The Matriarch is the Xenomorph Queen on BG-386, an ancient specimen imprisoned by the Predators within the Pyramid.
Spartan is the head of the Elite Clan and oversees Dark's training at the beginning of his campaign. Corporal Teresa "Tequila" Aquila becomes Rookie's main contact and source of intel once events take a turn for the worse on the planet. Katya is a Weyland-Yutani android who acts as the administrator for the Freya's Prospect colony. The Young Blood Pack are a group of Young Blood Predators on an initiation hunt who have been caught up in the infestation on the planet.
The Alien storyline revolves around a Xenomorph grown in captivity in the Weyland-Yutani labs on BG-386, codenamed Specimen 6. Some time later, Weyland opens the Yautja Pyramid located beneath the research complex and in doing so releases a massive EMP pulse that cuts the power to the labs, including Six's restraints. At this time, the Matriarch is killed (by Rookie), an event that paralyses Specimen 6 with pain. Going through the jungle, Rookie is contacted by Tequila from the dropship Typhoon, but the ship is brought down by a Young Blood Predator before a rescue can be made.
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Displaying intelligence in excess of most other Alien Warriors, Six was bred on BG-386 by Dr. As his name suggests, he is an inexperienced Colonial Marine who often finds himself being ridiculed by his comrades for this very reason. He is sent with two other Elites to BG-386 to investigate a distress call sent by several Young Blood Predators, and is subsequently tasked with cleaning up Weyland-Yutani's mess and recovering the Predator technology they have stolen. She serves as a guide for Specimen 6 and is the secondary antagonist of the Marine campaign.

Corporal Tequila serves as Rookie's first guide during the campaign until being captured by Xenomorphs.
Although deceased long before the time of the game, his ancient equipment is recovered and used by Dark during his mission. Weyland and his team recapture Six, immediately shipping it off-world for further research.
Marine platoons aboard the USS Marlow are preparing for a combat drop when Dark's vessel comes out of cloak nearby and immediately (and swiftly) destroys the Marlow, leaving only a handful of Marines alive scattered on other small ships. With Tequila out of contact and no way to leave the surface, Rookie receives the assistance of administrative android Katya from the Weyland-Yutani facility set up around the Pyramid. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip.
Predator 3 or AVP3 to distinguish it from earlier titles, is a 2010 video game developed by Rebellion and published by SEGA for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.
He is part of the Marine force sent to BG-386 in response to the Xenomorph outbreak at the Freya's Prospect colony.
Groves, observe Six's maturation with interest, none more so than Weyland, who deems it to be smarter than any other Xenomorph he has encountered. Utilizing vents and sewers to avoid detection, Specimen 6 goes to the nearby Freya's Prospect colony and decimates the population there under orders from the Matriarch. Some time later, it is revealed Six has escaped again, matured into a Praetorian and created a new Hive.
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It is a sequel to Aliens versus Predator 2, although it does not have any connection with that game's plot. Six is responsible for the Xenomorph outbreak, being the first to successfully escape containment and the Alien that releases the Matriarch.

Groves is the head of the scientific team at the research complex, and the man responsible for the Xenomorph research carried out there. Stalking through a thick jungle, Specimen 6 finds more hosts and makes its way to the colony's ore refinery, where it is called upon to protect the Matriarch and the newly established Hive. The player's Marine — dubbed "Rookie" — is knocked out during the drop, and lapses in and out of consciousness as his comrades are attacked by the Xenomorphs on the surface, eventually waking alone in a deserted part of the colony with only his VP78 Pistol. He then discovers from Tequila that Major Van Zandt has disappeared whilst leading an assault on the Matriarch in the nearby refinery. Instead it charts events on the planet BG-386, where a Weyland-Yutani research team led by Karl Bishop Weyland has discovered a Yautja Pyramid, and is simultaneously studying the Xenomorphs found there and hoping to unlock the advanced technology contained within.
These campaigns are separate in terms of individual plot and gameplay, but form one overlapping storyline. Once the Matriarch is secure, Six goes to the combat arena in the Predator ruins on the planet and fights two surviving Young Bloods, attracting the attention of an Elite Predator who also battles the lone Xenomorph.
On the advice of Corporal Tequila, Rookie makes for the wrecked Freya's Prospect colony, with the purpose of joining other Marines already there and getting vital systems back online to help locate any survivors. By the time Rookie reaches Van Zandt, his squad has already been wiped out and the Major himself has been impregnated by with a Chestburster; Rookie shoots him at his own insistence. The Aliens soon escape, prompting a response from the United States Colonial Marine Corps, while the Predators also send three of their members to investigate. Six is able to weaken the Elite Predator and then impregnates it with a Facehugger, later spawning the Abomination. Moving further into the newly established Hive, Rookie encounters the Matriarch, ultimately killing her in an explosion.

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