Indulge in the Exotic Flavors of Middle Eastern cookery at the Janayen.Where you come close to the heart of the kingdoma€™s culinary heritage, rich in color of lavish local fests teeming with fresh harvests and savory ingredients. The company currently operates the Janayen Catering & Restaurant, a chain of fine dining restaurants offering a mouth-watering selections of local and international cuisines.
If you want to arrange a party, then you can hire a professional party catering service provider. Al-Mutawa Contracting Establishmenta€? and fulfilled his personal vision of creating a full service company that spawns a unique tradition of value & excellence.

Warm Hospitality, Stay fit with a wide array of light and heavy fares that includes nutrient-rich pasta preparations, sandwiches and natural fruit Juices .Or go for generous and yet budget-friendly serving with the Janayen platter combinations. All in a relaxing dinning atmosphere made pleasure by our staffa€™s Warm Hospitality, with the implementation of rigorous staff training and state of the art management systems, wea€™ve ensured consistently high standards of quality, reliability and efficiency.The Janayen Catering & Restaurant (Abdulla H. From a core business of Contracting, AMSG had grown into a prominent holdings company with diversified interest in manufacturing, Trading, Construction, Catering & Restaurant, Sanitation, and Information Technology. The company manages offices in Jeddah, Yanbu, Riyadh, Dhahran, Jubail, Al-Hasa from a corporate head quarter in Dammam.

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