The corporate and academic worlds have been conducting training via video for years, but as usual, churches have been pretty slow to adapt to this new way of doing things. If your church is not using video to do most of your basic training, you might just be missing a HUGE opportunity to save time, to save money, and to increase attendance.
Now before you dismiss this out of hand let me address the most obvious issue – YES, some training is better done in person.
Better Attendance – the great thing about training via video online is that the attendees can watch it whenever best fits THEIR schedule. Faster Training – Think about how much faster you could get people plugged in if they could get their orientation or training like this. Best Teaching – again, because of schedule, often we have to rotate teachers to make it all work. Saves Time And Money – think about how much time you would save if you only had to record a training session one time vs doing it over and over again every week or month. Easy To Create – now if you have an IT or web person who can set up something really cool and slick, then go for it.
Salespeople need to keep on learning and applying what they learn consistently on a daily basis to stay competitive. Asses and benchmark the strengths and gaps in your salespeople and recruitment candidates so that you can make more informed decisions about who to employ, train, coach, and retain. You can stay well informed and ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest in sales thinking, trends, and news. Develop and deploy a focused Go-to-market Sales Strategy that directs your sales team to defined sales segments so as to gain a competitive advantage. Designed exclusively for sales managers, Barrett's Sales Management Essentials program gives managers the sales system, tools, and framework to lead a sales team. More knowledgeable, skilful and informed Sales Leaders who work in partnership with the C-Suite and lead their sales teams with clarity and purpose.

Sales strategies that clearly guide the sales operations and sales teams to deliver the better results for their businesses.
More mindful, self-aware salespeople engaging in more fruitful client interactions with better business outcomes for both buyer and seller. More engaged and competent salespeople leading to better retention rates and lower staff turnover. Sustainable change in 'How we sell around here' leading to continuous improvement and better sales results. Like a new members class, or a prospects class that talks all about your church and why they should join. How many people have been delayed for months from getting involved simply because their schedule conflicted with yours? And inevitably when you do that you have your star teachers and then you have your not so starry ones.
Getting access to quality sales training in the classroom, in the field, and online is how to keep sales fit. Subscribe to our weekly Sales Blog, or get our research whitepapers, e-books, articles in the media, or our Annual 12 Sales Trends Reports. Do you want to learn more about the sales profession and how to apply robust selling processes?
A sales strategy gives your sales operation direction to sustain momentum and deliver real results in the field.
Topics include sales strategy, sales coaching, selection and performance management, financials, sales metrics, account mapping, etc.
The last thing you want to do is drag yourself off the couch, change out of your sweats, and head up to the church for a training class.

You want those to be warm and fuzzy, highly relational, etc… But that said, a much higher percentage of classes or training could very likely be done via online video.
When you create a video you can get your best person to do it, insuring a great experience for the viewer every single time. Whether they took it 6 months ago or this past weekend, they all received exactly the same information in exactly they same way. Talk to us about our Sales Essentials, Solutions Selling, Key Account Management, and Online Sales Training options now.
Is keeping up to date with the latest selling philosophy, techniques and tool important to you? Would you benefit from getting an edge on your competition?Then, this is the program for you.
Or what about certain discipleship training classes, or classes people have to go through to get qualified or certified for something. Or if you want more proof you can instruct them near the end of the video to email you to confirm – only those that watched it through will know to do that.
Each opportunity has to be evaluated on its own merits, pros and cons, etc… but at least consider these enormous benefits to video training.
If you have the ability to make them more visually interesting then by all means do it, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

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