Last week we introduced our web analytics series with Web Analytics 101A where we talked about what web analytics are and why they are important for your website. 4 ) Clicky-Focuses on real time analytics with the added bonus of Twitter analytics as well. 5 ) SiteCatalyst-Powers the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, SiteCatalyst gives you insight into organic search, paid search, mobile search, and social media insights including Facebook and Twitter.
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Media networks like GLAM Media and others are very similar to ad networks except they require a few extra things from you. Every affiliate program is unique and different but the industry standard for most digital products (ebooks, video training courses, seminars, etc.) is usually 50% but the range is generally from 25%-75% for digital products. Physical products usually offer much lower commission percentages because of the cost of delivering and manufacturing the product so the range could be 2%-50% on a physical product. Linking to the affiliate product within your blog posts (works great when doing product review posts). These are the best ways to sell affiliate products – there are many others, but I recommend starting here.

A sponsored post is where a company or person pays you to write a post on behalf of that company.
Sponsored posts can cost anywhere from $10 to $10,000 depending on the size of the blog and its audience and what the sponsor is willing to pay for that exposure. You can also get sponsors for your site if you are doing a product launch that you expect to reach a large audience. A Google Analytics is free, powerful, and can be connected with your Google Adwords campaigns.
A With over 200,000 websites already using Piwik, its goal is to be the free alternative to Google Analytics.
A If money plays a role in which web analytics you use, I would suggest starting with one of these two, and in the future if you have need you can always start using one of the other three.
In fact, you would have to have some very good reasons NOT to monetize your blog through ads. Generally, Adsense is the best following by AdBrite and Infolinks (depending on your content). Focus all the rest of your energy on driving traffic to your blog, and you can drive the traffic from your email list and blog to the affiliate sales by creating a good blog that pulls people in!

They might want you to review one of their products, talk about a contest they’re running, or just mention some of their charity work on your blog.
Events like teleseminars, webinars and livestreams are attractive to sponsors because they allow them to connect with your audience in a more intimate way than just through a banner advertisement.
A Although I mentioned that in web analytics 102 we would learn how to install Google Analytics, after writing today’s blog I decided that we would focus on installing analytics next week in web analytics 103.
Generally, these ads are either banner ads or text ads or link ads within your content itself. A Today we are going to look at 5 of the top web analytics tools in order to help you chose your favorite and start improving traffic to your website.
A As I mentioned I love Google Analytics due to the fact that it is robust, free, and easily connects with Google Adwords. A Be sure to check back next week when we will talk about how to install Google Analytics and what the next steps are after you have installed analytics on your website.

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