The most suitable insurance plan for OPT international students is our Student Secure, or otherwise known as our International Student Health Insurance plan. Immigration Attorney Murali explains the proposals listed in the STEM OPT Rule in this 5 part video series.
Stay tuned for more updates about this 24 Months STEM OPT Extension Rule and Rule Making Process. The OPT extension was published as an Interim Final Rule by the Department of Homeland Security in April 2008.
The Judge explained that the DHS failed to show any emergency circumstances that warranted an emergency exemption from the mandated requirement of notifying for public comment prior to implementing it as a rule. The Federal Judge who vacated the DHSa€™ 2008 rule and its subsequent amendments has stayed her judgment until February 12, 2016, because an immediate annulment of the rule would be a€?seriously disruptivea€? and cause suffering to thousands of foreign students who would be compelled to leave the United States without much lead time. In the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers lawsuit, the court had earlier declined in November 2014 to cancel the 12-month OPT program which had been in place even before the 2008 OPT extension rule was made. Despite this rule, STEM graduates shouldna€™t refrain from applying for a 17-month OPT extension now.A  OPT extensions are still being approved until February 2016.
Naturally, the current ruling by the Washington DC Federal Court has an impact on international students in the US as well as IT companies and consultancies that employ F1 students for OPT programs. The Court ruling will restrict the number of attempts an H-1B filing employer can make to file a H-1B petition on behalf of eligible OPT participants, since the OPT period will now be limited to 12 months as opposed to the current 29 month period with extension.
At the time when the 2008 rule came into effect, nearly 70,000 F1 international students were on OPT programs and among them, 12,000 were likely to receive STEM extensions.

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As we read in detail, finer details will become visible. But, the good news is that we have a Rule in Making.
Federal Court Judge overruled the 17-month Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension for qualifying F1 students with STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle of the US District Court determined the Interim Final Rule as deficient, demonstrating that the DHS hasna€™t followed the mandatory procedures of a€?notice and commenta€? while creating the rule to allow F1 foreign students in STEM degrees to extend their practical training in the US beyond the originally permitted 12 months OPT duration.
This will also allow DHS to submit the rule for proper notice and comment during this period. This means that the originally mandated Optional Practical Training program (12 months) for all graduates would not be affected in anyway.
The annulment of the DHSa€™ 2008 rule may pose a major problem for H-1B a€?cap-gapa€? extensions. In two years the salary cap will skyrocket, allowing maximum contract players to really cash in on the influx of money from the NBA’s new TV deal.

Similar to what some college athletes do when they decide to return for another year of college instead of going pro, these professional athletes can sign a one- or two-year deal that allows them to take advantage of the future cap situation.
Historically, the owners have won when it comes to length of contracts, salary caps, and the percentage of the cap a player can take up, and this may be no different. This means that certain players are opting out now to take advantage of the chance to make even more money once the new deal kicks in. Instead of taking the five-year deal, they could purchase an insurance plan that covers future earnings if the player suffers a catastrophic injury. The only way for a player to position himself for this payday is to sign a short-term deal and secure insurance.
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