1)      Keep your surveys short and sweet – We typically try to write our surveys so they are less than 5 minutes in length. 2)      Keep your questions simple – Write your survey questions so they are in their most basic form. 3)      Make your survey visual – We love testing out new design concepts, logos and videos.
4)      Add a progress bar – Adding progress bars to your survey lets your respondent know exactly where they are at within the survey taking process, which leads to lower attrition.
These are just a few things you can add to your survey to ensure that your respondents are kept engaged the entire time.

We’ve found that surveys longer than 5 minutes result in poor responses and respondent attrition, while shorter surveys are more engaging to your respondents. Avoid writing compound questions (questions that ask more than one thing), which will often confuse your respondent. We’ve found that respondents engage quite well when they actually have a visual of what they are asked to provide feedback about. Omitting a progress bar is like sending your respondent on a race without a clearly defined finish line – if they don’t know where they need to go to complete, they are much more likely to quit without completing the survey.
Well, this marketing technique is generally overlooked online but incredibly powerful to massively boost your business growth if applied in the right way.

The problem with this, for market researchers, is that bored respondents usually equate to poor survey results. At Lab42, we recognize this issue, and have come up with a few ways to counteract survey fatigue. How To Profitably Create A Landing Page 5 Quick Steps To Activate Google Adwords Express Small Business Email Marketing Biggest Killer Mistake?

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