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Emarketer predicts advertisers will spend $23.68 billion on paid media to reach consumers on social media networks by the end of this year.
But while some companies are thriving using social media marketing, others are lagging far behind. If a company isn’t using visual content as part of their social media marketing strategy, then they’re missing out on some big returns. With the rise of visual-based social media networks such as Pinterest (72.8 million users) and Instagram (300 million monthly users) adding visuals to content should be a key marketing tactic. If a company doesn’t have the resources of either in-house or outside social media staff to maintain several accounts, then concentrate resources on one or two networks that your targeted audience uses most and make that feed the best in the business! About the Author: Lee Westell is a digital marketing specialist who serves as an active member on the APUS School of Business Industry Advisory Council. Career Management Creative teams thrive on flexibility, doing some of their best work when given the freedom to explore and experiment. Career Management Most senior marketers say their jobs are stressful, but many also say some level of pressure makes them more productive, according to recent research from The Creative Group. Career Management The number of search engine optimization (SEO) job openings has declined this year compared with 2015, and the average salaries of common SEO jobs have dropped as well, according to a recent report from Conductor.
Career Management To stand out amid the millions of LinkedIn users, you need a stellar profile that captures attention and starts conversations. Career Management Which areas of expertise and which skill sets are most in demand by employers looking to make marketing hires this year? Career Management What are the key things senior marketers look for in creative (i.e., non-technical) entry-level job candidates? Career Management More than two-thirds of online marketers are men, and that proportion is even higher in many technical roles, according to a report from Moz. Career Management Does your small business have marketing and branding needs but not enough money to hire an agency or a consultant? Career Management Which cities in the United States make the best destinations for career-oriented professionals?
Career Management Marketing budgets are already on the chopping block, even though CFOs say better top- and bottom-line growth requires sales and marketing. Career Management Does it frustrate you when your TV screen fills with your competitor's face as he relates pertinent industry insights studded with self-deprecating chuckles?
Career Management LinkedIn members who listed cloud- and distributed-computing skills on their profiles were the most sought-after users by employers last year, according to a recent report from the social network. Career Management Most marketers and salespeople say their departments generally get along well but that there are a few key areas of the relationship that could be improved, according to recent research from InsideView and Demand Gen Report.
Career Management If you aspire to be a successful content strategist or marketer, here are nine things you should plan on learning—the sooner, the better! Career Management It has become more acceptable over the past five years for marketers to greet coworkers they know well with a hug rather than a handshake, according to a recent report from The Creative Group.
Career Management Some 27% of enterprise companies developed a global content strategy last year, and many say they now have at least one employee dedicated to overseeing content creation, according to a recent report from Skyword.
Career Management As a marketer, you need to know when to buckle up and tackle an initiative internally or when to secure an outside expert, ideally before a situation becomes critical or spirals out of control. Career Management Without even knowing it, you may be hindering project success and timelines. Career Management Most marketing and advertising executives in the United States plan to maintain the size of their current staff in the first half of 2016 and only hire to replace vacated positions, according to a recent report from The Creative Group.
Career Management One-third of Americans have looked for a new job in the past two years, and 79% of these job seekers used online resources in their most recent search for employment, according to a recent report from the Pew Research Center. Career Management Award-winning actress, author, and philanthropist Jane Seymour shares lessons on branding, storytelling, and the importance of giving back in this special video edition of Marketing Smarts. Career Management Career expert and author Laurence Shatkin, PhD (50 Best Jobs for Your Personality), explains how aspiring marketers can brand themselves for success, how current marketers can better position themselves for a career change, and what skills and interests make someone well suited to the field.
Career Management Mitchell Levy of Aha Amplifier explains how you can become a thought leader in your industry—and provides insight into why it's worth the effort! Career Management Entrepreneur, professor, and opera singer Ja-Nae Duane shares tips and insights from her latest book, The Startup Equation, due out in early 2016.
Career Management Author Jeff Goins talks about marketing writing (as well as other styles) and shares a process for finding life purpose, as covered in his latest book, The Art of Work. Career Management Teradata Applications Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Arthur discusses her evolution from journalist to CMO, the advent of data-driven marketing, and the importance of customer experience to marketing success.
Career Management Dorie Clark, author of Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It, explains how to use personal branding and thought leadership to enhance your career and get your breakthrough idea heard in the marketplace.
Career Management Chris Reimer, social media strategist and author of the book Happywork, talks about the profit potential in positivity—and why managers should care whether their workers are happy. Career Management Tom Gimbel's staffing firm, LaSalle Network, has an employee retention rate of 90% and absenteeism at his company is less than 1%.
Career Management Jason Miller of LinkedIn offers tips for content marketing and the effective use of LinkedIn, and shares insights from his new book, Welcome to the Funnel: Proven Tactics to Turn Your Content and Social Media Up to 11. Career Management Marketing consultant, author, and speaker Lisa Nirell talks about how mindfulness makes you a more effective marketer. Career Management Show and Tell author Dan Roam explains a new way to craft presentations that will grab (and keep) your audience's attention and inspire them to take action.
Career Management From native advertising and content strategy to how the C-Suite has evolved, Larry Weber and Lisa Henderson discuss what marketers need to know to stay relevant in their industry. Career Management Siegel+Gale CMO Margaret Molloy shares tips for creating a culture of innovation, creating effective B2B content marketing, measuring impact, and hiring the best marketers for your team. Career Management Organizational psychologist and best-selling author Tasha Eurich offers insight into effective management, and how anyone can learn to be a better leader. Career Management Bestselling author and millennial branding expert Dan Schawbel shares career tips and insights from his book, Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success. I reinstalled clean Google Analytics for Hair Club with custom configurations and reports – such as, what field on a form caused drop-off and what percentage of leads come from each online asset. At FPL I created a form on SharePoint to address a major shortcoming with how requests for the Interactive Department were being managed. In the last seven years I have ran thousands of site and email tests that have significantly improved conversion rates. Thanks in the main part to mobile technology and millennial lifestyles, the digital world is taking off, and many young people recognise the potential for a successful career in online marketing services. While a degree in marketing will prove valuable in teaching you the core marketing principals and getting recognition as an educated intellectual, entering into the field of online digital marketing services is a whole new ball game. As a digital agency offering some of the best online marketing services in South Africa, here are the skills we look for in a digital marketing candidate. A knowledge of project management tools such as Wrike, Basecamp or Pro Work Flo is also a good asset to have, while a comprehensive understanding of Google Drive which combines Cloud Storage with online spreadsheet and word processing software is a huge advantage. No matter how far technology has advanced, there is one thing that remains consistent in business and that is the fact the people like to deal with people. Email is still the most common and most reliable method of communication, with the average person sending and receiving around 120 emails each day. Instant messaging and video calling, using tools like Skype and Google Chat, has also become commonplace in all companies offering online marketing services. In content marketing and digital marketing in general, and it’s essential to be able to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in order to ensure that your client is getting a return on their investment (ROI).
A basic knowledge of HTML and CSS will also prove helpful when uploading content on WordPress or any CMS platform for that matter.
Forget the personal website – LI now has the functionality to richly communicate your personal brand and is highly searchable by recruiters and hiring managers.
DO take advantage of LinkedIn Publishing, a great way to showcase your brand and subject matter expertise. I know as well as all of you how hard it is to take time out of a busy professional life  to take advantage of these amazing features! Over the July 4th holiday, I found myself waiting in a fitting room area as our first-born daughter tried on some clothes.
Are you stuck in a role that makes you uncomfortable from the time you arrive to the time you leave work each day? Are you afraid to discard the job you now hold because you lack the knowledge, confidence and courage to explore other options? If you are in career transition mode, are you trying on different job possibilities via the interview process before saying “yes” to the offer?

Are you asking tough questions during interview conversations to help you gauge both risk and reward? Are you settling on the first thing that comes along because you think it is better than what you have now?
Whatever job you are presently wearing or hope to wear in the future, I hope you look absolutely amazing in it.
Join conversations, meetings and groups, both offline and online to learn, grow and stay current. Because, for professionals and executives, LI is now so critical to getting their next job, they are naturally very sensitive to how they present themselves in the summary section. Some people are just plain uncomfortable with the more personal tone of the first person voice.
Done sloppily, the first person LI summary can of course turn off the recruiter who may view the tone too informal or too personal.
If you choose the more formal approach for writing a LinkedIn profile, you may be giving up some competitive advantage. A few weeks ago, I was standing in the lobby of a branch bank depositing a small insurance refund. When I got back to my car, I sat there thinking: “What’s up with you, Sucher?” Are you going crazy? Interview when you are ready means that you can talk about the person who fired you with positivity. Interview when you are ready means that you won’t go to the interview and start crying when a particular word, phrase or question is presented to you. Interview when you are ready means that you are emotionally ready to talk about your past, your present, your future. Interview when you are ready means that you can manage an interview conversation so that it works for you, not against you. Interview when you are ready means that you will keep it together instead of fall apart when you talk about your job loss experience. While many tasks are of a do-it-yourself (DIY) variety, for some, trying to write a first-class resume is akin to shingling your own house, fixing your own tooth, representing yourself in court, repairing your own car, or baking your own wedding cake. Here is a specific story to illustrate how one man’s resume writing stress was transformed into resume writing success – just like that.
Superior organizational skills in managing and juggling multiple tasks and priorities. Prefer candidate who is coachable and willing to assimilate world-class career management strategy.
Verification of educational credentials including highest level of education attained to date, as well as certifications, designations, and licensure. Comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainly and willingly embraces change to achieve rigorous goals. Problem-solver who can identify unmet needs and provide a myriad of solutions, all of which work equally well regardless of circumstance and objective.
Relationship builder who is undeterred by rejection, negativity, general rudeness or lack of professionalism. Attentive listener who is inquisitive, curious and asks appropriate questions in a professional manner. Appreciation for brevity in written and verbal communications with emphasis on relevance and essence of the message. Knowledge of Twitter with an ability to create a tweet if asked to do so in a job interview. Must be willing to travel, sometimes with little notice, to demonstrate product features and benefits of value to diverse audiences. Must thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic, competitive environment with minimal direction, minimal supervision and 100% positivity and hustle.
Can articulate work experience, be it job loss, job hopping or other job-related transitions in a clear, concise and succinct manner in order to not compromise or jeopardize your candidacy. Must be persuasive in convincing listeners that your brand is the single best brand of choice – one worthy of a job offer. Skilled in creating and delivering PowerPoint presentations, as needed, to illustrate competencies in desired field of employment. Willingness to build a vibrant career transition team to move forward in your new beginning. Practices interview skills prior to attending a formal job interview, networking interview or informational interview. Can distill incoming information, integrating what makes sense and dismissing what doesn’t to expedite job search success. Ability to name that which keeps you awake at night and identify a coping mechanism to better manage it.
Performs timely follow-up with employers and remains in contact throughout the duration of the interview cycle, inception to completion.
Must be confident, collaborative and affable in conversations with boards, hiring managers, human resources, recruiters, owners, key decision makers, stakeholders, partners and all other levels of personnel, entry to executive level. Remains in a constant state of preparedness and readiness to discuss your personal brand and value proposition to maximize opportunities and offers.
Maintains job search equipment: mobile devices, landlines, computers, and tablets in pristine working condition. Must possess professional attire suitable for multiple interviews with the same organization.
Will identify a work area in which to conduct job search activities, free of interruptions and distractions, to afford peak performance on a daily basis. Can work independently to achieve desired results and interact as a team member with networks, connections, and contacts. Self-directed, self-motivator with a clear sense of self and 100% commitment to the job search process.
Skilled in planning, organizing and executing a state-of-the-art job search campaign to generate opportunities of interest. Strong work ethic in innovating, initiating and implementing a results-driven career management program which will add value to target organizations. Constantly reviews and monitors job search activities and accountabilities to identify areas for continuous improvement. Credible and competent in the eyes of competition, customers, clients, co-workers and citizens in your community.
Proven record of giving, serving and helping others succeed during both upswings and downturns in the market place. Exhibits consistency and perseverance in performing job search tasks on a daily basis until acceptance of a formal job offer. Consistently conveys thanks, appreciation and gratitude to those who play a part in your job search journey to success. Suppose that you have been invited to a face-to-face interview after doing a superb job in your phone interview. Suppose that you are a teenager or college student who wants a job at your local ice cream shop for the summer. Suppose that you are a successful executive waiting in the prospective employer’s lobby for the hiring manager to greet you for a job interview. Suppose that you received a new bottle of the hottest cologne of the season for your birthday. I need your help is something that – according to many job seekers I have helped -- requires courage. As a counselor to those in career transition, clients have taught me that it takes much courage to state with clarity and confidence: I need your help. Statista, a leading online statistics portal, projects by the end of 2015, worldwide social commerce revenue will reach $30 billion. And these days, if you’re not using social media to build customer relationships, you aren’t really marketing. Social media marketing was partly created because people were tired of getting blasted with impersonal company press releases and robotic faxes. Visuals serve as quick bites of content that people can easily take in and immediately relate to the company’s brand and story. There’s nothing worse than going to a company’s website, clicking on all the “Follow Us” icons and then receiving the exact same content from each social media feed. But what it can do, when used effectively, is serve as a powerful tool in creating customer loyalty and telling a company’s story. Her background includes extensive experience in creating and implementing marketing strategies for non-profits, corporations, small business and entrepreneurs.

Here's a look at why marketing technologists matter today and why they will be needed even more in the near future. Don't fret, you have many options to ensure you get the help you need to start or grow your business. Knowing what makes your copywriter tick versus what ticks them off can mean all the difference between a healthy work environment and a dysfunctional one. Yet, to stand any chance of making a sale, you must establish credibility with your buyers.
Penn, vice-president of marketing technology at Shift Communications and author of Leading Innovation, discusses why innovation will make or break your organization, and shares tips for making innovation happen at your company.
Tom shares advice on creating a company culture that enables both your employees and your business to thrive. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! The speed of development within the industry and the need for marketers to constantly adjust to dynamic consumer needs requires a very specific set of skills in order to be successful.
Content for blogs and social media calendars needs to be scheduled ahead of time to allow for community management and campaign tracking. The ability to manage and respond to a high volume emails in your inbox is extremely important.
This assists in speeding up internal communication and reduces the amount of email in your inbox. The ability to accurately track statistics is made simpler by tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Mixpanel or Kissmetrics, however, these tools only really become truly effective if you have the technical skill to use them to their full potential. Developing your skills on the CMS platform is easy, given that it is free to install and register your own blog. This knowledge will aid in minor adjustments to the page layout which will enhance the visual appearance of any content put on the website. As President of Blue Sky Resumes my mission is to help people take charge of their job search, build confidence and advance their careers. As a career coach and resume writer with experience from Manhattan to Main Street, I help job seekers connect with opportunity by sharing news, trends and best practices. It also happens to be an almost-mandatory place for recruiters to check before exploring possible job candidates further. And when they do a Google search on how to write the summary they may find advice and examples that run counter to how they want to present themselves. When it was my turn, I indicated to the teller I wasn’t sure how to process the check and needed his guidance. I love the questions they ask -- questions such as: “So, what are some good qualities of a job seeker?” If you had to create a job description for today’s job seeker, how would you write it? Will also employ the use of writing instruments, notepads, and personally branded business cards as needed. Suppose that a 15-member selection committee will be present to witness your 60-minute PowerPoint presentation. Suppose that you cannot stand the “monotony of doing nothing” (trial lawyer’s words) and that you pursue a job that will get you out of the house and make a few bucks to boot.
Suppose that you went to a job interview and the corporate recruiter asked “So who are you wearing” to which you replied the name of a clothing line.
From the following choices, A, B, C, or D, which answer would you choose as the correct one? While all four answers could be said at some point in your search, I’d go with D – none of the above. The placement aims to develop work ethics and values, such as discipline, teamwork, and professionalism. Yet, often what companies send out through their social media channels amounts to the same thing.
They do engagement well by conversing with their audience in a variety of ways: thanking them, mentioning daily specials, listening to complaints and offering helpful advice.
Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs (and others) don't, especially because they don't account for editing. This knowledge enables you to use these metrics to adjust and optimise strategy in order to perform better with your targeted audience. As a digital marketer, you will be required to work on the backend of many websites using WordPress, whether it involves uploading SEO optimised content for a client on their website or informative blog articles as part of your content marketing campaign.
I founded Career Hub to further that mission by connecting job seekers with the best minds in career counseling, resume writing, personal branding and recruiting. I'm the Managing Editor of Career Hub and run Best Fit Forward, a boutique career management firm. In addition, when someone searches on your name, your LI profile is more likely to come up in the first page of results than your personal website (in most cases). LinkedIn is supposed to be improving its Search but it’s still hard to find someone in particular if they share a name with other LI folks.
In addition, it also provides a fairly comprehensive database of potential candidates that recruiters can search by specifying desired keywords. Does that mean that they should bite the bullet and go out there in public with an expression that feels unnatural, uncomfortable, or even inappropriate to them? Another bank representative who came over to help the teller very matter-of-factly stated: Write your mother’s name on the back of the check and then state deceased after it. Suppose that someone you trust suggests removing your large wedding ring that contains two carats of fabulous bling. Suppose that you are wearing a monogrammed shirt and cuff links to an interview for a job paying about $35,000. Suppose that the ice cream shop owner asks you the year of your Mercedes and you tell him it’s new. Suppose you are holding the book in your hands when the Hiring Manager calls your name and offers “Ah, I see you like smut” to which you state you don’t consider that particular author a writer of such.
The recruiter tells you he is not talking about your attire, he is talking about your cologne and oh, by the way, the hiring manager is allergic to a lot of scents – gets a nasty headache. There’s nothing wrong with doing a promotional post about a new product now and then, but don’t reduce your content to sales pitches. District Taco’s Twitter account’s “voice” is telling its audience that we’re a fun company, we listen to our audience and customer service is a priority. One of many reasons why you might want to find people on LI is if they work for the company you are interested in. Of course the bank professional was doing her job and apparently, I did mine…I started crying like a baby. He decided after 25+ years of business ownership that he wanted to move to a warmer climate. When he did not hear back from the company, he followed up to see if the job was still open. Suppose that a trusted confidante suggests that you wear a dress shirt minus the monogram and cuff links.
Suppose that the shop owner says he is going to give the job to someone who doesn’t drive a Mercedes. It requires setting aside pride and ego – for the moment, anyway – to say words you might not want to say as a job seeker: I need your help.
If you identify potential contacts, you can use the method described elsewhere in this blog to seek out and secure employee referrals – a GREAT way to get a job. Suppose that you drive to another ice cream shop in your brother’s beater car and get offered a job on the spot.
Suppose that in your next interview you wait patiently for the manager to welcome you – no controversial book in hand.
After that, you can be endlessly creative in building your brand through words, pictures, slides, videos, and infographics on many different sites. Social media at its best is a two-way street and just as in any kind of relationship, people want to get to know who you are. They want to know who and what kind of company is behind that account and how do they treat their customers?
His daughter, a bright young college student majoring in English reviewed it, followed by a once-over by a few trusted colleagues. Bottom line, the newly created resume opened the door just like that and ultimately, Benjamin got the job.

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