Most small and medium sized businesses only decide to create a Business Plan when they need to raise finance. There are many schools of thought about business plans and there is no consensus whether you need one or not. Using Mind Map Business Plans naturally engages both the left, logical brain and the right, creative brain to give you a 'whole brain' solution. Mind Map your Ideal Customer and use it with your Mind Map Business Plan and your Mind Map Marketing Plan to attract and keep customers that will make you maximum profits.
To create a Mind Map Business Plan, you simply need to put the headings of your business plan as the main branches and fill in the details. This is a summary of the whole Business Plan and serves as an overview of your business for the reader. Venture Capitalists often don't read further than your executive summary, if it is not good enough. What exactly does your company offer?What does your company do?What makes your company unique? What is your long term plan?What is your short term plan?What do you want to achieve and by when?

To make the creation of your Mind Map Business Plan easier, visualise it as a working operation. Using Mind Maps for Project Management Apr 20, 16 12:20 PMMindMeister shows us how we can use mind maps for project management. Entrepreneurs, or prospective entrepreneurs don't create business plans because they are time consuming and laborious.
Mind Map Business Plans enable you to have a holistic picture of your business on one page. With Mind Map Software you can 'play' with your Business Plan until you are happy in a fun and creative way. Unlike a linear document, you don't have to fill in the details sequentially, but add them as they come to mind. Fill it in as you go along, or fill it in after you have filled in the rest of the headings.
Ensure that your business concept and profitability is highlighted sufficiently in your Executive Summary.
Many of the Mind Map Software packages allow you to export your Mind Map to a Word document under the correct headings.

You could use the 'Notes' feature of XMind to fill in the answers and then generate a Text Document to get a traditional, linear Business Plan. This tool is perfect for strategising, visualising and productively managing your Business. It even enables you to have lots of detail on the same page without losing site of the big picture. While this is possible in a linear document, it is much more difficult to manage non linear inputs. All you have to do is do a final edit to complete and structure the sentences the way you want to.

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