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The HD DVD is dead, Blu-ray is positioned out of shot to take over as the consumer home-video format mantle. Blu-ray has definitely had its knocks since its introduction, the format war against HD DVD, high prices, and hardware that wasn't fully functional.
Blu-ray has three major advantages over DVD: superior image quality, better sound quality, also more special features. Image quality: Superior resolution, a big part of what makes Blu-ray look and feal excellent.
Accessible titles: A main downside is that the number of movie titles on Blu-ray is limited compared to DVD.
IMO: DVD's are a thing of the past, pretty much destined to the backroom cupboard with that VHS player from yonder year, although for now while the prices and some technical difficulties are still rife with the Blu Ray keep those DVD players ticking over with the latest movies but keep a nice clean spot clear for your fresh new Blu Ray player next year!
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Following its debut in 1997, just a few years later they completely conquer the home-video market. Blu-Ray offers high-definition video and high-resolution audio, providing a far superior viewing experience to that of the DVD, although you need a modern array of technology to take advantage of it fully.

But the Blu-Ray has made a lot of progress over the last couple of years, great for movie lovers who want the most out of their high-def home theaters, we reccomend Blu-Ray as the next piece of equipment vital to your viewing pleasure. All three are possible by the increased storage capacity of Blu-ray, capable of storing 50GB on a single Blu-ray Disc, compared with the DVD's 8GB. This means you'll see a more detailed image: clearly defined strands of hair, wrinkles in clothing, raindrops etc.
With new high resolution soundtracks, such as Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio, you'll be hearing things precisely as the director and audio engineers intended. The most basic extra is the pop-up menu; this allows you to access the menu functions while the movie is playing.
There are about 1000 Blu-ray titles available currently, compared with more than 90,000 on DVD. More recently players have become much faster, but they still are not on par with the loading time of a DVD.
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Please be assured that all your credit card and banking information relating to transactions with us are transmitted via an encrypted secure connection. Some of the top selling brands on Egully are Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Dell, HP, Logitech, Canon, Nikon, Creative, Philips, Braun, Apple and Morphy Richards. Before DVD even reached its 10th anniversary, however, it has a brutish competitor in the form of blu-ray. Like every fresh format, Blu-ray comes with a whole gang of new terminology, like 1080p, Blu-ray profiles, also onboard decoding. The technical part is that Blu-ray's maximum resolution is 1,920x1,080 (1080p), DVD is limited to 720x480 (480p). Other innovations include picture in picture video commentary and the ability to download fresh new movies right from your Blu-ray player, although your player needs to have the right profile to use these features. While the onetime cost of a player is not that bad, the cost of accumulating a new Blu ray library really stacks up.

Depending on your taste, you may only find a movie or two that you actually like available on Blu ray. While simple Blu-ray films can load in about 20 seconds on a good Blu ray player, movies with more innovative menus still take close to 90 seconds to get to the movie, regardless of the costly player.
Our products range from mobile phones, tablets, cameras to home appliances and consumer electronics. Everyday, we are constantly adding new products to our store so our customers can get everything they want.
The website offers some of the best prices and a completely hassle free shopping experience in India. It can be overwhelming, remember that Blu-ray is basically just a jumped up DVD: pop in the disc, then lay back and watch movies in HD.
Beyond resolution, Blu-ray also uses better video compression methods, resulting in greater contrast and richer more dynamic colors.
At least it is possible to pick and choose which movies you buy in Blu Ray since every player can also play normal DVDs. In addition to offering products that are electronic oriented, we have now also started stocking home and decor products, clothes and apparels, handicrafts and softwares.
If your delighted by the way HD from your cable or satellite looks, Blu-ray looks far better.
It's the highest quality format available today, in some ways it takes over the picture quality of your local cinema, especially when viewed on a quality HDTV or projector.

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