Finding online marketing gurus that are worth their salt is a challenging task that most business owners are currently facing. When developing a social media strategy for a business it is important to establish a clear direction with both long and short term goals.  It is important to take into account the goals of the business.  Do you want to increase sales leads, build awareness, provide information, or a combination of the three? These 15 internet marketers have done spectacular work and millions of people are learning the things from these gurus. Here I am going to list top 15 internet marketing gurus whom I am following from starting days on my blogging and going to continue follow them. His blog is dedicated for teaching blogging and known in the industry for his awesome blogging tips.
Brian is the owner of CopyBlogger media and running various other successful online companies.
Seth Godin is well-known in the industry with his captivating writing style and many big internet marketing entrepreneurs follow his rules and principles.
John Chow is a well-known internet marketing guru who teach people how to make money online.
His latest book Blogging with John Chow have gained such a huge popularity that many people are able to change their life after taking this course. You can download his book Blog Profits Blueprint from his blog and learn out of the box blogging strategies.
Neil’s blog Quick Sprout have become one of the most loved blog in bloggers to learn SEO tips. Chris began online in 2008 and he is one of the most respected and successful internet marketers in the industry today. Chris is a popular in demand public speaker – having worked with and spoken on stage with Brian Tracy, Dr Stephen Covey, Dr John Gray, Robert Cialdini, Gary Vaynerchuck, Daymond John and T Harv Eker amongst others.
Chris Farrell Membership is the highest rated service and overwhelmingly loved product online – for people looking to get started in internet marketing and who need a helping hand. He is running another blog Daily Writing Tips, a blog focused on grammar, punctuation and spelling tips. At Income Diary you will find very detailed articles and writing style at his blog is very unique and compelling.
Chris Guthuri is interview great people in his podcasts and you will learn a lot when you will land on his blog. Chris worked a full time job first as a game tester with Microsoft, and later in sales selling IT equipment. He had made his identity as a successful affiliate marketer and changing thousands of lives globally with his writing skills. He made $130,000 with AdSense in year 2005 which gave great boost to his business (he was already making average $30000 per month but this was the biggest). So these were 15 internet marketing gurus whom I am following from long time and have learned great things from all of them.
Today I was discussing with one of my blogging partner that India is lacking in Authority Blogging. Hey Ambika it is chandoo(dot)org and BTW he is not the highest Adsense earner there are many Indian Bloggers ahead of him, Varun Krishnan of Fonearena, Amit Agarwal of Labnol, and if we do research we might still get few.
Passionate and strategic brand managers aimed at creating disruptive campaigns for the brands we work with.
About CrystalCrystal O'Connor is the creator of 'The Moxie Money Making Blueprint' publisher of Fearless Ambition Magazine and a Mother of three that runs a six figure business from her home. How to Stop your Bad Habit Loop of Starting and Stopping before you Create Income Momentum. Barbara Corcoran"Crystal O'Connor has written the ulitmate 'how to' book for female entrepreneurs. Michelle Finnegan-NixonI have accomplished so much in a short period of time because of Crystal's support.

Andrea SilverI became mega-inspired by Crystal when I interviewed her for my Thrive Teleseminar Series! Australian-based SEO firm to focus on SEO clients in Sydney with the introduction of their new website.
Search engine marketing (SEO) is the process of enhancing a brand’s visibility within Internet search engines using a multifaceted approach to online marketing. Mez Homayunfard, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Online Marketing Gurus, explained the importance of having a solid SEO campaign in place and the benefits that such a campaign can provide. Online Marketing Gurus is an Australian-based SEO firm specializing in local, corporate and e-commerce marketing services. New Domestic Electricians Team in Sussex – Worthing Electrician Where to Go for the Best Crowdfunding and Real Estate News SEO Sussex – New Web Consultancy in Sussex!
They have set up the benchmark in blogging that everyone want to follow and want to reach at the stage where they have reached. Brian keep writing best copy-writing tips here and his blog is very high authority blog in copywriting. After getting  degree in computer science and philosophyhe,  he did  MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Pat is one of the person who have mesmerized the world with his transparent income reports.
He made $1800 in the first month. Within three months, he was on track to make six figures from the site.
His blog is dedicated to teach affiliate marketing tips and this is the one-stop destination blog for people who are interested to learn affiliate marketing.
His website started making thousands of dollars per month and he came full-time in online marketing at age 19. They are giving their best on their blogs so that they can spread more and more knowledge and people can bring revolutionary change in their life. The Indian Bloggers who are actually earning well are quiet because they probably wouldnt want the I Tax sleuths baying for their blood while the ones who are actually not earning well enough go about bragging about their feats. I downloaded your e-Book and title seemed to me as if i heard it some where but now after reading this post I got the idea. Their team is able to take a conversation about a concept and create an amazing, appropriate and unique look and feel for a website or event. Crystal teaches women and small business owners all over the world how to create multiple income streams by getting Moxie in business. I knew I had it in me but she really gave me a few quick tips so I could start making big money quickly. When you want to launch your business and be profitable quickly, it can become very overwhelming.
Online Marketing Gurus has worked with several major Australian brands to promote their businesses online and achieve their marketing goals. Interested parties can schedule their consultation with OMG via the contact form on the OMGSEOSydney website. Their team of SEO experts has several years combined experience in all phases of online marketing strategies – including Google Adwords campaigns and content marketing. He is known for running podcasts on his blog and he have interviewed almost all big bloggers in the industry. A qualified verification engineer, I forayed into blogging and have never ever regretted it. I have booked Affiliate Profit Domination also and going to launch affiliate marketing guide very soon. Not only did OMG implement my ideas, they also provided useful recommendations for improving the quality and functionality of all my branding and social media.
Based in Pyrmont, New South Wales, Online Marketing Gurus also has SEO firms in the United States and Serbia.

How you can start article on his blog is filled with awesome information which you need to become a successful blogger and dominate blogging arena. Let’s find out the list now.Table of ContentsTop online marketing gurus you should follow1. He’s not only the renowned blogger and marketer but he is also the author of several most popular marketing books like Linchpin, All marketers are liars, Purple Cow, Tribes etc.He wrote more than 18 books on marketing and most of them had gone viral in the marketing field and they have been translated into more than 35 languages.
He also got featured in all the major publishing sites like Forbes, New York Times, Huffington Post etc.His blog Seth Godin is one of the most popular marketing blogs read by millions of readers worldwide.
He is known for writing short articles that are not more than 300 to 500 words but they often get thousands of retweets and shares across all social media networks within days.Follow Seth Godin on Twitter2. Kawasaki holds a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA as well as an honorary doctorate from Babson College.
Brian ClarkBrian Clark went from a solo blogger to the one who has built a multi million dollar online business. He originally started copyblogger back in 2006 and built his audience from the scratch.He had taken blogging to a whole new level by teaching people how to create content that builds loyal readers who are eager to buy stuff. He makes a lot of money by selling online products that are highly priced.Follow Ramit Sethi on Twitter7. Pat FlynnPat Flynn launched his blog Smart Passive Income back in 2008 and he has quickly made it profitable even though his blogging niche “marketing” is extremely crowded. Few years ago, he worked a 9 to 5 job at an architecture firm.
He set himself apart from the competition by genuinely sharing all his income reports and how he used to earn.He still shares his income reports on his blog (which is currently 100,000+ dollars each month) and because of this transparency, his readers love him and buy stuff from him. He also write detailed and genuine product reviews so he makes more money by educating his readers about his affiliate products.He is extremely active in social media sites like Facebook and twitter where he frequently engages with his audience by asking questions, by sharing his personal stories and getting to know their problems and frustrations. Zac JohnsonZac Johnson is well known six figure online marketing guru with over 20 years of experience in Internet marketing.
He makes millions of dollars every single year just by selling others products.You can imagine for a second how greatly he has built his online empire and positioned himself as one of the super successful affiliate marketers. If you are into marketing and looking for great ways to convert your site visitors, his blog is a must visit.He also talks about content marketing strategies you can follow to use your blog’s content to build your online audience from the scratch.
So if you are looking for the true online marketing gurus, you should checkout Jay Baer.Follow Jay Baer on Twitter10. Marcus SheridanMarcus Sheridan is the top online marketing guru with lots of prior experience.
If you are focusing on solving your audience questions through your blogs or videos, you can quickly build a platform that creates a lot of loyal readers and sales.Follow Marcus Sheridan on TwitterFew more top Internet marketing experts This list is going to be updated even further just to help you catch more marketing experts you can follow and learn from. If I miss any one of your favorite marketing experts, let me know in the comments so I can add!Jon MorrowJon Morrow is the founder of Boost Blog Traffic blog which was launched in 2013 and quickly became one of the biggest blogs that make a million dollars every year. Jon was also one of the associate editors to the most popular internet marketing blog Copyblogger who helped it grew to a multi-million dollar online business.He frequently launches the most premium online courses which cost more than $1000 to $10K and makes a lot of money from his blog. He is also a great copywriter who knows how to sell with his writings.He mainly writes about blogging, marketing, SEO and making money online with your writing. If you are interested in making money online by freelance writing, make sure to check out his blog and you will find awesome content that can help you grow your freelance business.Follow Jon Morrow on TwitterDerek HalpernHow can I end the list of top Internet marketing gurus without mentioning Derek? He is one of the widely known blogger who covers both psychology and marketing on his blog Social Triggers.Derek Halpern built two gossip and entertainment sites back in 2005 that got more than 1 million views every single month and then he used both of them to monetize with AdSense. Once he realized the importance of blog audience, he launched his blog Social Triggers in 2011 and quickly made it a million dollar online business by selling his online products.The best thing about Derek is that, he doesn’t share the conventional marketing strategies. If you closely look at the above list, you will notice that they are all in marketing field for nearly a decade.
The more years you put into your field the better you will know about the game rules.So that’s the list of top Internet marketing gurus one can follow to learn really great stuff.Did I miss anyone?

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