Hoteliers need to be prepared for the digital marketing trends of 2016 in order to stay relevant and be a strong contender within the online marketing world.
The success of your search engine optimization efforts is heavily dependent on your hotel’s activity on social media.
Let’s face it, by this time hotels whether saavy or not should be aware that mobile optimization is merely not a trend but a necessity. In another study by Google, mobile queries within the travel category including airline and hotel lodging have increased more than 50%. When coming up with your video marketing strategy, decide where you would like to share them.
As the year winds down and countdown to the New Year begins, hoteliers need to be prepared to implement these digital marketing trends into their marketing strategy.
Our friendly support team is standing by to assist you with your marketing or creative project! The update affect mobile (phone) search results only.  Searches performed from a tablet or desktop computer will not be altered.
The update affects pages not websites.  Therefore, if a page of your website is not mobile-friendly, it may affect the rankings of that page, not necessarily the entire site. The good news is that if you do see your site slip as a result of this update, you can make the appropriate adjustments to your website and this will help you to regain any ground you may have lost. To test your site for mobile-friendliness, click here to access Google’s Free Mobile Friendly Test.
Owner and chief project manager at Online Profit Strategy, which currently creates and manages corporate internet marketing campaigns for companies across the United States. Our online marketing strategies have helped hundreds of companies increase traffic and social awareness. Enter your details below to receive marketing tips and access to our free Social Media workshop. Bulk Email Service is the most affordable communication tool between you and your customers. Let the Adindia360 bulk email service and newsletter delivery service help you make the most your online marketing and communications strategy. Google tends to favor social media accounts that frequently post and interact on different channels.
It is important that in 2016 more than ever before, your hotel integrates a mobile strategy which must include a responsive website and a mobile compatible booking engine.

This data suggest that travel consumers are increasingly using their phones to plan their travel destinations.
If you haven’t already done so, your marketing team needs to craft a video marketing strategy for your property.
The Adindia 360 email marketing, campaign management, delivery and email tracking solution enables the complete marketing cycle from initial design, to bulk delivery and campaign results. With the competitive pricing offered by OTAs and how influential this is in how consumers book, hotels need to not only stay in rate parity but also offer enough value to the guest and stay in tune with the next big hotel trends if they want to stay in contention.
Although the frequency of posting is important, the quality of the posts is even more important.
For organic reach, you will first want to optimize your social media profiles on all channels because Google will index these pages. Traffic from smartphones has shown a huge surge in 2015 and will only continue on into 2016 as more consumers choose to use their smartphones over desktops to do their planning and researching. In one such research, Google along with Luth Research conducted a study on a female participant named Amy who was planning a trip to Disney World.
You can begin by creating a content calendar where you can keep track of video ideas and topics that are relevant for that month and season that would interest your guests.
From the looks of it, 2016 will be a continuation of 2015’s trend with a few changes in traveler behavior.
Whether you’ve hired an agency to handle your hotel’s social media or if your hotel is handling in-house, it is critical that you social media posts are optimized meaning you are using social search optimization best practices. Then make it habit of using relevant hashtags and use photos whenever possible to engage users.
According to a study done by Statisticbrain, 65% of travelers make same day hotel reservations on a smartphone.
The purpose of this study was to find the stages a typical travel consumer would go to along the customer path to booking. For instance, if it’s the holidays and your hotel has a restaurant that has a special holiday menu, then a great video idea is interviewing the chef in the kitchen and introducing the limited time holiday dishes your hotel is offering. Also incorporating videos into your hotel’s website will also enhance your SSO because visitors will typically stay on your site longer if you have a video on your site which will decrease the bounce rate and improve your site’s ranking. Here are the top game-changing 2016 trends in the hospitality industry that will especially impact independent hotels and help create more opportunities when implemented into your hotel’s marketing strategy. With Google’s ever-changing algorithm, it is vital that your strategy evolves with these changes.

If you want to stand out even more from your competitor set than running social media ads will further expand the reach of your posts. This is a great way to promote not only your guests already staying in the hotel but also foot traffic; customers who are looking for a restaurant near the area. Posts that are social search optimized will allow for far better reach than hotels that post for the sake of posting. If say you are running a contest, then a sponsored ad would be a great way to promote it to your target audience. With that said, be sure your site is mobile optimized with a responsive design to ensure your conversion rate is up to par. Once you figure out the topics for the videos, then it’s time to come up with a marketing strategy.
In 2016, we can expect more hotels using social media advertising to receive more engagement and interaction. Do not lose last minute bookings to OTAs because you failed to design a responsive website. Hotels on a budget can still produce professional looking videos by simply using the many video apps that are available on Androids and iPhones. Therefore, be sure your hotel is allotting a marketing budget for social media advertising. These statistics show that a typical traveler uses their phone to do most of their research and planning.
Entice mobile bookers to book with you instead of an OTA by providing an offer exclusive only to them.
Although there are plenty of consumers who still choose to book on a desktop, it is an undeniable fact that many of them start their journey on a smartphone. For example, you can offer a discount or complimentary parking for last minute bookers who make a hotel reservation on their smartphone.

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