Optimizing your website for mobiles guarantees your company more visitors and more clients. One of the most important factors of a website is its loading speed and to improve this what we have to do, among other things, is to reduce the size of the images, trying at the same time to keep as much quality as we can. TinyPNG uses compression with intelligent loss for cropping PNG files, while keeping alpha transparency. PunyPNG compresses images no larger than 100KB into PNG, GIF and JPG without losing much quality. Smush.it is an easy to use application, you can upload the files that need optimization or use the URL of the image directly. Jpegmini is a very easy to use tool and the quality of the compression of the images is very good. In order to elaborate good websites it’s advisable to use the inverted pyramid way of writing (the most interesting information at the beginning and the least interesting information at the end).
The iPhone has a small screen, thus it’s necessary to hide the unimportant elements of the website. Put simply, because your website will lose out on a big chunk of prospects if it’s not optimized for mobile.
One out of three customers will abandon their transaction if the shopping cart is not optimized for mobile. It’s essential to capitalize on a segment where the growth prospects are rising by the minute. The objectives of mobile users are entirely different from those of desktop and laptop users. The future belongs to mobile searches – searches are especially helpful to users on-the-go.
Shopping from mobile is largely impulse-driven; such shoppers seek information in a concise, uncluttered way.
About Dharmendra TripathiDharmendra is an Internet Marketing Specialist on the eZdia marketing team, with more than 10 years of experience working in digital marketing, specializing in SEO, marketing & brand building, paid advertising and social media management. Search engine optimization is a technique used to optimize your website and make it search engine friendly. Now, enhance your marketing efforts with the help of Saleoid FREE Marketing Automation Software. With more and more users browsing the web from mobile devices, it is absolutely essential that business owners make their sites more mobile friendly. Mobile users are browsing on the go, which means they want their information in easy to digest bites. If you have an online business, make sure mobile users can easily purchase the items on the page. Many mobile users will find your site while browsing from their phones and return later from a desktop to investigate further. Mobile devices sometimes have difficulty loading pages, particularly those with a lot of javascript or flash on them.
While web design for the mobile market is a relatively new concept, it’s one that will become even more important in the coming years as the number of people accessing the web from mobile devices increases. The instant solution to the lack of traffic is buying it, but that requires a sizeable amount of money and not everybody can afford it. So when you need traffic and you don’t have the budget to buy enough traffic, what should you do? Getting free website traffic is easy and by using the 15 simple methods described here you can increase traffic to your blog or website without spending money.
If your target audience finds your content valuable, half of your job is done because people love to share such content. Add buttons to help people share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms. When you follow a schedule, you become more disciplined which is the first step towards becoming successful. Just make your webpages ready for search engines using keywords that matter for your business and you will start receiving swarms of traffic for free. The process of making a webpage ready for search engines is called search engine optimization or SEO. Billions of people around the world get online and interact with one another using their mobile devices. Besides, all successful people and brands have their websites optimized for mobile devices. By the way, for this article I wrote and compared six different headlines before picking up the current headline.
Promoting content to your target audience using emails is a great way of generating traffic on demand.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and dozens of other social networking sites are great for receiving free website traffic.
Guest posting is inviting someone to write and publish an article on your website or getting an invitation from someone to write and publish an article on their website. Besides multiplying traffic, guest posting helps you build a no-nonsense profile because you get featured on well-known blogs. To get the best out of guest posting, don’t forget to ask the blog or website owner to include a link back to your website somewhere in the post.
Follow latest design trends to choose a clean, attractive, responsive and familiar design for your website. Leaving meaningful comments on other well-known blogs in your niche is a great way of increasing traffic for free. A comment is like a doorway back to your own website for the readers of that particular blog. Commenting works and is a lot of fun but to make the best out of commenting you must go beyond the regular stuff like “great post”, “wonderful article”, “this is epic”, etc. When you answer a question, don’t forget to include a link back to your website in your answer. When you give something valuable away for free, you not only get lots of additional prospects but also a chance to build a list of people who are interested in your stuff. The prize doesn’t have to be an iPhone, iPad or a fancy gadget of that level all the times. Also, don’t forget to tell us how well these simple methods of multiplying website traffic for free work for you. You may have heard the recent claims that “the web is dead,” with the browser-based online experience being supplanted by specialized Internet apps and mobile technology.
While apps play an important role in mobile, it’s worth remembering that the web itself remains accessible for the majority of mobile Internet devices.
If you’ve browsed the web on a mobile device, you’ve probably found how it can be a frustrating experience. On the other hand, you may have encountered some web sites that work great on your mobile device. One good thing about optimizing your site for mobile is that you don’t have to rebuild your existing site from scratch. Simpler sites might be successfully optimized just by mirroring the main site’s pages using a different CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file customized for mobile devices.
As a general rule, buttons and links should be large enough for users to select with accuracy and avoid the “fat finger syndrome.” Images and graphics should be reduced to the bare essentials in the mobile version of your site.
Another important mobile consideration is making phone numbers linkable so that smartphones can place a call at a touch. While there may be numerous other factors involved in optimizing your particular web site for mobile, these are the basic considerations to keep in mind. Parts of this site may look broken because you are using a very old (and insecure) web browser.
All of us are going mobile and taking into account that we don’t have always access to our PC or laptop, we use our mobile phones to access the pages that interest us. Therefore, whichever page that is visualized correctly with Safari in Windows or Mac, will be correctly visualized in the iPhone without any modifications. The best option is to adapt your website in order for it show all the information in a single column. The number of smartphone users grows daily, and no business can afford to ignore a market that massive. Leveraging the vast potential of mobile or smartphone changes the fortunes of any business, whether big or small. If the current version of your website does not cover the entire market, target mobile optimization and tap into this fast-growing market. It is a great strategy that helps in increasing the visibility of your website on search engines and thus, also increases traffic. Include search box panel on the webpage and make your website navigation as easy as possible. If your website can only be accessed from a computer, you’re alienating a huge amount of people – as much as 25% of web traffic, according to some estimates. Studies suggest that the majority of mobile purchases are impulse buys, which means more money is spent per purchase than those shopping on desktops.
Take the time to ensure your site looks fantastic from both platforms; no matter where a user accesses your page from, it should hold the same aesthetic appeal and ease of use.
Ensuring the page loads quickly will keep mobile readers interested, rather than turning them away.
At a newsagent’s shop trying to decide which magazines to buy, what helps you most to make the decision?

Create profiles on major social networking sites and dedicate time to interact with your audience if you are serious about receiving traffic.
Such a link is called a backlink and it plays an important part in boosting your search engine rankings. The chances are there are people out there who are asking questions relevant to your niche. It can also be one of your own products, popular books, software, free passes and tickets, online courses, or even a box of chocolates.
The collection includes: responsive web design, clear code, diagnostic test and perfect readability. Even without having a mobile app, your company can build an excellent mobile presence through your site.
Text and navigation buttons are often too small, and your fingertips are too imprecise to hit your intended targets.
Text and navigation buttons are at a usable size, and the overall user experience feels more like a mobile app instead of a squashed-down web site. This quick and easy solution cuts down the work involved with the prospect of building a whole new site, but many sites have complex features and usability considerations that will require more tinkering and refinement. The software that runs your site may already have mobile plugins or options available for developers. Copy also should be kept as brief as possible to avoid scrolling and keep messages clear at a glance.
It’s also a good practice to include the option to toggle between the mobile site and the standard site, in case your standard site has advanced features that a mobile user may be willing to trade ease of use in order to access.
It really doesn’t have to require a terrible effort to make your site easy and convenient for mobile users to access.
To optimize your website therefore, is the best you can do to keep up with your rival companies. As the web world turns towards mobile, your business has a chance to reach out to an ever-expanding pool of users.
But, in order to do effective SEO for your website in a manual way, or by using SEO tool, you need to be aware about some good and bad SEO practices. This means that your web design should be built around bullet points and lists, delivering information quickly and easily to the user. To take advantage of this, you have to make sure the user doesn’t need to follow a complicated path to get to the shopping cart. Use the 15 simple and effective methods discussed here to increase your website traffic for free.
It also helps you align your topics and content with any special occasions observed in a given month. There are many more big and small search engines out there but for the start, focus only on these three, or on Google alone if you want to channel your SEO efforts towards a single search engine. If your content is interesting and worth reading people will click it through to your website, boosting traffic for free. For example, if you are giving away free e-books, it does not make sense to ask for people’s mailing addresses.
You can zoom in and pan around to find what you need, but the screen resizes when you go to the next page.
Unless a core function of your site for mobile users is viewing photos or accessing lengthy articles, cut down the images and words as much as possible. The percentage can vary depending on its extension and the original compression of the file. You can keep your bounce rate low by hiring a professional to make sure every inch of your page works on a mobile device as it should.
With about 70% of the world’s population using mobile technology, smartphones are on track to outnumber Internet access via standard computers. Flash animation and script coding may not work at all, and the concept of a hovering cursor and rollover effects does not exist in the touchscreen world. Code inserted in your pages identifies when a visitor is browsing on a mobile device and automatically forwards them to the mobile-optimized version hosted in the sub-domain. It’s very important not to make spelling mistakes, always revise the content before publishing it. Their experience will be different, so catering to the mobile market requires making a few changes to the infrastructure of your site – these changes are best done by someone who knows how to handle code.

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