If you'd like to give your child a beautiful, one-of-a-kind ad that will stand out in any yearbook, a customized yearbook ad is the perfect choice for you!
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I culled through thousands of police files, pictures, journals, videos, interviews, 911 calls, crime scene photos, etc. For this site, I compiled the most significant evidence and tried to make it easy to find.

Prom photo of Dylan Klebold and his date Robyn Anderson, the 4.0 honor student and active church-group girl who acquired three of the four guns. These are mostly from surveillance cameras in the cafeteria, after they had stopped killing, but several minutes before their suicides. Eric & Dylan in the commons, captured by surveillance cameras shortly before their suicides upstairs. Eric a moment later, down on a knee firing his rifle at one of the propane bombs, trying to set it off to blow up the school.
Eric roaming the cafeteria in the foreground (bottom left, his waist just above the time stamp.) Dylan in the background, just left of center, in a dark t-shirt.

January Design of the Month winners announcedFebruary 11, 2011Students from Shawnee Mission North and Shawnee Mission East captured first places in the January Design of the Month competition.
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