TweetScoop.itSales representatives, sales managers and other people engaged in the marketing department of an organization often require explaining a lot of features for a specific product or service.
Presentate is a web service which provides a PowerPoint like layout for making online presentations, sales demos and online handouts which can be conveniently used for marketing purposes, as well as for other types of tasks such as school projects, company presentations and to provide a quick guide to new employees or trainees. You can get started with Presentate by signing up for an account or logging in via Twitter. Presentate enables you to add slides like PowerPoint and to insert content with basic formatting options. You can pick various beautiful themes from the Presentate templates gallery, which are ‘arguably’ far more visually appealing than the default PowerPoint templates. You can also upload an image to add a custom background image for your slide, which can help make your slides more eye-catching.
Presentate gives the option to add diverse types of slide layouts, ranging from the simple Blank slide to image, title, title and subtitle, quote and even code based layouts. Presentate is still a new service and some features might not work properly or as was the case with us, you might face some lags when working on slides. You can take Presentate for a spin to see if it suits you to fulfill your needs for online handouts and presentations. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs.
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An audio-only online presentation is handicapped right from the start, as the medium robs the speaker of many of the visual communication tools that are available to a live presenter.
Put your best foot forward and deliver more “you” with online presentation tools that use video, not just audio. So often, presentations are designed for a live event with digital capture and distribution as an afterthought. Once the multimedia team at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise started looking around, for example, they quickly found that potential content marketing material was all around them. By attempting to satisfy both your organizational goals and those of your audience, you can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your online presentation. International consulting firm Parthenon Group, for example, produces a series of thought leadership presentations by its chief economist, Roger Brinner, that directly addresses key client and prospect anxieties about the state of the economy. New online presentation platforms allow live web pages to be synchronized into a presentation or webinar, for example. Luckily, today’s most advanced online presentation platforms don’t stop at video synchronization. Most importantly, don’t get overwhelmed by trying to do too much, too early. Start simply, getting your bearings with basic, on-demand video presentations and adding powerful features and even moving to live streaming later on. This post is adapted from an article written by the author for Content Marketing Institute. FEAR Selling: How You Can Sell More and Sell Faster By Tapping Into Your Prospectsa€™ Deep-Seated Emotional Needs. THE CART BEFORE THE HORSEMost of the less successful salespeople who have participated in our research over the past several years typically make the mistake of giving their sales presentations too early in the sales process.Ita€™s not their fault.
I’m sure you’ve all seen it–the speaker who focuses more on remembering the words from their notes or getting every word right and less on generating a response from their audience. Since my speaker today was encouraged to augment his presentation with visuals, I outlined five things that all speakers need to keep in mind when using visual aids in their presentations to keep their audience engaged.
How else do you use visual aids in your sales presentations to keep you audience’s attention? Baffling: The PowerPoint slide shown to US commanders shows security, economic and political conditions in Afghanistan.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The reason that webinars are amazing online tools for your business is that they allow for interaction with your audience.
One way to provide great interactive sessions is to have a Q & A in your webinar presentation, which allows for an engaging and more informative presentation. Question and answer sessions can be difficult to plan for because each audience is different and no one can plan for reaction. If the presentation runs over time, then you may not have time for question session when planning for it at the end. When you let your audience know ahead of time how the Q & A will be handled you can control how the questions will be asked. ItA­s also a good idea to let the audience know that you may not have enough time to answer all the questions. If your presentation allows and your audience numbers are small, you can answer questions in regular, shorter Q & A sessions throughout the webinar.
Another option that may work well for your presentation is typing in answers through the public chat interface so everyone can view the questions and answers. No matter which format your choose make sure you inform your audience, and also mention that you may not be able to answer all questions due to time restrictions.
No matter your industry or webinar topic, it is important to think about the possible questions the audience may ask, as this can help avoid the disaster of not having an answer. Having a co-host can be an interesting way to conduct a Q&A session without engaging the audience.
Doing everything possible to conduct flawless Q & A sessions that will help you and your audience is not an impossible task. Try to anticipate questions that your audience has and prepare additional material to answer those questions.
First impressions are everything, even when theya€™re being made on camera and not in-person.
A conference room can easily become cluttered and start to look messy if not maintained on a regular basis. Cables and cords are often in abundance in conferencing rooms due to the many technologies that businesses employ when holding virtual meetings. The term a€?unnecessary cluttera€? is actually a little redundant, because anything thata€™s in the room and isna€™t necessary can be considered clutter. Therea€™s physical clutter, and then therea€™s sound clutter a€“ those pesky background noises that serve no purpose but to distract from the videoconference. One thing that can really cramp your videoconferencing style Is having too many chairs, tables, and other furniture in the room.
You might not think that virtual meeting participants can see your dirty windows, dusty computer screens, and smudged surfaces, but in certain lighting they might actually be quite visible. You can hope and pray that your teammates will all be compatible in every way, but this is rarely ever the case. Throughout a meeting or project, there will be good ideas, mediocre ideas, and downright bad ideas. Conflicts and arguments may happen from time to time in a videoconference, especially when there are strong personalities present.
Some data and statistics are irrefutable a€“ they speak the truth without getting personal or emotional about it.
Webinars are fantastic tools to get your message out there and, at the same time interact with your audience. In addition, if the question is completely irrelevant, then you will only frustrate your audience.
What can a host do to make sure that polls that are used in webinars add true value to the presentation?
Polls will add value to your webinar when you make sure that they are done properly and that you engage your audience in the most effective and interesting way. Webinars and virtual meetings have quickly become the norm in how business operates online.
There are numerous ways that attendees can join a webinar or a meeting, and while it may seem a bit outdated, as many join webinars right from their computers using speakers and a microphone for audio, there are many reasons why offering a landline is a very important option to provide to your audience.
With ClickMeeting, the host or presenter has the option to allow attendees to join the webinar using their landline phone by dialing a toll free phone number.
The process is a simple one, where any paid account holder of ClickMeeting can enable toll-free numbers and purchase minutes so their participants can dial in. Once setup, the option to join via landline using the toll free number will appear in the invitation sent to attendees. While the main drawback of using a landline is the audiencea€™s inability to see any visual elements of a presentation or meeting when they are only dialing in, a landline option may still provide many important benefits for the audience, not the least of which is allowing anyone to join an event, which in turn of course serves the presenter.
Landlines allow participants to join from anywhere, even when they are not at home, or near a computer or a mobile device.
Those who prefer using a landline, be it a headset or a speakerphone can dial into the webinar using a toll free number. The landline option allows participants to join in and listen, even when their computers, or mobile devices fail or cannot be accessed for whatever reason.
A landline can be an ideal solution when an audience membera€™s laptop needs a charge but the charger is not available and the same goes for a tablet or smartphone.
A corded phone will work even when there is an electrical outage; this means important meetings and presentations will never be missed due to weather or power outages. Attendees from out of state or out of the country do not have to worry about toll charges, since the call is toll free. The landline option allows the host or presenter to expand their reach to an International audience. International clients and business associates will appreciate being able to save costs on their end when they are provided with a toll free number to call into a meeting. Offering a landline option allows the presenter to reach people who may not have the traditional equipment needed for a webinar, such as speakers or microphone.
Speaking of the elderly, statistically many are not technically savvy, they are easily intimated by technology, and offering a landline to these folks, something they are very familiar and comfortable with, especially in marketing webinars when they are your target audience prevents a company from missing out on a large portion of leads. Landlines can be used simultaneously with the ClickMeeting platform, and this is helpful when the audience member may not have the best audio equipment on their desktops, laptops, or mobile devices or when it is not working properly. Last, and probably most important, the more options that are offered to potential attendees to join a meeting or a webinar, the more the companies hosting these events can expand their reach. Avoiding every possible scenario that may exclude potential participants if at all possible is always good business. Around the world, there is a subset of committed professionals who are globalizing the workforce by their own choices. If money and job responsibilities are flexible, these workers can choose which country they live in and stay for as long as they like. If youa€™ve got an established business and you have good clients who you work with regularly, up and moving would normally mean leaving them behind.
People travel for different reasons with different goals in mind a€“ but everyone wants to experience the culture. In many countries, you can get away without learning the (especially if you speak English). Ita€™s a privilege to have the freedom to travel for business at will, and something that one should take full advantage of. The Pomodoro Technique a€“ named after the classic tomato-shaped (pomodoro) kitchen timers a€“ was developed by entrepreneur Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The method was developed based on research that shows mental performance improves with frequent breaks. Once you reach four marks, take a longer break (15-30 minutes), reset the tally marks to zero, and start over back at step 1. This technique doesna€™t eliminate distractions for you a€“ they might still pop up a€“ but therea€™s a built-in way to handle them.
Taking breaks and working in a concentrated manner can help virtual employees stay productive and motivated throughout the day. It’s clear that the more you can make a webinar interactive and educational, then the more interesting it is going to be. Ita€™s the emotional content, not the factual content, that makes the information presented in a memorable to the audience.

While preparing your speech or presentation, take note of your own emotions as you develop the content. As preparation for knowing your audiencea€™s emotions, identify the emotions that you want your audience to feel at the end of the speech a€“ then target your delivery and word choice toward that.
You cana€™t get it perfect every time a€“ although maybe youa€™re an emotional intelligence genius.
Remember that ultimately your customers will view you as an authority if you give valuable content.
To start off, you can either edit the sample presentation or start a New Talk (a new presentation). After you add text, formatting features appear in the form of a pop-up menu, which helps you better focus on the core content and conserves screen space.
Say, you have a furniture shop, you can create an entire slide by slide catalogue in Presentate by uploading furniture images as slide backgrounds and by adding text to explain their features.
For example, you can share your ‘Talk’ via email, direct link or across social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved in coming days, as the developer’s add more features and make the service more efficient. He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 6 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging.
Man with a formal suit showing a diagram and explaining, colleagues or clients listening and taking notes. Our research has shown that is a fine balance between providing enough information in a presentation to create credibility and generate interest without providing so much information that the prospect either doesna€™t need you to do the job or else can use your information to go and get some other vendor to do the job cheaper.3) Structure their sales presentations so that it is not simply a dog-and-pony show but rather gets prospects emotionally involved. Because of the intensely competitive world that we live in, buyers usually have the upper hand. They tapped me to be an evaluator for someone giving a sales presentation and the speaker was supposed to leverage the power of visual aids.
They haven’t quite become zombies, but you can tell that they are talking at their audience, not engaging them. Nothing can drag your presentation down faster than using your visual aid when your presentation has moved onto the next point. I guess this holds equally for one to one sales presentations where the sales person uses a book or brochure as visual aid.
Mattis, the Joint Forces Commander, isn't taking any prisoners in his approach.'PowerPoint makes us stupid,' he growled at a military conference in North Carolina.
The power of webinars is that they can be hosted from anywhere, and also watched from anywhere, and this means that even when you are in the United States, you can connect with an audience member in Japan, Russia or anywhere else in the world. However, there are some key tips that each webinar host can use to make sure that he presents a flawless Q & A while delivering the webinar. You can allow questions throughout the presentation, or leave them to the end of the presentation.
You also may not have enough questions to fill out the time, and if the webinar finishes earlier than advertised, your attendees can feel short-changed. Allow them to ask the questions throughout the presentation and then have your assistant keep track and filter them as needed so they are ready for you when you answer them. This makes for a good opportunity to connect with your audience after the presentation by promising to send a follow up with answers via email. This is a great way to answer technical questions, such as for a presentation that is focused on some type of software, product, or service. Of course, when you have the audience asking questions through a chat window, this allows you to choose which you will answer. You could find out questions by asking attendees to send them in before the webinar presentation. So he could ask some questions to clarify points or elicit more detailed information or you could have your co-host ask you some questions that you know will be of interest to your audience. The key is to make sure to prepare well for it so that you can keep the conversation flowing. Keeping these key points in mind will help you create a perfectly flawless Q & A in your next webinar presentation.
Having a clean, put-together personal appearance is of the utmost importance when meeting with clients virtually.
In just five steps, you can have your space looking nice, neat, and ready to impress for your next videoconference.
If there are papers, books, and other materials piled in the room from some other meeting (or put in there for storage), relocate it somewhere else, even if temporarily, for the duration of the meeting. A little extra is fine, but if there is a huge difference between the number of people in the conference room and the amount of furniture, move it out of the way to keep your clientsa€™ screens from being overwhelmed with it. Therea€™s nothing worth than sitting through a meeting where everyone disagrees and no one seems to be able to talk through it. In order to build rapport and create a collaborative environment, ita€™s important to be able to focus on common areas that encourage understanding and positivity.
The best way to handle them is to help the conflicting parties find common ground within their arguments. For that reason, discussing objective findings is a way to kick off a meeting or carry a discussion that can be agreeable to every individual present. More and more businesses are seeing the value of incorporating webinars in their overall marketing strategy. They are used to elicit responses and opinions from the audience, so, they have to be relevant to the theme of the webinar. Make sure that the poll questions are direct enough so that the audience doesnA­t have to think too much. With ClickMeeting, you can set a clock to give your audience a certain number of minutes to complete the poll. Although polls are great for engaging the audience, quality of the presentation and value of content should not be sacrificed just to include a poll. For example, most webinar platforms are limited to the number of multiple choice answers that can be planned. You can use polls as valuable tools to evaluate what your audience might expect in the future. Polls are valuable tools in gaging your audience’s interest in a particular topic before a webinar in order to use that information in planning your presentation.
Thousands of companies have come to appreciate the virtual meeting place, whether they are presenting a webinar to customers or meeting with clients in another country. The process to determine how many minutes are needed is as simple as entering the total duration of the event in minutes and the number of participants and then purchasing the appropriate amount of minutes. This feature is available for participants from Canada, the United States, Poland, Russia, and the U.K. Not everyone has audio on their laptop or computer, and this is especially true of the elderly population. Therefore, attendees get to enjoy better sound quality by dialing in for the audio, while still logging in on their devices for the visuals, very convenient. Many can get by living day-to-day on a shoestring budget so they have enough to travel to their next place. You can meet a lot of people when youa€™re globetrotting, which can be beneficial to your personal small business or the company you work for. There are business benefits to this that will expand your mind for the benefit of your career. But if youa€™re staying in a country for an extended length of time, odds are you will pick up some of the language here and there. Videoconferencing is an essential aspect to successfully being a gypsy while tending to your career. He originally designed it to help him get through his college coursework, but it now helps people everywhere a€“ even the most highly disciplined a€“ get things done with fewer distractions and heightened focus. The theory is that a time-management system is most effective when ita€™s also a brain-management system.
If thoughts or reminders of something other than what youa€™re working on invade your concentration, the Pomodoro Technique has you write down the distraction.
There are also websites that have taken the concept of pomodoros and put them in digital form. When working from home, ita€™s necessary to balance independent work with scheduled videoconferencing meetings. You will have put a lot of time and effort into creating content, organizing slides and preparing your delivery. If your slides are black text on a white background, then you’ve got some work to do.
Even the most well put-together webinar can become very uninteresting if it is delivered in a monotone. If you put these 5 tips into practice, then you will host amazing webinars, which will not only educate but also energize and inspire your audience. A good communicator is able to work both their own emotions and those of the audience, as well as conjure the inherent emotional context of the subject. Do the same during your presentation; does what you say make you feel excited, happy, or intrigued?
Ita€™s a bit trickier to identify them as compared with your own; it takes skill and practice to really read a room. Assuming that youa€™re not, youa€™ll be best served by asking your audience for feedback after the presentation or speech. Of course, internet marketers can’t give orders for customers to buy their products or services.
But, if you can join forces with other experts in your field and then use them in your webinar, then this can reinforce your authority.
Reliability, and trust is built over time, and your target audience needs to know that they can rely on you for the information, products and services they need, even if they are just recommendations (think affiliate sales). However, it is worth mentioning here that Presentate seems like quite a promising platform with hopefully a lot of good features to come. This strategy is especially important if there are multiple decision-makers in the room who have not been a part of the sales process from the very beginning.4) Stop over-selling their product in their presentations and coming off too much like a salesperson. If they dona€™t buy from you, there is usually a long line of vendors behind you that are willing to provide better service, undercut your price or even a€?buya€? the business by doing it at less than their cost just to get their foot in the door.So buyers have trained salespeople to get to the point quickly - and spill their guts - and all their knowledge - in their sales presentations. Your visual is a spice that adds a delicate flavor to the main course of the presentation, but you don’t make it the main course. Recipients of the award are so overwhelmed with emotion that they stand there at center stage and thank everyone they know… and they spend the entire time gazing longingly at the award! Other arrows highlight corruption, tribal favouritism and drug traffickingPowerPoint has become public enemy number one for many US officers who find themselves battling slide presentations rather than insurgents.Some have gone as far as to declare all-out war on the software after the military command was over-run with mind-numbing 30-slide presentations. You can solve both of these problems by leaving time at the end, and if there are no questions, or too few questions make sure you have back up content ready to present to fill the required time.
When you have these, you could send another reminder email just before the webinar and mention some of the questions already sent.
This avoids a deathly silence and your audience won’t start worrying that there are some technical issues.
For some people, this can be a challenge because they are in the habit of doing this, and may not even realize it. But while youa€™re deciding what tie to wear or how to fix your hair, dona€™t forget about making whata€™s behind, to the side, and around you look nice, too.
Make sure trash cans are empty and not visible to remote attendees, and that the room is free of odors, as bad smells can be distracting to in-room meeting participants. Before starting, make sure that everyonea€™s devices are placed on silent a€“ therea€™s nothing more annoying than a stream of a€?pingsa€? or a€?beepsa€? when youa€™re trying to think. The same goes for equipment; if there is a TV and DVD player on a stand, for example, and you dona€™t need it for the meeting, ita€™s best to roll it out of the way for the meeting. Therea€™s nothing like a fresh, clean meeting room to get your videoconference off to a good start. Opinions and ideas may vary, but the key is to be able to work it out in a civil, timely manner. That doesna€™t mean everyone has to agree all the time, yet at the same time no one should leave a meeting feeling like the odd one out.

It wona€™t help to try to stifle the discussion by moving on, because then negative feelings might just fester. Everyone in the meeting has the capacity to prioritize consensus; that is, everyone can keep in mind that the goal is to work collaboratively, not competitively. For example, it allows everyone to have a part in the discussion thereby allowing people to feel more engaged.
Some hosts do not pay enough attention to the questions being asked in the polls, missing out on golden opportunities to really zero in on the audienceA­s thoughts.
Consider this carefully and how it relates to your particular poll configuration and topics you are asking about. If you start running out of time be prepared to drop a poll if you feel time is running out. This can be used to both generate interest for your next webinar and help you develop your presentation skills. Send a poll to your email list or post one on your site to gage interest in specific topics. Some are free agents working for themselves, while others are full-time employees for businesses.
Those initial in-person meetings can set you up for a long-term partnership or business relationship. Youa€™ll be able to pick up on cultural customs and learn how business is done in other countries with a little bit of immersion.
Beyond that, you should make a concerted effort to learn the language by taking classes a€“ you never know when it might come in handy. These a€?tomatoesa€? are pomodoros, the secret behind a method for working more efficiently and increasing productivity. This gets the thought out of your head, gives you a reminder for later, and allows you to continue with your task undisturbed.
The website TomatoTimer lets you easily time each of your pomodoros, short breaks, and long breaks, letting you know with a familiar a€?beepa€? when your time is up.
Using emotion as a public speaker can amplify your message a€“ but it must be on point and not be forced. Awareness of your own emotions will help guide how you speak to those of your audience, and will overall improve your communication. Firstly, before even starting on creating your content, do the research on your target audience and collect data about their feelings on the topic.
It may not be universal throughout the entire room, but getting most of them on that level is your goal.
Thata€™s exactly whata€™s happening a€“ theya€™re allowing themselves to be inspired by their emotions and the emotions of others. Emotion-based feedback that speaks directly to their feelings (such as, a€?How did you feel about what I said about X?a€? will give you insight into whether your emotional radar was spot-on or needs some retuning. But, the very fact that the information has come from an authority will usually be enough reason to buy or use the service. You could send a PDF with the main points of the webinar, or it could be additional information.
They could attend the live webinar, or you could have them record specific information as a co-presenter. The key is to become a consultant, sitting on the same side of the table as your prospect rather than across from them in an adversarial position, negotiating over every bit of the contract and fighting over price.5) Pre-sell your prospects BEFORE the presentation so that they are primed to ask you the questions that you want them to ask you.
The caller is more concerned with adhering to their script than they are with engaging their audience, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for building a relationship.
Keep the main thing the main thing, which is you, and bring out the visuals only when you need them. However, when you move to the next point, a leftover visual aid act as an anchor dividing your audience’s attention between your current point and some other past point.
Make a storyboard.'General McChrystal views two PowerPoint presentations a day in Kabul with three more during the course of each week. You know that your audience is listening and interested in the presentation if they ask questions. The appearance of the conference room that you call in from will also be in their view, and it should be looking its best to make you look good.
Use only the exact number of cables that you need, and put the rest away in a drawer or closet. Your conference space should already be in a quiet area, so maintain that and make sure to keep the door closed to any outside interference. To make even the most contentious members of a team play well together, use these four methods for creating a synergistic vibe in your virtual meeting.
Whenever someone has an idea, give it the attention it deserves, even if it doesna€™t some brilliant to begin with. Instead, finding common ground is an effective form of damage control that addresses the conflict at hand without backing down or taking sides. When the entire team is on board with the fact that they must be willing to compromise, this keeps competitiveness at bay and the a€?winner takes alla€? mindset. One of the best things about the ClickMeeting poll feature is that information is collected instantly so you never have to worry about wasting time waiting for results to calculate.
This is one of those features that can be used to your advantage, in order to get thoughtful answers and to not frustrate your audience with restrictive time limits. This avoids frustration if someone only picked one answer, submitted it, and then realized that he could have given more answers. There could be some results that you expected, but there could be some that are surprising.
Either way, theya€™re building a trend that is quickly picking up speed, especially among younger generations. Videoconferencing allows these remote workers to communicate easily and at low cost with their bosses, clients, and colleagues. Thankfully, videoconferencing is a software service that makes it possible to find yourself personally and career-wise at once. It can be especially helpful for those who need a little something extra to stay motivated at their silo work-from-home site. The 5-minute short breaks are intended to be actual breaks without taxing the brain at all a€“ for example, meditating quietly, going on a walk, or mindlessly reading an entertaining article. However, the bigger question is, do you know how to make sure that your audience connects with the presentation? You can build up interest for your webinar beforehand by sending out some educational material before the presentation. Using Powerpoint, a feature that is part of the ClickMeeting platform allows you to create interactive, full color HD slides that will make the content much easier to comprehend.
So raising your voice, lowering it and slowing down for main points will help them stand out. They are driven by emotion a€“ and not just any emotion, but the right emotions, to the right degree.
If you dona€™t see them reacting the way you expected during the presentation, ita€™s time to switch gears. True communication and interaction is generated by a€?emotional listeninga€? a€“ paying attention to emotional cues and responding based on that input. Take that feedback and identify the communication tools and information you need to be a better emotional communicator. The main thing is to provide follow-up content to underline your authority and continued support of their efforts within the niche, whatever those may be.
It is very impressive to have known experts join you in the presentation, and only lends itself to your status of credibility in the given industry or niche.
If you follow these top 5 tips, you will go a long way in establishing yourself as an authority in your niche, and not be just an expert. Public speaking is a form of human communication and it involves a symbiotic relationship between the speaker and the audience. Even if they disagree with something that you have said, it still shows that they are listening, thinking and also trust you to ask questions related to the subject matter. Keep the cables out of sight a€“ no one wants to see that distracting mess when theya€™re trying to videoconference! When people feel included, theya€™ll be more likely to contribute, and thata€™s what you want from each person a€“ engagement, involvement, and participation. By working towards consensus a€“ a solution that every team member can live with, even if theya€™re just a€?agreeing to disagreea€? a€“ discussions can lean more toward reaching a common goal rather than stroking any one persona€™s ego. This can be used to help market products, get feedback, and plan for more and better webinars.
If you are doing intricate polling, consider sending out the questions to your audience before the webinar, so they have a chance to think about their opinions. You wona€™t have to start over with every more when you can easily maintain contact with the power of videoconferencing.
This will give your audience some time to look through the material and know what to expect. In fact, if you can think of a way to illustrate something rather than write it, then that will be much more interesting.
Just remember that, in order to avoid awkward silences, it has to be a question that they definitely know the answer to. Watch their eyes and faces, look for whether theya€™re attentive or distracted, and keep tabs on their body language to get some clues about what going on in their heads. In real life, a conversation isna€™t scripted, and a presentation shouldna€™t be overly planned, either.
Get creative, save time, save money, and extend the life of all that content you worked so hard to develop.
If the audience is encouraged by what it hears from the speaker, it will respond favorably and show it through its behavior.
However, they can’t do that if you are in a private conversation with your visual enhancement. This can be especially useful if the poll is to determine their needs, or problems they want to solve within the industry, as it gives them time to consider meaningful answers and gives you key marketing information to use in the future. Read on to discover the benefits of videoconferencing can bring for professionals with wanderlust.
Ask rhetorical questions, as these are fantastic aids in keeping the attention of the audience, without needing participation. If the audience is able to grasp the main points, then the webinar will be much more interesting. In this section, however, we will focus on how to craft a presentation that answers all of your prospects possible objections and gets the sale with as little resistance as possible.
The speaker sees the impact she is making on the audience and that feedback reinforces her own behavior and speaking style. Another way to prime interest is to ask them to give input into specific topics within the subject that they was to hear about, or questions they need answered and then make sure to address these within the presentation. This can create some anticipation on the part of the participants because everybody will want to do well. Just remember to leave enough time for your audience to answer, or, at least, try to answer, the questions in their head. For example, in the marketing niche, show how to build a well converting landing page, or how to do keyword research. However, if the speaker is not tracking the audience’s behavior, she ends up talking at her audience rather than to them.
She becomes an information spigot and the audience learns nothing because there is no emotional involvement.
It will show your audience that you are an expert, and therefore an authority and they will trust you recommendations for products and services.

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