appealing as employers among business students in India,” pronounced Joakim Strom, Universum’s APAC handling director. MNC organisation Hindustan Unilever stood out as a usually FMCG employer in a tip 10 choices for Indian students.
Not only do you need to ensure that you distribute your video to ensure it reaches a wide audience, you also need to measure the impact of your different distribution methods to inform future strategy. It will also outline how you plan to achieve those goals and how you will measure your success. Upload your video content to your channel and make sure that the ‘embed’ function is enabled so that other people can post your video to their websites or blogs.
Search engines can read and understand as well as index closed caption files from videos but they cannot yet fully understand the spoken word in video content so without text on the page your video will not have much chance of ranking in the search engines.

Social bookmarking sites encourage the sharing of content, which will also be advantageous in terms of reaching a wider audience. This means your posts will easily be lost to a lot of people, depending on what time of day you have posted. Prior to joining the Washburn Law faculty, he was a law clerk for Chief Justice Donald Wright of the California Supreme Court and he served as a staff attorney at the Legal Aid Society of Wichita. He asks "What is personal information and what is professional?" Employers looking at Facebook accounts, or asking all job applicants if they can look, is a big issue.
Each box was filled with candy, toys, school supplies, soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other various items.
The postage for each box was $7.00 which was covered in part by donations and largely by the student organizations. The team finished 3rd overall in the preliminary phase of the tournament, with a 4-0 record against Louisiana State, William Mitchell, Iowa State, and Michigan State.
Amy wanted to see the case through, so she volunteered her time in the clinic during the holiday break and spring semester in order to fulfill her professional responsibility to her client. The child grows up speaking English, attending public schools, making friends, playing sports, learning and enjoying American culture. The Department of Homeland Security was directed to exercise, as appropriate, prosecutorial discretion for those who are approved and not use enforcement resources on these low priority cases. All of these documents must be organized in a logical way to make sure immigration officials will see that each element is met. The LARW program at Washburn Law is the only law school specialty program in Kansas and the Kansas City metro area to receive a national ranking for 2014. As experts in their field, LARW faculty members have shared their teaching expertise with peers at the Free University of Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia and with visiting Chilean law professors. We are training the future lawyers governmental agencies will need to effectively regulate the industry," Pierce said. Oil and gas law, as an elective field of study, has always enjoyed a strong student following.
He is a co-editor and upkeep author of the multi-volume treatise Kuntz, A Treatise on Oil and Gas Law and co-editor of the Oil and Gas Reporter. Opportunities come with strengthened inter-sovereign relationships and with the acknowledgement of tribal legal potency by other forums. How is a new Internet marketer with a new business to compete in this ever growing and intimidating world?
There is a recommended products section on your website linked to Amazon so you can make commission off of any referrals. Not only that, there are too many powerful oil painting ecommerce art stores dominating the SERPs for keywords like “oil painting classes” and the like. Whether it is a BHEL or an ONGC these are good training drift and they sinecure in large numbers as well,” pronounced Nishchae Suri, MD, Mercer India, a tellurian HR consulting firm.
These are your warmest contacts so you need to build out your social networks from these contacts. This may not always be appropriate but you need to be able to recognise when it is, and seize the opportunity.
Strategic repetition of posts will mean that more people will have a chance to see your content. Ahrens Chair was endowed by the law firm of Michaud, Cordry, Michaud, Hutton and Hutton, named in honor of former Washburn Law professor James R. He served as associate dean of Washburn University School of Law for five years and was acting dean in the fall of 1985 and interim dean during the 2006-2007 academic year. Pierce teaches Oil and Gas Law, Advanced Oil and Gas Law, Energy Regulation, and Drafting Contracts and Conveyances. Sager Memorial Professorship was established by Stan, '57, and Shirley Sager in memory of their son Kurt Sager, '76, who died in 1998 at the age of 44. In her previous position at the University at Buffalo Law School, Westbrook taught courses on international finance, securities regulation, international trade, the North American Free Trade Agreement, acquisition transactions, and transactional practice.
She and other victims have been working with KCSDV to eliminate the 5 year Statute of Limitations for rape.
He is a past president of the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, which awarded him the 2012 Clyde O.
Dangers inhere in crosscultural illiteracy and particularly in the temptation to ignore abstention principles and to attack tribal jurisdiction. There is a blog with several wonderfully researched articles and fascinating insights about this little piece of the art world, all monetized with Google Adsense. Your video distribution plan should be a detailed to do list for how you will get your videos to your audience. You can draw on different elements of your video for each Tweet or status update so that they are unique, yet all pointing towards your new video. For several years he worked with Washburn Law Clinic students representing inmates in constitutional challenges to Kansas prison conditions. He has also taught the core courses in Contracts, Business Associations, and Environmental Law.
It is awarded to a faculty member considered to be an excellent teacher, who may be a traditional academic or an individual with prominence in the field of law, with preference given to a professor in the area of International or Commercial Law. She also served as the director of the University of Buffalo New York City Program in International Finance and Law.
Another focus of the event is the benefits of creating safe homes and streets for everyone.
There were a total of 16 student volunteers who signed up for various tasks before and during the reception.
Pozez Chair in Business and Transactional Law and Professor of Law, will be the Center's director. This website is truly a wonderful resource for anyone who is into oil painting and has the potential to make the webmaster lots of money. Rich's publications address a wide range of constitutional law topics, including federalism, sovereign immunity, prison conditions and race relations. Pierce is the author of the Kansas Oil and Gas Handbook, a co-author of the West casebook Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas Law, and the West treatise Hemingway Oil and Gas Law and Taxation. Senator Dole is clearly one of the most well-known and distinguished graduates of Washburn Law. She teaches Business Associations, Financial Institution Regulation, International Business Transactions, and Securities Regulation. The Children and Family Law Center provided Family Law Certificate credit for several students who volunteered their time. He is undocumented and could be removed from this country and sent back to a place he does not know.
Pierce has been the driving force behind the oil and gas program at Washburn Law since its inception nearly a quarter of a century ago in 1989. This award recognizes excellence in teaching natural resources law, by fostering a broad understanding of the law, mentoring students, and for innovative teaching style. For example, the funding allows them to hire research assistants, travel to conferences or invite speakers to the law school. He also authored the three volume treatise, Modern Constitutional Law (3rd Edition), published in 2011. The Professorship is awarded to a faculty member considered to be an excellent teacher, who may be a traditional academic or an individual with prominence in the field of law   Professor Concannon has achieved both.
Jessup International Moot Court Competition held at Denver University Sturm College of Law, February 15-16, 2013.
He is a past president of the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation and a member of the American Law Institute. He was a senior contributing editor of Evidence in America: The Federal Rules in the States and serves on the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. He dreams of one day being able to work and live in the United States without fear of removal. During the current academic year, he has received the Outstanding Service Award from the Kansas Bar Association, the Distinguished Service Award from the Washburn University School of Law Alumni Association, and the Clyde O. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) has increased opportunities for private plaintiffs to bring collateral civil actions. Hatcher is Top OralistThe Washburn Law Jessup Moot Court Team competed in the Rocky Mountain Super-Regional Round of the Philip C. In response to FCPA investigations, shareholders now routinely file derivative suits, securities fraud class actions, or both. The Righter Professorship is awarded to a faculty member who has made extraordinary contributions to the law school primarily in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service.
Nevertheless, a number of the suits have been settled, some for amounts exceeding the government penalties paid by the company for the FCPA violations. Shareholder litigation based on company behavior that violates the FCPA is significant because the threat of private litigation increases the impact of an FCPA violation by increasing a company's liability, parallel shareholder litigation may subtly expand FCPA liability, and shareholder lawsuits may also be of more general doctrinal significance.
Professor Westbrook examines recent shareholder litigation based on company behavior that violates the FCPA, introduces the FCPA and the current surge in its enforcement, examines the increase in shareholder actions based on FCPA violations, analyzes shareholder derivative and securities fraud class action lawsuits in terms of what shareholders are alleging and how their suits are faring, and draws preliminary conclusions about the legal consequences of increased collateral shareholder litigation based on FCPA violations.

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