For the next couple of weeks, we’re going to dive head first into the realm of running a fitness business. Plus, I’m just super motivated to take both of my businesses to the next level, so this will work as a bit of a brain dump as well. The internet is this amazingly powerful tool that allows people to connect, conduct business, and build relationships without ever meeting each other in person.
In 2012 I had Mike Tuscherer write my training programs for three months, and it was really cool to have someone I greatly respect write my programs for me. In this article I’m going to examine online personal training both from the end-users perspective, as well as how I run it as a business owner.
We do an initial intake to see what their goals are, how often they can train, and any logistical issues we may have to address (such as limited equipment, etc.). In reality, it’s not that much different than starting with a client live and in-person. This is the single best part about online coaching – a program is a program is a program. In this case, I have a pretty extensive database over at the Robertson Training Systems You Tube page. In this case you simply take the exercise, hyperlink it to the video, and you’re off and running. While the assessment and program design elements of online training are very similar to offline clients, this is one of the biggest drawbacks to online training. After the set, I can tell you what you did well, and what needs to be addressed going forward. But the best part of working with an athlete live and in person is the ability to coach or cue them during a set. In an online environment, this is nearly impossible (unless you’re literally coaching someone via Skype or something similar). The client can videotape lifts from a session and have you review them, but you still lose that immediate feedback.
Now let’s take a look at the business side of the equation, and how I run my online coaching business. In the olden days you might have sent me a few posture pics, a list of training goals, and from there I sent you an Excel based training program. Over the years there have been some bumps in the road, but the business side has really blossomed and grown. When you get started with a new client, there’s typically a slew of e-mails that go back and forth to get things rolling. This should sound obvious, but I promise there are times when that itty-bitty conscience of yours tells you that someone is (or isn’t) a good fit. It’s not necessarily easy early on, especially when you want to get the business rolling and make some money. While we’re talking about good fits, also make sure that you sincerely feel as though you can help the client on the other end.
For instance I have all my online clients fill out a payment form, and then they are billed every 30 days.
Fitness businesses have used this model for years, it’s even more valuable in an online setting where you may never physically see or interact with the client on the other end. Take everything you do well offline in your training business, and try to reproduce it as seamlessly as possible online.
It sounds easy, but if more online coaches would follow this simple step I guarantee they’d have less stress day in and day out. Imagine you’re an online client and you have a question about your program, an exercise, or anything in between. I know this is true because I’ve been an online client before, and while it was rare that I needed something, a prompt response was always welcome.

For my online clients, I actually have a filter on my e-mail that alerts me when one of them has e-mailed me.
With almost 7 years of online training experience, I don’t claim to have all the answers.
If you’ve ever thought about working with me as a coach, please check out my services page to learn more about the process.
That’s it for today, but I hope this post has helped you learn more about the online personal training business. Scott – You can either go to a specific company that takes care of this, through your bank, or I actually do it through my shopping cart software (Infusionsoft).
Sara – No doubt about it, people who are a bit more intrinsically motivated will do better in an online training environment.
However, the simple fact that they’re paying someone to write their programs (and report back to them) goes a long way with regards to accountability. Improves your technology skills using free online Training Your browser is ancient! It can be challenging to learn to teach a dog tricks on your own without someone more experienced to show you how it’s done. But there’s another way: A way to learn how to teach your dog tricks, amazing and impressive tricks.
Online Dog Training Courses are fast becoming a popular way to learn dog training skills and teach your dog tricks and obedience. Using dog training videos online, a professional trainer can be accessed by anyone who wants to know the best dog training methods for their dog without paying the top prices of having someone attend your home or having to travel to group classes where you need to perform in a distracting environment while you’re still learning. The internet is jam packed with information on dog training including instruction and courses using many different methods.
Well fortunately, I’ve done the research for you and you don’t need to look any further because I’ve found the best resources for learning dog trick training online. The K9 Dog Training Club site has several courses available from puppy training, clicker training and training adult dogs obedience or fixing behavior problems. While these are all great courses, I feel that the Dove Cresswell Dog Training Online Course offers the most value from a very experienced professional trainer. I’ve been doing online training and coaching since 2006, and needless to the game has changed drastically since then. When starting with a new online client, we do a lot of the same things online as we would in a live assessment.
I still get a ton of information, which allows me to put together a solid training program. The biggest issue you may have when designing a program for an online client comes down to the equipment they have available to them.
Even if you can agree on the name, every coach has a different idea or viewpoint as to how the exercise should be performed! I also have a private database that features many of the same videos, but with detailed coaching cues to make sure my clients are getting the most out of their training. You may lose some of the immediacy of the coaching and cuing, but the trade off is getting a fantastic training program that’s uniquely tied to your needs and goals. This is the ideal time to make sure that you and your client are a good fit personality-wise. Be yourself, and if the person on the other end isn’t a good fit, be willing and able to turn them away. At the end of the day I’m a kid that came from very humble beginnings, grew up in the country, and honestly cared more about the people around me than I did about myself. I want to take great care of people, as I know there’s nothing more important than raving fans. But hopefully you don’t have to come across this client too often before you know the difference.

But I can tell you the process gets better on a daily basis, and I know my clients are getting amazing results. I’m huge believer in the Kaizen principle, or simply getting a little bit better everyday. Next week, we’re going to spend some time talking about semi-private coaching, and how we use that model to make IFAST the best that it can be. I do everything in my power to create a positive training experience for my online and offline clients, but some people simply cannot be pleased. You’ve seen dogs on the internet and TV doing amazing tricks and you wonder – how do they do that? But not everyone can afford a professional trainer to come to their home to teach them the right training method. All this in the comfort of your own home shown to you step by step by a real professional without paying someone to come to you: Online Dog Training Courses.
You and your dog can learn at a time that suits you best, in the comfort of your own home or wherever you are on your smart phone, laptop or tablet. Like all my recommended courses, they use humane and positive dog training methods that are simple and effective. But if I can quickly identify and answer questions for my online clients, then I know they’ll get better results.
Is there a file sharing site you use that has password protection built in or did you make your own?
You need to research whether the person giving the instruction is qualified and whether they really know what they’re talking about.
Dove offers obedience skills, behavior problem solving techniques AND dog trick training techniques!
Even qualified people can differ in opinion and method and each trainer is so sure that their method is the right way and even the only way. Dove is a Certified Dog Trainer that has trained many animals including lots of dogs for Hollywood movie roles! But if you need any quality training you must premium member of the training institution or companies. This can make it super confusing for people like us that just want the best way for us and even more so for our dogs! It doesn’t get much better than that – learning from a trainer that trains dogs for movies! Do you have any idea online training institution provide high end course with free of cost? OpenHPI is helped for everyone improve their technology related knowledge especially computer science students can learn about complete knowledge of software engineering. This entire course is very high end level and prepared from research analysts, even in this course very helpful for computer science research students getting in-depth knowledge about technology. This online training institution already completed more than 15 courses successfully since 2012.
Once you enroll any training you can access Training videos, Quiz, Weekly test and ask for questions to technology experts. Also every week they are provide learning materials by pdf files and End of the week they are contacting online exam for to know about your learning knowledge.
OpenHPI all training is completely free of cost for everyone also provides the course languages in English and German.

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