SEO, an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of optimizing a website for web search engines. There are two ways of optimizing a website for search engines: On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. Meta Tags Optimization – Meta tags are generally used to describe the page content in brief. Image Optimization – As the web searches have ventured into images as well, it is important to place well structured ALT text on every image. Unlike On-Page optimization, Off-Page optimization techniques are not in the control of the web developer (at least not entirely). Widespread Keyword Research – One of the most important things in search engine optimization is researching the correct and effective keywords. Use Search Engine Compatible Technology – Some people will put a lot of funky features on their websites. Update your Website Continuously – Search engines seem to like active and well updated websites. Use a Sitemap or an Index – Search engines love to see a sitemap because it allows them to navigate through the webpage very easily.
Use the Freely available Webmaster Tools – There are numerous webmaster tools that can help you analyze your stats a bit better. When it comes to dealing with search engines, keywords play a vital role in determining your ranking position in search results.
To make a good impression, create an attention-grabbing title tag – one that is worth clicking on. A meta tag is the section under your title tag which contains a brief description of your page.
After optimizing your page Meta tag, the next thing to do is optimize your permalink (also known as permanent link). Optimizing the content body of your page is the most important part of on page optimization. Once you’re done with the optimization process, I would recommend for you to monitor your website traffic. Fox Valley Web Design use’s professional SEO software for effective keyword niche research, website audits and analysis, competitors analysis, safe link building (now dubbed link earning), in-depth social media metrics and marketing analytics.  The 11 step graphic on the right visually summarizes the steps we take during the SEO process. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and Mixed  Marketing Solutions (MMS).
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of your web site within the search engines (i.e.

In addition to the efforts by our team, there are things that you as an organization can be doing to improve your search engine rankings.
If we couldn't do it with our own company in one of the most competitive markets in the country, we wouldn't offer the service to our clients. DC Web Designers increased Level One Personnel's web traffic by 60% following one month of search engine optimization services.
Optimizing your website or webpages for SEO (search engine optimization) does take some effort and time. I am a full time designer at Speak Creative, wife and mother, bass player, chocolate enthusiast, follower of Jesus Christ.
With a comprehensive optimization technique implemented on a website, the search engines will be able to index and crawl it in an effective way.
A clean code can be easily read and understood by the web crawlers whereas it would take much time to crawl through a shabby code. When search engines crawl the website, the Title tag is the first element to be crawled making it highly important. There is a better chance for a website to show up in searches if Meta tags are well formulated. Place the crucial information in heading tags and apply the styling or such heading tags in a separate CSS file.
A website should have a well structured internal link model with comprehensive anchor text. Keywords play an important role in searches, since web pages are targeted for specific keywords.
This includes various CGI scripts, numerous frames, flash components, and even more dynamically created pages. An idle website from 1999 might be aged, but it certainly won’t get a good ranking on a search engine if it was last updated in 1999. Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about this on page optimization and how it can benefit my website. Therefore, pick the right keywords in order to achieve the best outcome for your on page optimization. So pay attention to not only the amount of keywords that you’re using but also the quality of the content. By positioning your organization high in the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) you will increase traffic, expand brand awareness, maximize opportunities for sales, and reach new markets.
We are on page one of Google for multiple key word phrases that bring us over sixty leads a month.

The goal of website optimization is to get your website listed in the first several search results for particular keywords. As most of the pages will be written in HTML markup, make sure you cluster the styles into a CSS file and not into various tags.
Hence, if the image has good explanatory ALT text, the chances of the website showing up in the search will increase. 5-6% of the total content, but these things can easily change and they are never completely clear. Off-Page optimization can sometime be tedious and time consuming but it highly affects the search engine optimization. For example, with WordPress, there are a couple automatic sitemap creating plugins that will automatically update your sitemap every time the blog is updated. Consulting  SEO experts and visiting some of the numerous SEO forums can also help you learn something new (and there is always something new to learn) and stay up to date with the latest news in the SEO world. DC Web Designers will provide you with documentation on best practices, and if needed, offer training to help support your efforts in improving your search engine rankings. Also, make sure a descriptive TITLE text is used in images, since they show as tooltip on the page. Moreover, Off-Page optimization is often considered more important than On-Page optimization. So if you have a site with a lot of frames or flash components, search engines will have a difficult time crawling through your website. Usually, web logs (blogs) are very successful with search engines because content can be built quite easily.
And two, you can also add other SEO methods such as link optimization and image optimization. Perform a wide research for keywords which are mostly searched by users, but have the lowest competition.
Although your page may be indexed, the spider may not be able to crawl through the various links within the frames. Also, your links should not increase at rapid pace because the search engine might suspect you of using non-legitimate methods.

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