Small Business Saturday (just 6 weeks away on November 29th) is where consumers are encouraged to buy from local businesses, particularly for their holiday shopping. Now, while online businesses benefit from Cyber Monday two days later, your online business can still take advantage of Small Business Saturday with these easy marketing ideas. If you sell on a marketplace like Etsy or Storenvy make sure you have entered your city in your profile if you haven’t already, as customers can search for shops this way. Add the keywords “small business saturday” with your city at the end, to your website’s keywords as this is a popular search phrase on Google. Email the editor of your local newspaper (do it this week or you’ll be too late!) asking if they are planning any articles on local companies offering specials for Small Business Saturday and mention a special you will be offering (make it worthwhile, like 30% off today only). Take advantage of this amazing once-a-year marketing opportunity to reach your local market. Here’s our recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web. For online marketers, however, this entire last month has been spent planning clients’ strategies for the holidays.
If your business has not put much thought into the merriest season of them all, then it is time to get serious about where you can focus your resources.
For those with an e-commerce platform, ensuring website pages are mobile-friendly is where you should consider putting your money first. In 2014, mobile devices accounted for 26 percent of e-commerce sales between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.
Leveraging your social media presence is also a smart way to approach online marketing for the holidays. Facebook, Google and Pinterest are implementing features that allow users to buy the product directly from the social networks, an attractive option for online-only shoppers. Other social media ideas to get brands and their audiences in the spirit: publish images or video of employees giving back to the community through Instagram and Snapchat.

For other ideas and help with developing a holiday strategy, contact the RSO Consulting online marketing team. Online Business Ideas and opportunities are all over the internet and with the current economic situation affecting almost all countries in the world, many people are searching for the best online business ideas and opportunities…. The online business ideas that are available can be categorized into certain broad groups and it is your job to familiarize yourself with what options are available to you. I strongly believe that the key to success is taking massive action on your online business ideas.
If you are here visiting for the first time, please leave a comment and introduce yourself. It is an initiative that was started by American Express back in 2010, and it always takes place on the Saturday after the Black Friday shopping day (which is the day after the US Thanksgiving holiday). You will also want to put it in your shop title and shop description, if only for Small Business Saturday.
Even better, ask if they will consider doing a separate article focusing on local businesses selling online.
For example, you could offer, “Today we are offering 30% off for customers in the Boston area, in support of Small Business Saturday”.
Many shoppers research products on mobile devices and purchase from a desktop, so you want to make sure the experience is seamless as the user switches between screens. Facebook, Google, and other networks are making it easier for brands to reach out to shoppers who visited their websites but didn’t yet make a purchase.
Facebook is an excellent platform for video (and is even adding GIFs to its display options). Check out Pinterest’s Promoted and Buyable Pins as a holiday online marketing approach this year.
Knowing who your audience is can help determine which platforms and messaging will work best.

In most cases it is a matter of drilling down on these broad groups and finding your own micro niche or niches to focus your time and energy on.
We’ll introduce you to the best online business opportunities that have passed our scrutiny.
After reading all the books, watching all the videos and digesting all the knowledge you can put your hands on, it’s not going to be of benefit to you until you take the next step and do massive action! If you have some experience with making money online that you wish to share or if you have some questions, just ask. For your regular website, this is a good opportunity to mention your city somewhere in your title tag and home page, again, if only for Small Business Saturday (see next point on this as well). Again, you only have to keep this on your site for the week prior to, and the days after Small Business Saturday. Pinterest can be a great, image-driven starting point for “gift guide” boards filled with pinned items from your website.
Online businesses have a global market reach and it is very smart to think about this global reach when positioning your product or service. We’ll also share with you the tools and resources, which we and most successful entrepreneurs are using in their online businesses. It is such a massive marketplace and the opportunity to generate profits is there for the taking.

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