Disaster films often face harsh criticism from critics and cinema-goers alike, mainly for their preposterousness and uninspiring performances from the main cast, but then there are those very few exceptions which are a complete contrast, and The Impossible ranks as one of finest, breath-taking and emotionally powerful disaster films for some time.
Based on a true story, The Impossible follows a family who were separated when the Tsunami of Boxing Day 2004 hit their hotel resort in Thailand.
Ultimately though, the star of this film has to be Ewan McGregor, who gives not only the finest performance of his career, but one worthy of an Oscar nomination. While the acting in this film is definitely its main strength, it also boast impressive (and admirably restrained) special effects. There is, however, and issue with this, and that is regarding the decision to certificate this film a 12A. The Impossible carries the slightly cynical question of why the family in the film is British, despite being based on a Spanish family’s story.
Nevertheless, The Impossible marks a landmark achievement for disaster films; it is a strong, powerful and emotional journey of loss, courage and psychological strength. Considering the Parklife Weekender is a fairly new festival when it comes to the likes of Reading Festival and T in the Park it managed to supply a world class line up at this years’ event.
The event drew in over 60,000 people to Manchester’s Heaton Park for the two day event on the weekend of the 7th-8th June. The line-up continues to excite its fans and it seems it is working as the event becomes bigger and bigger each year.
Overall Parklife Weekender managed to wow its fans with a truly amazing line-up this year with a list of over 200 artists and some of the world’s best DJs. The only cons of the festival tended to be the after event transport issues which echoed with everyone you spoke to.
Also in the news following the event there were several reports of violence and to date two people have now died from the result of either stabbings or fights at the event.
It’s got to be said the weekend was a huge hit amongst fans that attended over the two day event and as the line-up continues to grow its obvious next years’ Parklife Weekender will be a highly anticipated event. Our shoes are cheap just because we work with the factories for a long time and we can always get best price from them.
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In an effort to raise men’s health awareness, many men (and indeed, some women if they’re blessed with a hairy upper lip) start the month of November with a completely naked, clean-shaven face and begin on a thirty-day-face-forest growing adventure. Lead singer and nerd rocker Rivers emerged with this modest moustache in 2008 when Weezer launched their Red Album – helping to edge them further into the dad rock category.
Dixieland Jazz band from the sixties who each sported a hairy-flavour-saver throughout their career (moustache king Tom Selleck is assumed to be a fan). The classic hairy-lipped guitar-playing icon; one of few who managed to wear a moustache well. Sporting a controversial mouth-tache for most of his career, we’re not sure Stevie’s mouth encircling hair ring should count, but it’s so good. A new entry in the world of nose beards, Justin revealed his distinguished curly ‘tache to the crowds at Download festival this year – thus ensuring the successful return of The Darkness (and making those cat suits a little more manly). Undoubtedly inspiring plumbers in porn films the world over – where would a list of moustaches be without Freddie’s foxy facial fuzz? Rumours that Frank’s moustache conceals a small island remain unsolved, however what is definite is his deserved place at number two in our hairy chart.
Londoners Wolf Alice are on the tips of everyone’s tongues and are gaining increasing amounts of critical acclaim on the daily, especially with the future release of their debut ‘My Love is Cool’ in June.
Joff: Me and Ellie started writing about five years ago when we started doing acoustic stuff, we played in small pubs and open mics and stuff. Ellie: Being in the recording studio and recording our EP were just some of our highlights. Joff: I wouldn’t compare it to one person, I don’t know I just think there’s a lot of variation. Ellie: I haven’t listened to it enough to develop a favourite track yet so no not yet, but I’m sure I will.
Joff: A track I keep coming back to is a track called ‘Freazy’ which hasn’t been released yet. Following the whole “gender equality issue at festivals”, you were one of the little amount of bands with at least one woman in on the Reading & Leeds line up – what is your opinion on this?
Joff: I don’t know, obviously I think there should be representation but I don’t think there should be representation if the quality isn’t there. Ellie: I don’t know because I don’t know a lot about this kind of stuff, but I think the bigger problem is not that the festivals aren’t booking women in bands or anything but you need to go back and push it in schools. Ellie: We’re showcasing a few new songs, it’s our pre album tour so it’s not the last time we’ll be playing certain songs but I reckon next time some of the old songs might not be there.
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The complete print edition of each issue of Counseling Today is available to members in flipbook format.
After three years of work that included 40 conference calls, numerous face-to-face meetings, two meetings at American Counseling Association annual conferences, two town hall meetings and the evaluation of feedback received from more than 100 ACA members, the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics was approved and released at the end of March, replacing the prior ethics code that had been in place since 2005. The 11 members of the ACA Ethics Revision Task Force, chosen for their backgrounds and expertise in ethics, started the process knowing that every area of the code would need scrutiny.
The counseling profession has experienced a substantial amount of growth, development and change in the nine years since the release of the 2005 code, and the Ethics Revision Task Force thought it was important for the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics to address the current professional and societal climate. Task force members pointed to two legal cases that made it clear that not all counselors or counselors-in-training understood the overarching values and expectations of the profession. In other words, a counselor who wanted to refer a client based solely on personal beliefs might sidestep the issue of discrimination by claiming he or she would not be effective counseling the client, Shaw explains. The other big change in the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics is the addition of an entire section on the ethical use of technology and social media with clients. The new section devoted to social media and technology addresses a growing need in the profession, Francis says. In reality, Skype is not compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Counselors must be aware of these differences for every state in which they have a distance client. But after counselors obtain informed consent and find a secure, HIPAA-compliant method of communication, Wade doesn’t think that distance counseling should differ significantly from face-to-face counseling. Distance counseling is not for every client or counselor, but in some ways, it can be empowering, Wade says.
Some counseling professionals have demonstrated resistance to new technology, but others have jumped right in, especially when it comes to social media, Wade says. In fact, she notes, counselors have not always looked carefully before leaping into the social media pool, getting caught up in a technological and cultural movement that was not even in its infancy when the 2005 ACA Code of Ethics was released. Social media guidance for today’s counselors is critical, says Goodnough, who notes that if counselors are going to be online, they need to present a professional image.
Specifically, the code states that counselors respect the privacy of their clients’ presence on social media unless given consent to view such information.

Wade adds that although Googling a client online is tempting, especially if a counselor feels like the client is holding back, it is still regarded as an invasion of privacy. When both the counselor and client are online, distinguishing boundaries can be tricky, Wade says. As the new code makes clear, counselors who are on Facebook both personally and professionally need to set up distinct, separate profiles for each, Wade emphasizes. For counselors who are new to social media or concerned about privacy on Facebook, Twitter may be a better option, says Wade. Twitter is a social media platform in which users “tweet” their thoughts — which may or may not include a link to an article, photo or video — in 140 characters or less. If a client asks a counselor to follow him or her on social media, the counselor should sit down and discuss why the client wants to be followed, Wade says. To respect their clients’ privacy, counselors should not routinely ask them about their social media activity, Wade says. Ethics Revision Task Force member Lynn Linde, a clinical assistant professor in the school counseling program at Loyola University Maryland, is well aware of the dark side of social media — particularly Instagram, a platform that allows users to upload photos and use a number of filters to change a photo’s appearance. For this reason alone, ethically, school counselors must have a basic understanding of social media so they are aware of the issues students may be facing, Linde emphasizes. With all the new technologies available, Linde also thinks that counselors need to reconsider one technology that has become old hat — email. Certain types of nonsexual, yet still problematic, counseling relationships are prohibited as well, such as counseling a family member or friend if the counselor will be unable to remain objective, Goodnough says. Again, however, task force members assert that lack of objectivity should not be confused with the imposition of personal values.
The 2014 code has also clarified “duty to inform.” If a client has revealed a diagnosis of a life-threatening disease and the counselor is concerned that a third party may be at risk, the counselor does not have to confirm his or her client’s diagnosis but should check state laws to see if it is legal to inform the third party, Kaplan explains. The task force also discussed whether it was fair to ask counselors who might be struggling financially to offer free or reduced rate counseling, Shaw says. The revised ethics code also attempts to clarify counselors’ responsibilities with mandated clients. Another ethics issue the task force addressed was where client confidentiality starts and where it ends. Educators and researchers will find some significant changes in the area of ethical research as well. The 2014 ACA Code of Ethics requires counselors to use a problem-solving model when confronted with an ethical dilemma, Kaplan says. But the Ethics Revision Task Force members also hope the entirety of the code, including its tone throughout, will guide counselors when they are in doubt. Concludes Shaw, “If you asked me what the most important change was — technology is going to keep changing, but I think the values issues questions … are really fundamental to who we are as counselors.
American Counseling Association members receive free confidential ethics consultations as a benefit of their membership.
Although she here suggests applicable areas of the revised ACA Code of Ethics for each of the five concerns, she cautions that none of this should be taken as official ethical advice. Note that the ACA Code of Ethics does not address mandated reporting directly because every state has its own regulations. There is a brand-new section within the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics that addresses distance counseling, technology and social media.
Also, beginning next month with the July issue, Counseling Today will feature a new column series that highlights the most significant changes in the revised ethics code. The lead performances are the film’s greatest strength, with Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor as the parents of the family, and the incredible newcomer to cinema which is Tom Holland as the eldest son. McGregor has maintained a string of decent and solid performances throughout his career  but nothing compares to the role he throws himself into in The Impossible. It goes beyond the pure incident which occurs, and although the Tsunami scene itself is beautiful (with an excellent set of sound effects I may add), the film rises above this, and addresses in depth the consequences of it, and how it is dealt with practically and emotionally.
With the amount of emotional stress and extremely explicit injury detail throughout this film, in some respects it could be considered a horror film, which adults may find upsetting, and for children under 12 it may seem way too much to bear. It may well be for profit, to use a well-known set of names to attract income, or it could be to emphasise the horrors that British families went through at that time. The cast are superb and give performances of their careers, and undoubtedly will be featured heavily at this year’s Academy Awards along with other honours which the film overwhelmingly deserves, even if it is too graphic and emotional for some to endure. Opinions on this website do not necessary reflect those of Nottingham Trent Students Union or Nottingham Trent University.
The line-up included world class rapper Snoop Dog who headlined on the Saturday night along with Sunday’s headliner the Foals. The festival now covers nearly the entire area that is Heaton Park and has become one of the most up and coming festivals in the UK drawing in crowds of excited festival goers each year.
The site included several stages which supplied event goers with a variety of music artists and genres.
They also began the after party event ‘Afterlife’ which took place after the festival finished at 11pm and venues across the city hosted amazing DJ event until the early hours of the morning, providing event goers with even more chance to enjoy themselves over the weekend event.
The event is at Heaton Park which sits at 4 miles outside Manchester city centre, which of course means without camping festival goers are dotted around the city in hundreds of hotels. Security however was high and police were apparent alongside security teams throughout the festival. The Warehouse Project have done a sterling job in directing this festival to becoming well known class A festival. Please note it is vital to select the correct size, please refer to the size guide on our site to find the best size for you. You might usually wear a European size 41, but your best fit on some of our size charts may be a 42 or 44. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us for a full refund within 60 days of receipt.
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Literally and gradually, piece by piece over about two years we added members and people went and came and stuff to a point where we’ve got these two lovelies (Theo Ellis and Joel Amey) doing the job. We recorded our album and they were all really different experiences but both really fun and what we wanted to be doing. There’s a lot of poppy moments and a lot of really hard moments and a lot of softer moments, sides that people might not have seen in our previous releases.
I really want to play over the road at Rock City, it’s a cool venue that we played at during Dot to Dot but that’s more of a festival vibe so I’d love to go there and play it proper. Binary option is an option, depending on the implementation of the stipulated condition, that provides a fixed amount of profit or none. By definition, this mechanism is similar to sports betting: where with a successful forecast, the capital increase manifold, whereas a failed one leads to money loss. The platform services are suitable for both professional traders and beginners in binary options trading.
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Two areas in particular stood out, however — the sticky question of counselor personal values and the ethical use of technology and social media with counseling clients.
Therefore, task force members carefully considered feedback from practitioners in the field to ensure the revised ethics code would provide guidance for current practices and challenges in the profession, says Francis, who also coordinates EMU’s counseling training facility and sees clients on a limited basis.
For the first time, specific professional values are delineated at the very beginning of the document. Given the transient and ever-evolving nature of technology, the task force tried to write the guidelines as broadly as possible so that the standards will remain relevant to future applications of technology — even those not dreamed of yet.
For example, she says, counselors should already have a crisis plan in place for their regular clients. Because the counselor is less available, the client is encouraged to learn what other resources are available and how to use them. Make the security settings on your personal Facebook page as high as possible so that you cannot be found accidentally,” Wade suggests. In addition, the counselor should make sure the client understands that social media activity cannot serve as a mode of direct counselor-client communication, she says. If a client mentions specific activity or incidents on social media multiple times, the counselor might want to ask if there is something the client would like to discuss about his or her online activity.
Because it is a method of communication that has become ubiquitous, counselors can get lazy about putting the proper safeguards in place.

Language has been added that prohibits counselors from having personal virtual relationships with clients, Goodnough notes. Counselors may no longer refer a client because he or she is terminally ill and considering either physician-assisted or self-inflicted suicide. The revised code says that counselors should make a reasonable effort to engage in pro bono activity, but this can include public speaking, putting free professional information on their websites or volunteering counseling services in the wake of a disaster, Kaplan explains. As Goodnough points out, these clients may be mandated, but they don’t really give up their autonomy. Under the revised code, the responsibility to protect confidentiality begins even before a counselor takes on a client and continues after the client’s death.
Michelle Wade, an ethics specialist in the ACA Ethics and Professional Standards Department, handles many of these calls and emails. Therefore, it is important to understand what your state’s regulations are regarding reporting.
The ethical standards that address this situation within the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics are found in A.6. That section (Section H) provides some guidance and considerations when working with technology and distance counseling as well as social media. Watts is superb; she entrances the audience with her emotion, to the extent to which you can almost feel the distress, horror and physical pain that she is enduring. You will not see a more accurate portrayal of a man who has lost nearly everything he loves, and the psychological strength required to accept it and continue hoping.
This is not a direct criticism of the film, as it is executed very well by Spanish director J.A Bayona who gave us the magnificent The Orphanage several years back, as it is of course down to the parent’s decision whether or not to take their children, but for many this film may feel more suited for a 15 certificate. It is possible that had it been a Spanish language film, a more accurate story would have been told, but that is just a matter of speculation. Even the weather was tipped to be a wash out but instead managed to surprise event goers by supplying us with snippets of sunny weather throughout the weekend. There was the main stage, several various sized tents, a Warehouse Project stage and the world’s smallest club tent. For the hip hop fans acts included Snoop Dog, Danny Brown and Pusha T and even the alternative acts such as Katy B, London Grammar and Clean Bandit managed to gain some of the biggest crowds at this years’ event.
This year’s Afterlife included Jamie Jones, Eats Everything, David Rodigan, Ben UFO B2B Midland and Nina Kraviz who, no I am sure will be in hot demand for Parklife Afterlife 2015.
The event does provide information for where to go for transport links however they seem to have not sorted out better transport links. Credit has to go to the organisers, security staff, St John’s Ambulance volunteers and of course Greater Manchester Police who all ensured that Parklife 2014 was overall a very safe and positive experience. Mark the tip of your longest toe on the paper, and then measure the length from the wall to this mark. All items must be returned unworn, in their original condition with all packaging and any tags intact. We had a quick chat with lead singer Ellie Rowsell and guitarist Joff Oddie to discuss life on the road, their new album, and plans for the future along with their show later on that night. It is usually a question of whether the asset exchange price is above or below a certain level. Therefore, binary options are sometimes called financial betting: bets on the financial markets. All things considered, both George Soros and a client of a binary options broker see the same live listings, but solve different problems and invest different capitals.
On the platform both classical binary options of multiple assets (indices, currencies and equities) and the lately popular turbo options (60 seconds) are traded. Traders get answers to their questions live, which makes trading binary options more accessible to non-professionals. They have an ultra-modern design and interface, as well as notifications offering users the chance to participate in tournaments from mobile devices. And with access to the international level – the CIS markets, Spain, Portugal and South America – the platform has acquired the status of an international broker, and the IQ brand has become a world leader in the binary options industry. If you own an EU passport, please go to the most famous review in Europe and open a STAR WARS DEMO!!!! These areas wound up influencing the ethics code in its entirety because task force members decided it was important to infuse the issues throughout the finalized ethics language. Wilbanks involved an EMU student in the school counseling program, Julea Ward, who, during her practicum at the in-house clinic, refused to counsel a client who stated on the intake form that he wanted help with issues relating to a same-sex relationship. Jennifer Keaton, a counseling student at Augusta State University in Georgia, declared her opposition to counseling members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and stated that she was a proponent of reparative therapy.
Distance counselors need to understand that they may be subject to the rules and regulations of both their state and the state in which the client is located, emphasizes task force member Mary Hermann, an associate professor and department chair of counselor education at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Distance counseling just requires that counselors become aware of the resources available in the distance client’s location, she says. Counselors can also sign up with their real names or the names of their practice if they wish to tweet about their areas of counseling expertise.
You will have to deal with it.” Unless a counselor checks his or her social media networks every five to 10 minutes, many of the posts or tweets will not be read in real time, which makes timely crisis intervention unlikely, Wade points out.
If a counselor does decide to follow a client, it is probably best that the counselor and client review the client’s activity in a session so they can discuss the content and address any potential problems.
Linde’s response is that the school itself may have the legal right to access the student’s Facebook page, but, ethically, counselors should always respect their clients’ virtual privacy.
Particularly at schools, she says, everyone emails everyone else — counselors to teachers, counselors to parents, counselors to counselors and so on. In addition, the prohibition on counselors having a relationship with a former client has been brought back after an inadvertent omission in the 2005 code, Hermann says. If the client wants to discuss the decision, counselors should check the laws in their state.
She provided Counseling Today with a list of the five ethical concerns that ACA members seek guidance on most frequently. Even for the hardest of souls, it will be hard to fight back a lump in your throat at McGregor’s scenes; with the best scene of the film being where he calls home whilst looking for his wife and son. However after early Saturday morning rain showers the ground then continued to be sodden and mud-bath-like for the rest of the weekend. The tram was so packed people were being pushed on the tram as it headed back to the city centre, and the taxi system even though it seems to work slightly, after waiting for close to 82 minutes for a taxi in a long queue that winds round the car park we had to unfortunate argument with a taxi driver as he tried to rip us off for a 5 mile trip. For closest accuracy, do this while wearing whatever socks or stockings you’ll wear with your new shoes.
If the payment is authorised, you will receive an e-mail within a few minutes confirming your order and the payment will be taken from your account shortly afterwards. As a result, the trader can increase his or her capital by an average of 60-80 percent trade with a successful prediction, or lose all their money with a failed one. Unlike football betting, best loved for its unpredictability (though, many suspect that matches are pre-bought and results adjusted), financial betting does not depend on any factors other than one’s skills to analyse the market and make the right decisions at the right moment. On the Russian binary options market for a long time, global players were setting the tone. The user also has the ability to see a chart in retrospect of trading session, and can zoom in and out. Ward wanted to refer the case to another counselor-in-training because her religious beliefs held that same-sex relationships were immoral.
After declining to enter remediation, she was removed from the university’s counseling program. If a counselor’s state has legalized physician-assisted suicide, then any discussion is legally covered.
He is essential to his mother’s survival, providing the support worthy of a fully grown husband figure, whilst listening and aiding her, but also trying to tackle the situation he is in, taking on a realistic and hardened viewpoint on what outcome is possible for them, and challenging his mother on what they must do, and what they need to accept.
The fact he didn’t earn an Oscar nomination or attract international recognition from that scene alone is to me a pure talent being dismissed.
The weather held out for most of Saturday afternoon with the rain only making an appearance as Snoop Dogg began his set on Saturday night. The industry itself was very poorly developed, and mainly represented by foreign platforms with their interface translated into Russian. After being informed that referring a client based solely on personal beliefs was unethical, she was offered a remediation program to help her counsel such clients. If the state does not allow physician-assisted suicide, counselors should consult an attorney to see if that ban includes discussing the issue, Kaplan says. Our website and payment gateway use 128bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to secure data transmission between the web server and your web browser.
Ward requested a formal hearing instead and was dismissed from EMU’s program for violating the ACA Code of Ethics. This is the industry standard and currently the highest level of encryption commercially available. When you check out, your browser will make a connection to the secure payments section of the SAGEPAY server. Your browser will show a padlock in the bottom right corner to indicate that it has made a secure connection and depending on your browser a window may pop-up to notify you that you are entering this safe area. Whether you close your trade in profit or loss you will get your cash back and if you loose your money in forex you can again start trading with this.

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