The Work Permit form provides the school with work standards permitted by the state for a student according to their age. The default work standards permitted for a student will display depending on their age under the Hours, School in Session and School Not in Session section of the form. The Permit Type information is setup in the Update Code Table form available through Other Functions. If the Amount column is utilized when the code is selected from the Work Permit form a check mark will automatically be printed on the B1-4 Form.
The Work Permit form has an option that allows the user to add Employers and any pertinent information. NOTE: Take note that User codes are available on this form, which can be setup from the Update Code Table form.
If a change is made to a State Standard a message will display and will not allow the change to be made. The State Standards that display on the Work Permit form can be accessed and changed by clicking the mouse on the Rules button. The information displayed under the School in Session and School NOT in Session are default values setup by the state. The Hours that minor Must be in School can be setup as a default value from this form to automatically display on the Work Permit form. The expiration date can be reset from this form by entering the date in the Default Work Permit Expiration Date field.
When Allow Extended Hours for WEE Students option is selected the following message will display. If the information in the Letter Text Editor is deleted by accident click the mouse on the Default button. If any state standard has been changed incorrectly click the mouse on the Reset to State Defined Max Values and all values will be restored. The Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for a Work Permit – Certificate of Age (CDE B1-1) form provided by the State of California can be printed from the Work Permit form.
The following is an example of the Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor that will be generated using the option to print the form without the Employer information. The Permit to Employ and Work (CDE B1-4) form provided by the State of California can be generated and printed from the Work Permit form. The information that is printed at the bottom of the OLD Work Permit is setup and accessed from the Work Permit Letter Text Editor. The following form will display with the working standards automatically entered into the text according to the State.

The information in the body of the letter can be deleted if a pre-printed form is used that already has the state requirements printed on the back of a work permit. It is suggested that a work permit be generated and that the information is verified to be correct before printing valid work permits. In addition to furthering contractor understanding of the Safe Work Permit process, locating the Contractor Permit Area down the hall from the control room provides contractors a separate area to complete their paperwork and enables Kleen Energy to maintain a more orderly control room—especially during outages and other times of increased contractor presence. ABU DHABI, Mar 23 – Business owners in Abu Dhabi can apply online and follow-up on labour work permits without the need to personally visit service centres from next month.
The date marks the completion of the second phase of the electronic linkage project by implementing new online protocols that connect the Ministry of Labour work permits with the issuance of entry permits through the Ministry of Interior, using new services that enable applicants to electronically monitor their requests, the ministry said on Sunday. Al Suwaidi also said that the new measures will save time and efforts and cut costs on business owners, especially as it connects the work permit permission with the entry permit, therefore the applicant will enjoy completing the transaction in a single step without the need to visit the Residency and Foreign Affairs Department to review the entry permit status to complete work permit procedures related to the Ministry of Labour. He pointed out that before the approval notification, business owners will be required to pay any set fees related to issuing the permit, and provide the bank guarantee sum per worker within a period of 30 days from the date of notification.
The electronic linkage project between the Ministries of Interior and the Ministry of Labour includes linking around 20 major services within several stages, the first phase included the cancellation of labour cards and work permits project.
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Graduates who completed their studies in Canada and who wish to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit can now submit their application online if their country of residence is not Canada. Once international students have completed their studies in an eligible program at an eligible Canadian post-secondary institution, they may apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit, which allows them to work in Canada. Under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program, international graduates can obtain an open work permit valid for up to three years, allowing them to work for any Canadian employer in any industry. Non-Saudi born engineers, such as this chap, will have their credentials checked before they're issued with a KSA work permit.
Foreign engineers wishing to work in Saudi Arabia must be registered with the Saudi Council of Engineers for the issuing and renewal of their resident permits (iqama). The directive was issued by Second Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Prince Naif, and industry leaders have reacted positively, saying that the move will help improve engineering standards in the Kingdom. Abdullah Bugshan, chairman of the council’s board of directors, said the council would review the academic and professional qualifications of engineers. Bugshan said that most Islamic countries had expressed their willingness to adopt similar policies. 02-14 of the Permit to Employ and Work form (CDE Form B1-4) no longer contains the wording "or day preceding a non-school day" for the maximum number of work hours on a non-school day. This option can also be selected if the student needs a Statement of Intent to Employ form but does not have any work permit records yet.

This option only displays if the social security number field is populated for the student. Select the Statement of Intent To Employ a Minor and Request for Work Permit-Certificate of Age (CDE B1-1) report and the print options. 02-14 of the Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor (CDE Form B1-1) and the Permit to Employ and Work form (CDE Form B1-4) no longer contain the State Regulations on the back page, so the "Print regulations on back or second page" has been removed from the Print Options. These are the standards that will print on the Old Work Permit when generated from the Work Permit form. Kleen Energy Systems has implemented a two-part safety improvement as part of its ongoing efforts to advance contractor understanding and compliance with the NAES corporate safety procedures. Kleen Energy’s first safety improvement is an expanded, formal contractor training presentation, which explains in detail the Safe Work Permit. Kleen Energy has seen a marked improvement in the quality and completeness of contractor Safe Work Permits, and see these safety improvements as significant contributors to the strong safety culture at the facility. After the check-up stage, the Ministry of Labour will exchange data electronically with Ministry of the Interior and respond to the applicants by approving or rejecting permits or even informing them of required documents if any are found missing,” Al Suwaidi said. The permit will be cancelled in the event of not fulfilling the requirements during the period mentioned. Saudi Aramco, the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, the Saline Water Conversion Corporation and King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology approve of the plans, as do government departments, and the Federation of Engineering Institutions in Islamic Countries. For this reason the maximum number of hours to work on Friday has been updated to be the same number as every other school day. Each section of the permit is reviewed, and the sections that must be completed by the contractor are highlighted and emphasized (Figs 1, 2).
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