Welcome to Google Chrome PluginsSource of Plugins, Themes, Add-ons and information for the Google Chrome Web Browser! We have covered about the various video downloader extensions for Google Chrome earlier and got a good response from users. Video Downloader For All Sites is a neatly made extension which integrates seamlessly with your Google Chrome browser. Once the extension installs, you get a nice browser action icon as is now a trademark of Google Chrome, clicking on the icon opens a small box in the browser itself which asks you to provide the URL of the video which you want to download.
As of now, the extension supports a lot of popular video sharing sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Blip, Veoh, Myspace, Google Video, Sevenload, Flickr, Revver, etc. The extension is still in its development phase, so expect a lot of improvements from the developer.
Do let us know whether you liked this extension or not by writing your thoughts in the comments below. Scaricare un'estensione Chrome nel computer come si fa come con ogni altro file da internet, e una soluzione che puo tornare utile in alcune circostanze, ad esempio per salvare e mettere da parte preventivamente la versione corrente dell'estensione di proprio interesse in maniera tale che se in futuro venisse aggiornata e le nuove caratteristiche non dovessero piacere si possa tornare alla precedente versione reinstallando appunto il corrispondente file che si e conservato.
Puo tornare altrettanto utile nel caso in cui si desideri installare quell'estensione su un altro browser internet basato sul codice sorgente Chromium, Opera Next ad esempio, non abilitato pero al download e all'installazione delle estensioni dal Chrome Web Store. Per scaricare nel PC le estensioni dal Chrome Web Store come un qualsiasi file, abbiamo gia visto come fare in questo articolo con il servizio gratuito online Chrome Extension Downloader.
Infatti se sul servizio online e necessario prima incollare l'indirizzo internet o l'ID dell'estensione Chrome (preventivamente copiato dal Chrome Web Store o dalla pagina estensioni installate del browser) che si desidera scaricare nel computer e poi cliccare il pulsante "Download extension", con il componente aggiuntivo Chrome Extension Downloader e sufficiente un solo clic di mouse. Bella mossa: ho fatto lo stesso, insieme ai preferiti (settings - preferiti - gestione preferiti - organizza - esporta i pref. Downloading a video or audio file has become quite easier and convenient at Google Chrome with the advent of the online video downloader extensions.
FVD download manager is one of the most popular FREE Google chrome extension developed by everhelper.me with over 2,254,671 users.
Please note that, FDV video downloader does not support you tube video download due to Chrome store policy.
Vimeo is the simple downloader that offers the quick and easy download of Vimeo videos posted on any sort of websites.

Vimeo download videos chrome plugin is develop by catalint.ro and having over 151872 users. All these video download manager extensions are available at FREE of cost on the Google Chrome web store.
Video DownloadHelper – Video downloadhelper is an extension for mozilla firefox browser.
VSO Downloader 2 – VSO Downloader is an amazing offline software which allows you download any kind of video from web. 12 Years experience in SEO and Web Development, SEO Expert, Digital Marketing consultant, Web Developer, Author, Blogger and Simple Person.
However, most of those extensions were mostly based on Youtube and did not supported other popular video sharing sites, until i came across this one. The whole process of getting the download link from various popular video sharing sites is very quick and neat with minimal issues.
Once its supplied, the extension gets the download link from the site and provides you with a couple of video format in which one may download the file (as seen in the screenshot).
Gli sviluppatori del servizio hanno pero rilasciato anche un'estensione che si chiama con il medesimo nome, ovvero Chrome Extension Downloader, grazie alla quale scaricare le estensioni e ancora piu semplice e veloce. Nello specifico vengono esaminati i migliori programmi per PC Windows con guide all'uso e consigli utili, i migliori siti e servizi internet, trucchi e configurazione avanzata dei computer, ma anche tutorial per smartphone e tablet Apple iOS e Android e relative app. This download manager extension is the great tool that supports the downloading of multimedia file and then allows the user to enjoy it on the computer or in any other format. It is very user friendly and the arrow button on the browser may change to blue color whenever there is some downloadable video or audio file on the web page. The user can download the video that played with the help of Vimeo player present on the blog site or other websites. If you want us to add your favorite video downloader for Google Chrome in this article, please share them in comments. If you install it’s helper extension, then you will will be able to download video direct from youtube. It not only download videos from youtube but also videos from search engines, dailymotion etc.

I am an SEO consultant with more than 12 years of experience in SEO, PPC, website designing, development, wordpress development, social media marketing and online marketing. In entrambi i casi per avviare il download si dovra confermare cliccando il pulsante "Conserva" che verra visualizzato nella barra dei download di Chrome.
There are many popular video downloaders for Chrome but we dig deep into these and filtered out few popular video download manager extensions which is describe here to help you gain the most out of them. The user may be able to download and enjoy the multimedia file by clicking this blue arrow button. This Chrome download manager would not just help you download the video but would also let you save the video in list. This user-friendly downloader can be use just by clicking on the icon that appears on the right side of the browser or address bar. I am an adwords and google analytics qualified individual, having expertise in digital marketing consultancy. This may offer you the faster access to the downloaded videos and you can play them whenever you feel like without going back to the original web page where the video was posted.
Working on this downloader is very easy and you can enjoy the videos at the click of a button.
We provide list of software and online youtube downloaders which allow you to download videos from youtube and vimeo.
Just copy and paste youtube, vimeo video URL in the box and click download It will ask you to downlod the savevid plugin for browser like chrome, firefox etc. When you run this software and if you are watching a streaming video it will automatically download that video to your desktop PC or laptop. Capture Flash SWF content with never-expired function of our popular freeware SWF Catcher5.

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