Captain of the Australian Cricket Team, Michael Clarke, says he is “probably happy” that Dominican spin bowler, Shane Shillingford, will not be part the West Indies cricket team for the first of two Tests kicking off on Wednesday at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.
Clarke probably has reasons to be thankful Shillingford was not selected to play in the upcoming Tests. In 2012, Shillingford wreaked havoc among the Australian team at the same venue capturing 10 wickets for 219.
He said although some team members have not played a Test match for some time and some players are coming from the Indian Premiere League (IPL), they are well prepared.
Meantime Clarke said the injury of the team’s left-hand opening batsman, Chris Rogers, will not make much of a difference since there are other options. You see, we have representatives here in Dominica who sit after the greed of money saying nothing but for themselves while our talents are funneled and bottled up!
On another note we should all show up to the games to prove to the Caribbean that Cricket is still alive here. That is a very good idea.It would follow the system that governs the Euro vision Song Contest . Prosecutors say Kristen Smith was found with baby clothes and prosthetic pregnancy belly in her car - and had pretended to be pregnant.Smith was arrested when police stopped her at a gas station 170 miles away in West Branch, Iowa, apparently driving back to her home in Colorado.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Playing OviPets, an online pet breeding & genetics game, hundreds of gamers have contributed to raising more than $10,000 for snow leopard conservation. Thousands of players have picked up the game since it was launched in 2012 – and they all share a love for animals.
I am so happy to read this, I am playing this game, and I did many of these leopard mutations as we call it, to be able to donate to you!
It really warms my heart to see how much the OVI community manage to gather up in only two weeks! Also to read how it can help you to run 10 eco-camps over two years for over 130 children each year, is just amazing.
I am a player of ovi pets but sadly was an unpaid member…i must say though many of my BEST friends on this game helped and im so glad that ovi did this i couldnt EVER THINK OF A BETTER GAME!

As a gamer who gives annually to the SLT, it’s fantastic to hear something like this. OMG so happy that ovipets did this , i am a player but i can not buy the mute, but some of my friends helped out! Even though I hadnt researched far enough ahead to be able to splice one of these cuties, I had bought quite a few and have seriously fallen in love with these beautiful creatures!
I was so happy we were able to donate without giving real money because I’m not old enough to give real money so this was a perfect way! Just started playing a few weeks ago am now addicted to it and a paid member, love the game and love all the cool people I have met while playing ..
He became the first West Indies spinner, since Lance Gibbs captured 10 for 106 against England 1966, to achieve the feat and the second WI spin bowler to ever take 10 wickets in the Caribbean. Soon there will be comments about small island and big island, the fact is he is no longer a threat to batsmen. Clarke knows about Shane , not being part of W.I team for a while now , and must be wondering why, such an effective and experienced offspinner not been recalled . Click here to see.I hope the M I R machine at the Princess Margaret is in excellent working condition. I am sure we would have a more balanced team that truly reflects the best talent available from all the countries. In the world of OviPets, players are able to adopt, raise and care for pets, much like they would for live animals.
I’m an animal lover and to hear this just makes me happy and I want to thank you for being such caring people. I meet lots of friends and they help each other like nothing you can imagin and its true even me a 13 (now lol its my birthday today XD) loves animals AND insects …iv saved 18 pigeons now loved em all and i never gave up on any of them! I did 3 hours of turn quite a bit of egg each day to get credits and help those making the project.
I believe that Chanderpaul should be given a final chance even after he failed against England but most importantly Shane Shilling ford, After having taken 10 wickets and breaking those records he should have been called. I sensed that he realizes , playing us at home ,is not always one of total dominion , like it used to be, but that ,they will be watchful, recognizing some noticeable improvement in the team .

I say this not to offend you but to wake you up to joining in supporting your own, whether it is Shane Chanderpaul or the present team playing tomorrow. We want to make it easy for people to help, and what easier way then through playing a game that you like?”, Maria says. Both of them spend quite a bit of time watching the discovery channel and tell me they want to grow up to be either marine biologists or something of the like. And I am a cat lover so I spend every last credit (money) I had to be able to give the snow leopards as much money as possible. This would have created a fear in the minds of the Australians and possible giving up the edge. This was something my husband and I did for their early birthday presents along with helping out a few other endangered species through other places. We had a blast, and are enjoying our Leos (What we have dubbed the adorable balls of fur!). I am an admin (Just like on FB, I help run it) on one of the larges groups on Ovi, so I have gotten to see this thoroughly sweep through the game. Text RICH to 7171 TODAY & get 10 TIMES your chance to beat the other players & WIN! Many eyes were opened throughout Ovi about Snow Leos, and awareness goes a long way, as you guys know! We are already looking forward to the next Charity mutations, although we don’t have any clue what they are, we are making guesses! Rogers of the Australian Cricket Team the best of help and hope the man will not be placed in an embarrassing situation.

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