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Presentation objective is to provide an overview of our Business Continuity building blocks, offer insight into the look and feel of the application and Showcase how you can easily use our software. Who is it for?• Our Business Continuity software has been designed with the needs of the Business Continuity Champion in mind and can be used by the: ? Business Continuity Champion ? Operational Process Owners ? Department Managers• No project is too big or too small ? It can be used by small groups (1 – 5 users) all the way up to the whole enterprise (10,000 users)• Implementing our software has never been easier! Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Note: If you are the admin and want to display the register form here, log in to your dashboard, and go to Settings > General and click "Anyone can register". Pryor, Linder and Associates has been providing psychological services to individuals and agencies for over 25 years.
The Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) is a not-for profit association created by the amalgamation of three respected health and safety leaders.
The good news is that many of today’s workplaces utilize online training software to deploy training courses to their employees. In the book, Measuring Performance for Business Results, author Mohamed Zairi goes over the human component of a performance management plan that breeds success. In the past, measuring the effective performance tasks would have involved a significant effort (manually or by spreadsheet).
With today’s technologies, we can reduce and simplify the process while getting better metrics at the same time.

This step involves designing the course material and often takes the greatest amount of time, effort, and money. Steps 3, 4, and 5 are all done by the online training software, especially if the course design is done properly in step 2.
This is both undertaken by the employee (who can see if they didn’t do well in the course themselves) and by a manager (who can review their course information and suggest the same). This can be as simple as reviewing the user’s class info to see that they’ve done better the next time around or sending email reminders to take a follow up course, to retake a course, or take an additional remedial course.
Motivational speaker and writer Zig Ziglar found that even though everyone attending his conference was paying attention, only 5 percent of the audience was likely to actually do something with what they’d learned.
The right technology will keep you riding the wave of success, instead of simply treading water. For more information on how online training software can help your organization with performance management, download our free ebook What The Difference Between An LMS And An LCMS?
Our free online management training and leadership skills course will teach you management skills, leadership styles, and the fundamentals of a mini-MBA business management certification program.
Be a Great Manager and Strong Leader through our Free 10 lesson Management Training and Leadership Skills Course. Please complete this form to request more information or a free demonstration of our software. That way a business can monitor how the employees can improve performance as well as keeping and rewarding the best employees.
In addition to delivering the courses they can help you when it comes to measuring and improving specific performance outcomes.

Online training software now allows companies to remove the cumbersome human element from implementing such metrics.
By utilizing an elearning developer, who is an expert in instructional design, it opens the door to create an engaging, interactive online training course.
Interpreting the measurements is standardized by the online training software, as the best courses must be done sequentially, while also listing all the metrics based around the learning. This is also a great opportunity to discover if people aren’t in the right role, based on their performance management, and whether they need help or a job shift. The manager can work in conjunction with the online training software to ensure their employees get the right results in improving their performance. Having a better performance measurement solution enhances an organization’s value proposition that leads to increased reputation, revenue, markets, and, in turn, even better talent.
Finding adequate metrics on measuring your employee’s performance is often a challenge, but it’s the best way to improve performance.
By embracing an online training software package, you’ll be able to get trainers and learners in sync with a system, track their training efforts, and see if you’re actually getting efficient performance improvement.

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