Screencast-O-Matic is a free Online Screen recording tool which helps to record your desktop screen from the browser.
With the help of this screen recorder you can upload the recorded stuff to Screen-O-Matic Website or YouTube. It will prompt you to install Java plugin if it’s not already installed, so install it and “Run” it.
Now you will come across a recorder as shown below, which you can drag and adjust according to the part of the screen which you want to record or make it full screen to record complete screen. Recording will start and if you are finished with recording then pause the recording and click on “Done”. Recorded file can be uploaded to Screencast-O-Matic, YouTube HD, or can be saved to video file.
For Uploading recordings to Screencast-O-Matic or YouTube you need to log in to your account on Screencast-O-Matic or YouTube. If you select “Save to Video File”, you will come across the window in which you need to select the video type. Other options are also available in this window which you can make use of like notes, cautions, etc. Screencast-O-Matic is a free online screen recorder which records the screen from the browser. Free Online Radio Player Recorder - Feature List: TOP-QUALITY Online Radio Playing and Recording Software for FREE!

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Looking into DNA testing for genealogy purposes?  Try 23andMe, or FTDNA (click the links below). Meltemi is a free online radio player for Windows which comes pre-loaded with a large selection of radio stations. Meltemi has a slick interface, with analogue indicators for volume and buffer levels in the bottom left corner. To reveal the list of radio stations that’s offered by Meltemi, you need to click on the magnifying glass icon from the bottom right corner.
Equalizer, visualizations, favoriting, recording and everything else that we mentioned, and plenty of other features that we haven’t mentioned can be accessed from that very same menu where you opened up the radio station list. Meltemi has a lot to offer, and if you’re in the market for a new online radio player, make sure you give Meltemi a try. Above that we have a spot reserved for the radio station logo, where now on the image above you see a purple Meltemi logo. Around 800 stations are available by default, but you can add your own by clicking on the blue plus icon in the bottom right corner of the list. By default, radio stations are split, every time that the song changes on the radio station, new file is created, which is very useful.
This online Screen Recording tool is mostly used by teachers for education purpose, by students, by video tutorial providers, tech supporters and by YouTubers.

Right next to it, detailed information about the radio station and the songs that are playing can be found. Left double click starts playing the station, if it works, we found some that weren’t working. Moreover this online screen recording tool helps you to view and adjust the size of the screen recording. They can all be filtered based on these categories, and if you’re interested, you can search radio stations by their name also. One of the things that makes Meltemi interesting is the fact that you can record radio stations that are playing, so you can listen to them later on.
There’s a lot of them there, volume, playback controls, recording control, radio station list management, favorites and so on. This Screen Recorder allows you to convert the recorded stuff into the formats such as Quicktime (MP4), Windows Media (AVI), Flash (FLV) or Animated image (GIF).

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