During the Theory test and Practical parts of your driving test, you will come across the need to understand all the road signs in the Highway Code.Pass Your Test Online has made this easy for you, by creating an interactive learning zone that helps you learn each and every sign with a fun interactive quiz and learning documents.
Road signs are an important part to passing both your practical and theory part of your driving test. When using Pass your Test Online’s interactive road signs quiz, select to practice either 10, 20 or 30 road sign questions at a time.
Crown Copyright material has been reproduced by permission of the Driving Standards Agency which does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the reproduction.

Motorcycle License and Motorcycle Learners Permit and how to get oneMotorcycle Information Motorcycle info about licenses, trikes, sidecars, scooters and more! Use our interactive road signs quiz to learn them all before your test in a fun and enjoyable way!
In Canada, one to check out is the Gearing Up motorcycle safety program, or the Rider Training Institute. The motorcycle learners permit is usually good for 6 months to 18 months depending on where you live.

An example of this is the one-day experienced rider motorcycle course at CPCC in Charlotte NC for approximately an $80 fee.

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