All of us know it takes much time to build a good reputation while one wrong act can ruin all of it.
Most of the Internet users do not think in terms of reputation and hence don’t think they have been building an online reputation by posting to different websites – comments or articles, forums, social media and more. In other words, everything you do on the Internet creates a databank that different people use to figure out your interests, thoughts on one or more topics, and your opinions. Your online reputation is not dependent simply on what you post but also on what others post about you. Now that you know everyone using Internet has some sort of online reputation, you might want to know where you stand. Before talking about how to check own online reputation, here is a good video from Microsoft that explains why you need a good online reputation. We will talk about how to find out your online reputation in the next section that offers tips to enhance your online reputation management as it forms the most basic step of reputation maintenance.
Microsoft commissioned research in Canada, Germany, Ireland, Spain, and the United States, and found that while 91 percent of people have done something to manage their online profile at some point, only 44 percent of adults actively think about the long-term consequences of their online activities. Likewise, the Google Alerts will keep you updated on whatever material about you is being posted on the Internet. For negative reviews of your services and products, however, you cannot ask webmasters and Google etc. Among other tips for reputation management is to stay away from the Internet when you are emotionally unstable.
BONUS: Here is a factsheet on online reputation management from Microsoft that sheds further light on online reputation management with tips to keep it clean and to enhance it. All businesses need a website and a web presence to reach out to potential clients and customers in order to showcase how they help solve problems and alleviate pain points.
Enter the Content Management System – a CMS provides an interface for people to create, manage, measure, develop, optimize, modify, and update a website to keep it fresh and relevant for potential customers. Online Business Creators uses WordPress to implement SEO best practices in an effective and time efficient manner. We place the emphasis of our website development on the content creation, SEO strategy, and conversion elements. No matter what type of business or service you have, whether it’s a fixed brick & mortar shop or online, your business online reputation will have an impact on the success of your business. As you probably know, most consumers today go online to see what people are saying about products, services, and your businesses before they choose to buy…In other words, comments made about your business online can MAKE or BREAK you.
Did you know that approximately 72% of local consumers TRUST online reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations from people they know?
To assist with your online reputation management, I have this awesome report that I would like to share with you free.

With the Internet being a major source of information, it is also becoming the go-to place for sharing feedback and reviews about almost anything. This can either work for your business or against it, depending on where it stands in the eyes of consumers.
Online Reputation Management has emerged as an effective marketing tactic for businesses to ensure that their online reputations are intact and helping them generate more sales – instead of scaring their potential customers away.
Even if you do not currently have a negative online reputation, you should still work towards building your brand and monitoring what is being said about your online business; all so you can avoid any future damage. Take a look at my free report and the 10 most common questions most small businesses have about online reputation management. Your reputation is your goodwill – an asset that is calculated as well, when you are estimating your or your business worth. Say you don’t do anything on the Internet except using Facebook and Twitter, you still have an online reputation and people who wish to know about you will go for what you posted – irrespective of how less it is and will derive their own opinion out of the posted material.
Not only that, the online information you post is used to understand your mentality, confidence and to read your character. If you are a service provider, people who use your service will leave comments about your service somewhere on the internet. If people are saying good things about you, your online reputation is goodand you need to not only maintain but to enhance it for your career growth. The best way to know what is being said about you and if you posted anything bad or negative about yourself is to create Google Alerts with all possible variations of your name, company, email and other data. This way I get to know if anything related to these keywords has been posted on the Internet by others.
Whatever be the case, choose the words carefully and place them in a way that they give more of positive view of your personality than negative. The more success a website has in providing answers to visitors’ questions, the more online leads the web presence will generate.
WordPress allows developers to focus on the important aspects of development, content, conversion, and aesthetics without wasting time focusing on basic coding. WordPress provides the building blocks so we can spend our time creating information-rich webpages that convert visitors into customers or clients. We like to give clients a system to use in case they ever want to make modifications on their own.
The strategies and guides I send out through my private newsletter are only available to subscribers. Now, more than ever, customers are flocking online to share their latest experiences with businesses whose products and services they have tried.

A good reputation increases the chances of your business growing by sending more clients and banks your way.
The following Infographic from Microsoft shows how your posts on Internet may affect your life. Using proper keywords, it is possible to read out and know what others (your friends, clients etc.) think about you. Basically, all of them will check and pull out almost all information they can gather about you and present it to you so that you can see if your reputation is good or bad. While the results will also show you things you posted yourself, you know you won’t post anything bad about yourself. This doesn’t mean essentially that you should hide your negative points but your positives can always overshadow negatives – if you need to mention any!
Under such cases, the best method is to ask the webmaster to add a line or two to the post saying that you are working on the weak points and will soon have them fixed.
And before you come back to senses and remove that post, many might have already read and shared it. We can walk you through the process of making any changes that you’d like step-by-step. For online & offline business owners who are in the battle for more customers, paying attention to your online reputation is a MUST. For individuals too, a good reputation indicates possibility of a better career growth etc. Of course, we are happy to provide all of your web development needs, but understand that a do-it-yourself option is preferable for some. Though there are companies offering online reputation management with own tools, we will focus on individuals and small businesses in this post as they don’t have big budgets.
If they fail to do so, you can approach Google and other search engines to have the content removed.
I want to share with you cutting edge online and offline business building and relationship techniques & emerging business ideas that works today for making income.
All you need to do is to file a complaint with Google and tell them what material at what URL is projecting or giving away your personal details that you don’t want to be made public. You will find on this site a wide variety of FREE content when it comes to online, offline marketing, social media tips, entrepreneurship, personal development and many other topics,(Valued over $1,000) that will help you on your path to personal and financial freedom.

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