Actually, Leawo MP4 to WMV Video Converter is a little software, which is quite easy and simple to use. WMV (short for Windows Media Video) is a video compression format for several proprietary codecs developed by Microsoft. Gone are the days when having moving images on your website meant having to use GIFs or Adobe Flash.
If you’re keen on using HTML5 videos on your website, the most important step is, of course, converting the video files themselves into the right format. Miro Video Converter is an open-source video conversion tool capable of converting any video format to HTML5 video formats (OGG, WebM and MP4). Handbrake is a free and open-source video converter that is capable of converting videos to MP4 files. Freemake Video Converter supports a large number of different formats, from the common video formats to the less common formats such as MTS, BIK and RM. Easy HTML5 Video is an easy-to-use file converter to convert most video types into WebM, OGG or MP4 files.
Easy HTML5 Video’s publish tool exports your videos to a local folder or an FTP directory of your choice. Sothink Video Converter supports most of the popular video and audio formats, including HD formats. In addition to its conversion features, Any Video Converter also has some video editing features. DVDVideoSoft’s Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter is a simple tool designed specifically for converting video files into HTML5-compatible video files. The conversion process also generates a HTML file alongside your converted videos containing code for a HTML5 video player. Gfycat automatically converts your videos into the required formats, and even has its own GIF Format Yoker (gfy) which automatically chooses formats according to the browser being used. The tools also let you change the framerate of your video, as well as flip and rotate the video if needed. Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter also has some advanced options such as the ability to make the converted video slow-motion, create clips, flip and rotate the video, as well as add your own watermark. Convert DVDs, CDs and videos to various formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, FLV, SWF, MKV, WMA, MP3 and etc.
Support for NVIDIA CUDA and Open CL acceleration technology, which provides you faster converting speed to save time and energy while converting DVDs or videos.

The program adds the MP4 Faststart option to play back MP4 video in the stream way.With this function, you can upload the converted MP4 videos to the online video-sharing websites. The multifunctional video converter allows you to personalize your videos easily with video editing functions and make them more special and creative. Leawo Video Converter is an all-in-one video converter for converting videos and audios among popular formats, such as converting MP4 to WMV! The original video format, known as WMV, was originally designed for Internet streaming applications, as a competitor to RealVideo.
The emergence of HTML 5 and its multimedia features has allowed designers to do without Adobe Flash or heavy, slow-loading GIF animations and, instead, use the native HTML5 video player.
Here are 10 free apps that will help you do just that by taking all the hassle out of the conversion process. Miro Video Converter can also convert videos to the proper sizes and formats for a number of popular smartphones, including most iPhones and iPads as well as Samsung Galaxy devices. While itdoesn’t support any of the other HTML5 video formats, it makes up for this by having a number of extra features such as title and chapter selection, chapter marking, subtitle support and a number of video filters such as deinterlacing and grayscale.
Freemake also has support for audio and image files and can even turn these into videos as well.
Freemake comes with support for both CUDA and DXVA technologies, which will speed up video conversion if you have a compatible graphics card.
You can also insert your video directly into a HTML file using the Insert to page export setting. It also has support for multi-threaded video conversion, which will definitely help reduce the amount of time needed to convert videos. These features include the ability to merge and split video files, add subtitles and special effects. The tool supports all the common file formats, and exports videos in both MP4 and OGV formats. The player has four themes and will choose whether to play the MP4 or OGV files depending on browser.
The major benefit of HTML5 videos over GIFs is that the former are smaller in size, plus you can pause and rewind HTML5 videos. You can construct your own video player or use Gfycat’s embed code to embed a gfy object on your page. Amongst the video conversion tools on the site are tools for converting videos to OGG and WebM (VP8) format.

Another useful feature is the fact that the tools can work with files that are already online as well as files that are stored on Dropbox.
It supports converting to MP4, OGG, WebM as well as other common video formats such as MKV and AVI. Any Video Converter Pro allows you to easily burn your homemade or online videos in MP4 or AVI to DVDs. Besides it also supports downloading videos from Nico, Veoh, Facebook, MetaCafe, Vimeo, Howcast, etc.
By converting MP4 to WMV with this MP4 to WMV converter, you may get the specific format of MP4 watched on TV, played on portable media players, loaded to mobile phones, or put on websites, etc. This new technology is going to make video files decrease in size so that they are easier to work with and support.
Miro Video Converter is available for Mac and Windows, with Linux source code also available. You can choose whether to enable some HTML5-specific features such as autoplay, controls and whether the video loops.
Sothink Video Converter also has some video editing capabilities, such as the ability to trim video files, zoom in and change the quality of both the audio and video. There are multiple quality presets to choose from, and the tool also lets you customize and create your own presets.
The tools have a number of options that you can tweak, such as resolution and bitrate options, as well as the ability to change the audio quality and bitrate.
Import video in the software, customize, and convert, these 3 steps will achieve all the conversion tasks for you!
What used to be massive video files of motion and audio are now compressed versions of the same material, called MP4s.
Through standardization from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), WMV 9 has gained adoption for physical-delivery formats such as HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.
Any Video Converter also comes with the ability to download and save YouTube videos in multiple formats. The tool offers a few video and audio conversion settings such as resolution and audio bitrate.

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