But like other aspects of business, there are some unchanging principles of online marketing that will help you develop a sound and effective strategy.
As online marketers, we sometimes make fools of ourselves by pouncing on a new lead like they’re our prey. Carrie Reynolds recently wrote a great blog about the difference between automating content publishing vs. Bad: I get an automatic response within 5 minutes of connecting with you on [your favorite social platform].
Readers become subscribers only after you’ve built enough trust with them through your content.
While it’s wise to expand your content offerings, you need to be careful not to spread yourself too thin when sharing on social sites. Just like having variety in the type of content you publish, it’s totally fine (and wise) to rely on your go-to social medium while keeping your streams fresh on 2 or 3 other sites at the same time. Connecting with new faces online in the insurance industry has made a world of difference for me.
It’s easy to get wrapped up in content creation and social sharing that you forget to organize what you’re doing into something easily recognizable for your audience. Consistency – Repeated use of your logo and your defined purpose wherever your content exists or is mentioned online. According to a recent study, 64% of insurance agencies who use social media do not measure ROI. Life is way too short to spend your time being anything less than ecstatic about your work. Free Video Library and Course40 high-impact instructional videos, a 4-part Internet marketing tune-up course, recorded mastermind calls and a weekly does of inspiration. Smart phones are ubiquitous these days, so it only makes sense that the vast majority of Facebook users are mobile. Yes, we’re all hoping that 2011 is going to be the best year in quite awhile, but one thing I know is this – the Calvary is NOT coming.
A recent study found inbound lead generation to be far more cost-efficient than outbound marketing strategies. Respondents spent about 37% of their lead generating budgets on inbound marketing techniques and about 30% of the budges on outbound techniques – such as direct mail, trade shows and telemarketing. Believe it or not, there are still people who either don’t have a website, or have an outdated website that makes them look like they are still doing business in the last decade or so. It’s impossible to change your yellow pages ad once it’s been produced – so you’ve got it get it right from the “get-go”!
When you decide to include online marketing strategies into your overall plan, all of a sudden the possibilities are endless.
El marketing online es una forma de comercio electronico que se basa en estrategias de mercadotecnia ajustadas a la tecnologia con herramientas, servicios o tecnicas tales como: SEO, SEM, blogs, programas de afiliados, redes sociales, avisos en paginas web, correos masivos, publicidad en moviles, entre otras. El marketing online permite comunicar, promocionar, publicitar y vender productos y servicios, por lo tanto debemos ser creativos y adecuar toda la tecnologia de la que disponemos a las necesidades y objetivos de la empresa (microempresa, pyme o gran empresa) y no olvidar que se tiene que actuar siempre con responsabilidad e integridad. Gracias a Internet ahora tenemos acceso a un mundo sin fronteras, ni distancias, es por ello que el marketing online nos permite llegar de forma rapida a mucha mas gente y de una manera mas economica. Flujo: cuando ofrecemos una web interactiva el usuario navega por varias secciones porque se siente atraido.
Funcionalidad: necesitamos una pagina inicial atractiva, facil de navegar y que sea util al usuario. Feedback (realimentacion): una vez que el usuario este navegando nuestra web debemos aprovechar la oportunidad de preguntar que le gusta y que le gustaria mejorar. Fidelizacion: crear comunidades con los usuarios que entran a la web para que nos aporten contenido y poder atenderle de forma personalizada. La usabilidad: la navegacion debe ser intuitiva, facil de utilizar para personas de cualquier edad. La interfaz: un diseno correcto permite resaltar contenido nuevo e importante para el usuario, esta es una forma de lograr atraccion hacia nuestros productos y servicios.

Los motores de busqueda: debemos posicionarnos de forma organica SEO y de ser posible pagar para aparecer en los buscadores SEM.
Crear perfil de la empresa en twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, youtube, entre otras. Google Analytics: permite de forma sencilla la medicion web, es muy utilizada a nivel mundial, tiene todo lo necesario para el analisis web. Google Website Optimizer: permite probar varias opciones de contenidos por ejemplo campanas de forma rapida y sencilla, para luego optimizar la campana segun los resultados de conversiones que consiga en cada version de la pagina. Google AdPlanner: es una herramienta que permite analizar nuestros competidores mensualmente para ayudarnos a planificar nuestra estrategia de marketing. Google Insights: esta herramienta nos ayuda a estudiar el mercado mediante el analisis de palabras clave y su evolucion por sector o geografia.
SocialMention: esta herramienta de control social realiza un seguimiento de mas de 80 fuentes diferentes que incluyen blogs, noticias, twitter y youtube.
MailChimp: es un servicio de mailing profesional para el envio masivo de correos electronicos que nos ayuda a controlar la lista de destinatarios, la forma y contenido del mensaje y el envio y sus resultados. Google Alerts: son mensajes de correo electronico que recibimos cuando Google encuentra nuevos resultados que coinciden con busquedas que queremos supervisar.
Nosotros podemos ayudar con el marketing online de tu empresa o negocio, solicita presupuesto sin compromiso. For example, there are benefits to making your meme interactive – that is, asking customers to upload their own pictures based on your company’s suggestions.
Basically, anything that repeats a familiar theme, but with a unique twist, can be considered a meme: dubbing a new soundtrack over a familiar video, adding different captions to a familiar image, showing pictures of different people in a familiar position, or videos of different people doing a familiar action.
Sign up below to receive free monthly videos, infographics, and whitepapers which will keep you in the know.
You include one thing about me that you noticed in my profile or you give me props (or ask a question) about one of my recent posts.
If you publish meaningful, valuable content that your audience likes, they WILL subscribe to a mailing list to get more of it. Unless you don’t have a full-time job, you can’t possibly devote the time it takes to build meaningful relationships with people on each of the major social sites.
It’s where I share every post I write, and I’ve managed to build a respectable audience who shares my content.
In the last couple of months, I’ve had some of the most meaningful and valuable conversations with my industry peers from all over the country. Usually a mission statement or tagline that tells your audience exactly why they should care about your content.
A logo that will help your audience make that visual connection between your content and you. But I know plenty of new digital marketers who were so eager to get started, they skipped this crucial step. If you are not totally passionate about your subject matter, you should have someone else who IS create your content for you.
You’ve mixed up social media etiquette with best practices into an easy to digest post. Keep up your excellent work and I look forward to seeing what your next projects look like.
The study was completed by 167 professionals involved in their business’ marketing strategy. Make no mistake, if you don’t have a website, that you are proud of, you are missing the best opportunity to grow your business.
It follows the same principles you’ve always followed: you get the right message, to the right market, using the right media.
You can change your newspaper ad if you desire, but it’s expensive and normally pretty limited and, let’s face it, boring!
You can change your message whenever you want. Once you decide what message you want, getting  it out is almost instantaneous.

Con esta herramienta tambien podemos segmentar a los usuarios en funcion de su comportamiento, por lo que podemos mostrar el contenido que mas interesa a cada usuario. To promote a contest, or a sale you’re having, or maybe a new line of products or a new service you’ve added?
Once you’ve viewed them, you may also want to think of comments you can add to each one you post. Even a first kiss is earned only after a certain level of trust is built between two people. The Insurance Goddess lays it out plain and simple why automating interactions is bad Juju.
Sure, some people are so egocentric that they view their industry peers as roadblocks, obstacles to broadcasting their own message. I’ve been using G+ Hangouts and phone calls (remember those) to share success stories and learn new strategies from some of the most well-known people in the insurance digital marketing world.
We know Nike and Starbucks because we’ve seen them branded in public over and over, not just once. If you haven’t figured out which businesses are likely to take off even in slow times, then you need to get the latest study that shows which of the industries are most likely to continue to make money in these times.
They consisted of business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and sales people in businesses of all sizes. Do you wish there was an easy way to understand what is going on online without having to get a degree in computer science?
You can only get one message out at a time, to a large market, (most of whom are really not your target market), that is looking at print media.
But memes are sort of like Pokemon – there are a bunch of different kinds, and you’ll probably want to catch…er, make use of… them all, at some point or another.
Sure, not EVERYONE will subscribe, but you’ll gain a big enough following to help you with the next part.
Having this variety has helped me increase my audience because content is shared in a different way among each social site.
But those are the people who are having a hard time gaining traction as an online marketer. I’m talking about people who have been featured in industry trade publications and people who are now being PAID to speak at conferences about online marketing. But in order to do this, you’ve got to know what’s working and what’s not so you can improve on it. Almost ? of the companies were involved in the business-to-business sector and were involved in business or professional services.
But do you really think you can effectively sell insurance or any other service-based product without human interaction? Email subscribers are proven over and over to share your content far more often than casual “passersby”. But I still spend most of my time on LinkedIn because I’ve built up a higher level of social leverage there. Are you just doing this for the money, or do you truly want to educate others and help them better their lives? People create them to make political statements, to crack up their buddies, and, most importantly for our purposes here, to market their businesses.
Not only that, they had the gall to ask if I would refer them to anyone I thought might be able to use their service. They effectively dumped 3 or 4 meetings worth of sales steps into one message and hit “Send”.

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