This calendar is currently used by Eyewebmaster to inform interested members and other online users about our upcoming training events. This online calendar will be used to show the pass and upcoming events that we provide to our clients in the Philippines. We at Eyewebmaster believe that learning the technology through our events can be more beneficial to you and to us. Internet Marketing TrainingsInternet Marketing Training is one of the best tool for you to be successful in this growing online industry. Learn MoreWeb Development TrainingStart learning how to use good content management system where you can easily maximized the use of it and get benefited. Learn MoreOnline Business TrainingEach business has its own and unique service to offer, something that a particular customer in a variety of clients in the market is looking for. Contact:09158726589 a€?Online Prosperity Traininga€? is a collection of 2 very value pack online video training courses that will give you powerful knowledge so you can start a successful online business starting from scratch. See our courses and learn the ins and outs of best SEO practices and what makes for an effective SEO Specialist.
We teach trade secrets, not theoriesWe teach real-life scenarios in SEO world, web designing, Adwords campaign, social media marketing, and many more. Experienced trainersMore than 5 years in web designing, SEO, content writing, social media marketing, and Graphic designing. Can answer any questionAsk us any question regarding web designing, SEO, Adwords, conversion rate optimization, social media marketing, and content writing. Maybe you are here reading this because you are still in the process of researching about Ignition Marketing Philippines, its products and it’s legalities. In this blog post, I will show you an in-depth video review about Ignition Marketing Philippines and it’s basic product which is the ONLINE PROSPERITY TRAINING which costs for P2999. An Inbound Marketing Consulting Firm based in Quezon City, Philippines and was founded on October 2011. The company has provided online marketing services and consultations to some of the biggest brands on the web. Xight Interactive specializes in developing scalable, creative and adaptive online marketing strategies – from search marketing, link development, content marketing, social media, online branding to conversion optimization. I take charge of the company’s marketing, client acquisition and strategy development.
Note 2: As I want to be as open about this as possible, you can check out reviews by other people who has different views about the company.
Ignition Marketing Philippines first came to my attention through a wall post on Facebook by a friend who is engaged in all sorts of networking businesses. There are three people behind the company - Eduard Reformina, Binsoy Basilio, and Mau Magallanes.
If you click on the tab in their website that says "Opportunity", this window below will appear. This is the window that will appear if you arrived at the capture page through a link provided by an affiliate. Another thing that caught me off-guard while watching the sales video is when the presenter claimed that the company is not offering an online job. As I said earlier, I did not buy any of the company's products so I can't say anything "detailed" about them. A day after I registered with Ignition, they sent me an email with a title that exclaims "Cha-Ching! Ignition Marketing Philippines has its office at Bignay Street, barangay Quirino 2B in Quezon City. 2) People are questioning what gave me the right to review products that I myself did not buy. How can the Commission Ignition System be called a freebie when it's the core opportunity being offered by the company? As to the stethoscope being sold to a plumber (not plummer), you do know that some if not most Ignition members are promoting their stuff to non-network marketers. This Photo Of Two Engineers Hugging Atop A Burning Turbine Before They Died Is Heart-Breaking! Participants or leaners can be able to see our event topics in advance in order that they can fit their schedule with Eyewebmaster. Our efforts and skills as website developer and internet marketers for local and international business can throughly be a good opportunity to everyone.
In some cases we will be doing it through webinars which we believe will be more accessible to you. You will also learn how to multiply your income by applying proven techniques and strategies that you can apply immediately in your current business or any company. For daily product updates, text Sulit ON to 2263 for Globe and TM, 4627 for Smart, Sun and Talk & Txt.
Design a full on service e-commerce and responsive dynamic sites for your clients and for your personal use. I hope this Ignition Marketing Review can help you in deciding whether this is for you or not. Born and raised in the Philippines… enough with the formality and the third person view, I just want to make this quick and succinct.

I just needed to put up this blog so I can test some experiments related to Search Engine Marketing. Providing thousands of online marketers worldwide with tools and resources through brands such as Affilorama – an affiliate marketing training and tools portal, Traffic Travis – free SEO software, Salehoo – wholesale suppliers’ directory and many more. I have always believed – since the day I met the 1 word that changed my entire life – that my sole purpose in life and the greatest form of contribution I can give to society is to spread significant knowledge.
If you've read an earlier version of this article, you'll notice that we've modified the title a little bit. With that said, I'm going to try to answer comments and questions left by readers whenever I have the time to respond to them.
I'm not a network marketer, I'm simply fascinated by the industry, mostly because of the proliferation of scams and get-rich-quick schemes and the gullibility of people who fall for them.
While watching the videos and presentations, I've come across a lot of red flags that caused me to think that Ignition Marketing Ph is just another rehashed business opportunity. What they are offering is an online job - directing people to the sales funnel and earning commissions. The first one is the Online Prosperity Training package which is composed of two value packs - the Fast Profit Blueprint and the Facebook Sikat Marketing.
However, I'm an internet marketer myself and looking at their overviews of their products, I can honestly say that you can possibly find most of what that they offer from other online sources for free. You promote their products and when someone you referred buys their products, you earn a commission.
They have a point of course but if you read the article, I didn't delve into their products. However, we're not talking here about an iPhone or a movie wherein you need to exactly use or see it to be able to say something about it.
Whether they built their system by spending Php300,000 or Php3,000,000, that's not the issue here.
I don't know where you came from but from where I came from, I was told that telling people to kill themselves isn't a very nice thing to say. If you're saying (correct me if I'm wrong) that I'm trying to mislead people using Facebook to leave comments here, you're wrong.
I do believe that I've addressed most of your points in the article or in the updates and other responses above so I'm going to focus on this part of your comment.
This is the reason why we have created a training solutions for our members, clients and other interested learners who want to know more about this fast growing technology in the world. We sometimes give a especial training to business owners, entrepreneurs and students who really want to know more about the technology and its importance.
Learn the right tools and skills to become an efficient and successful social media marketer. I started playing Counterstrike professionally before I ended up as a Research Writer, and then eventually became an SEO Specialist.
The good news is that I can get to share what I’ve learned about it so far (including life perhaps). You can find these updates at the end of the article as I don't want to ruin the original flow of what I've initially written. My only request is that you stick to the  issue at hand - the business, the products, the promotional tactics and the business model. With that said, I started investigating Ignition Marketing with the aim of understanding what it is about, what it offers, and if it's something worth investing in.
I simply feel bad for the thousands of people who lose their hard-earned resources from shady companies who bait their hapless victims with promises sweetened by pictures of cash, cars, and checks. Aside from ambiguous statements about their experiences in the industry and income claims, very minimal other details are provided. This is another reincarnation of a very common baiting technique used by most online-based companies. If you search for the company on the official website of the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission, they are there. However, behind all of these is a business model that has often proved to be unsustainable. There's nothing wrong with this per se but as I said before, almost all online-based companies offering marketing tools and programs as their core products have the same products. The gist of what I said about their products is that I don't see originality based on their overviews of the products and I stand by such point. Using your car and seat cover example, if Ignition is a car company, it would be selling the seat cover for Php2,999 with the car as the freebie.
Is their anything wrong with trying to be compensated for something that you worked hard to research and write?
With such an analogy, Jollibee should also charge their customers for the money they spent in building their stores and hiring their employees. I'll say that there's a HUGE difference between an internet marketer and a network marketer. I care about these people, and I want them to be more aware about these opportunities that keep on sprouting like mushrooms online.

With this Ignition Marketing Philippines review, I plan on educating the public about the company to help them decide whether it's worth investing in or not. As to the company itself, it's quite clear from their "Why We Exist" page that they offer both products and services.
With that said, this whole review is based on what I learned from their videos, their presentations, and other reviews by bloggers like me. Let me quote Reformina from the sales video, "Gain access to the Commission Ignition System for free for only Php2,999." In short, you cannot access the system if you don't buy one of their products. There are thousands of pages online about Facebook marketing that you can read for free without having to pay Php2,999.
You see, if you've provided your email address on the capture page, you are going to continue getting these types of emails until such time that you opt-in and become a buying member.
Anyway, I've been contacted by someone who bought the Online Prosperity Package and he says he'll let me take a peek .
Look at groups that have nothing to do with network marketing yet there are network marketers posting their links. There are those who wish to put their names out there and there are those who wish to remain anonymous because they value personal privacy.
And one more thing, I find it very ironic that you find it wrong for me to try to generate some sort of revenue from this blog. I always challenge myself in breaking through greater heights each time I succeed, which makes learning a never ending cycle for me. There's no need in calling a person "mangmang" or a moron for not sharing the same views as you. The products are training programs and tools while the services come in the form of a membership program which offers additional content and offers.
You can call this a freebie, a gift, or a free offer but the FACT remains that the only way you can use it is when you spend Php2,999. The team behind Ignition Marketing Philippines did their research on marketing strategies and they are very good in them. As to their membership program, there are dozens of forums and blogs out there in the web about internet marketing that can provide answers to any question you might want to ask. It should be every company's responsibility to provide an office where they can address issues, questions or problems that their clients have. I haven't seen Ignition's Facebook Sikat Marketing kit but I have an idea of what it contains. And one last thing, attacking the messenger instead of addressing the issues he raised is not right.
Unlike SWA, Ignition is not MLM as they don't follow the all too familiar "pyramid structure" in compensating their members.
One of the owners of the company claims to have earned millions of pesos yet the company can't afford an office where their clients can go to inquire about things? However, as the SEC directly states on their website, the availability of any company's name on the website is not an indication that it is authorized to sell to the public. Just like other businesses of this type, the products seem to only act as a means to an end when it should be the END. And of course, there's the box which you can always uncheck if you don't want your comments appearing in your profile and newsfeed. Who wouldn't want Php100,000 appearing in their bank accounts at the end of every month, right?
If you see people on Facebook sharing links and promoting Ignition, what they are doing is the very definition of networking. Furthermore, Ignition's brand of affiliate marketing is different from, say, Amazon's affiliate program.
Needless to say, it's annoying because I'm a plumber and I don't want to see people selling me stethoscopes. In effect, he was saying that Ignition is an internet marketing company but it's not networking. With Amazon, you can promote, sell and earn commissions without having to buy their products. Still, people are investing money and resources into their business so they should have the right to at least have the privilege of having their problems addressed personally. With Ignition, you can only promote products and earn commissions only after you buy their products. However, I'll have to say that their products are of very little substance, at least from where I stand.

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