Look wise it resembles like a mobile.Apart from camera and video capturing features, this camera has a solid sharing and editing software.
Marko Petrovic has come up with an innovative design of motorcycle well inspired by wild white Eagle.
A rivalry has raged between operating systems (OS) since a choice became available decades ago. Software Recommendations Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people seeking specific software recommendations. There's a feature called "Zoom & Pan" (see YouTube explanation) where you can select an area of the recording and have the final video zoom in to that.
Works, but at times I did notice audio recording getting slightly out of synch with the video, and had to adjust that in edit mode. When exporting you have a decent range of options, including MP4 format (as well as AVI, WMV and WebM). There's a free version (which I used) as well as a standard and professional edition (which I haven't tried).
Camtasia gives you the tools you need to record on-screen activity, edit and enhance your content, and share in high-quality to viewers anywhere.
However, Jing which is also made by the same company Techsmith IS FREE and does the same job and the only limitation is a time limit. In my company we do presentations and need to record the screen however every presenter is using their own laptop so it is a lot of hassle to install a screen capture program on their computer and make sure they remember to start the recording. I ended up just purchasing a video capture device that sits in the middle of the connection to the tv screen we use for presentation. It is video intercept hardware so anything running through the cable to the presentation screen is captured. If you just need to record and already have it VLC video player has a method to record the screen. It is not the focus of the software though so it not very flexible and does not meet the requirements asked for in the question but if you have it already installed and just need a way to record the screen it works without having to figure out what program to use. I have expanded the answer a bit but since there was already an accepted answer I was not thinking about the specific requirements of the question but more about a general reference answer for screen capture programs. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows video screen-recording or ask your own question. Is it acceptable for a student to ask a professor to be included as a co-author on the professor's paper? A mosquito is born at T=0 and after 2 seconds makes a new mosquito every second, how many mosquitos at T=8.5?
Scientists looked at the structure of the ‘lantern’ in which fireflies hold their chemicals. The products are: Garmin Vivofit, Vivofit2, Vivosmart HR, Vivoactive, and the Garmin Forerunner 15. I’ve been using two units now for a bit, and have been able to get used to all their functions and how they work. Lastly, at the end of the day keep in mind I’m just like any other regular athlete out there. With everything unpacked, it’s time to do a quick size comparison before moving into actual use. As always, I like to put together sizing comparison with other units in the same rough price range.
Many times I’m asked for what the watch sizing looks like on a small female – especially one with small wrists. Overall I think Garmin did a good job at decreasing the size here for the women’s watch. To start off with your run, you’ll simply tap the upper right button – which starts the GPS satellite acquisition phase. You can configure two data pages on the FR10, each with up to two pieces (tied together) of information on them.
While running, you’ll simply press the lower right button to scroll between the different data pages. These lap markers are visible in both the device history, as well as uploaded to Garmin Connect.
This feature actually works a bit differently on the Garmin FR10 than the rest of the Garmin lineup of watches. Once you’ve started your run, you’ll notice that you have an additional screen that shows your current pace and whether you’re ahead or behind the actual pace.
What’s funny here is that I had set this before one of my runs – merely as a way to get pictures for the review and understand how it works – not so much because I wanted to run a 7:45 pace that run. In an effort to show you what this looks like, I took this video running over the top of a bridge over the Seine. In the case of the FR10, you’ll configure a run duration (time only), and then a walk duration (time only). This functionality was first introduced on the Garmin FR610 (a $400 watch), so I’m happy to see it drop down to their cheapest watch. Auto Pause lets the watch take control of pausing the recording while your waiting to cross at an intersection. I don’t tend to use this myself, as I’ve gotten fairly good at just pausing manually when I want it to (by pressing the upper right button on the unit), and then resuming manually. It won’t record your workouts as ‘bikes’ for Garmin Connect to pickup, nor will it even tell you ‘Bike completed’ (it says ‘Run completed’) at the end. Still, if you cycle occasionally – or just want to use it around town, it works just fine for recording all your cycling data without issue.
And thus, the very first running specific GPS watch from Garmin to include legit waterproofing.

This means it’s completely OK to swim with – something we tested out at the pool last week by swimming with it on our wrists the entire session. This also means that you’re completely cool with using it in the rain or other watery adventures – so long as you’re not below 50 meters. Of course, in the pool it’s doing nothing more than hanging out in ‘Indoor mode’ – so only tracking time as a lap meter.
You can turn on the backlight by tapping the upper left corner button, which then turns it on for 10 seconds, before turning it off.
It seems as over the past 1-2 years, GPS instant pace display across a number of companies has gone down the crapper, so earlier this summer I started doing videos on all units that I’m reviewing – letting you decide if it’s crap or not. I think it’s fair to say after you see the video below – that you’d likely agree the FR10 is the most stable instant pace watch ever seen. The Polar seemed to have trouble with two tunnels into the Louvre we took, where it didn’t seem to record the extra distance there both ways – as it tracked perfectly otherwise. Overall however, we’ve found the unit to track well in most normal circumstances, enough that I’m just not worried about accuracy on the unit. The unit has a history menu on it which shows you past runs, as well as PR’s related to time and pace for your workouts. When you dive in you can view a given workout, including seeing all of its laps and splits for each lap. Then, it’ll show you PR’s such as your longest run, fastest mile, fastest 5K, fastest 10K and other bits of running trivia.
I did see a few quirks in the history menu with duplicate days, which I suspect is that it just enumerates every activity separately on a given day, as opposed to grouping all (for example) Friday workouts. The watch will automatically display the time based on your current time zone, which is retrieved from GPS when you turn on the GPS receiver (to start an activity). D) You can specify your weight (but not age or height), which then provides very basic calorie calculations, though interestingly as you can see above – they were nearly identical to that of the Polar RC3 doing calorie calculations with the heart rate monitor on. The Garmin FR10 supports uploading of workouts to Garmin Connect, using the supplied USB charging cable. You can pick the files manually (which are in Garmin’s .FIT file format), or you can simply go to Garmin Connect and let Garmin Communicator (browser plugin) do the searching for you.
To dive into a given activity, simply click ‘View Details’, which brings you to the main page for that given activity. Along the left side are the high level stats for the run – from overall time, distance and pace – to elevation information. Now what’s interesting here is that after the pace graph there’s actually no further graphs.
Now – what’s probably the most useful piece of Garmin Connect isn’t actually the activity logging itself – but the ability to search other peoples activities for routes, in particular, when you’re travelling outside your home turf. Additionally, the PR (Personal Records) data that shows up on the watch also shows up on Garmin Connect.
At the end of the day Garmin Connect is a good basic platform for sports activity analysis. This allows you to wrap it around the handlebars of a bike and then wrap the watch around it as opposed to your wrist. This camera comes with 5 mega pixel BSI CMOS Image sensor.It waterproof till 3 meters depth ,shock proof to 2 meters and also dust proof.
It also comes with a pause button which allows you to capture video by pausing and recording. The only missing feature is that you can't save as MPEG, only AVI, but the video output can easily be converted.
As mentioned above, pausing a recording did throw audio slightly out of synch for me once or twice.
For regular screencasts I'd recommend ActivePresenter though, because it has many features yet has a friendly learning curve. It is much less hassle this way when you need a solution where you have many computers to be used for presentation. This watch has one purpose, and one purpose only: To compete with the onslaught of $100 GPS watches.
I write these reviews because I’m inherently a curious person with a technology background, and thus I try and be as complete as I can. Given how much space the other ones took up, this likely saves them considerably on shipping costs from the factories in Asia.
It’s likely that this was a non-final box, so I suspect you’ll also find some additional paper junk down the line.
There’s no additional power block for the wall, so you’ll need to find your own USB port somewhere. For us (me and my wife), that’s a pain in the butt because we often have similar watch models and therefore on trips only have to worry about one of us carrying a charger. Though she notes she doesn’t mind the larger FR310XT size and simply has gotten used to it. Both of us would have probably preferred it be slightly wider if they could have made it thinner – but this certainly isn’t bad given the budget nature of it. The first time this may take a minute or two, but as long as you’re starting in roughly the same place next time, it’ll be within about 15-30 seconds. Additionally, if you’ve got some of the other functions enabled (like Virtual Pacer) – that’ll show up as well as an additional data field.
There’s a tiny bit of lag built in (perhaps 5-10 seconds) – but that’s probably a good thing, as I’ll explain in a second. Given the target audience, I’ve always thought it was odd we haven’t see it in later firmware updates for other mid-range watches (i.e. Of course, you can easily change the workout from run to bike later in Garmin Connect with a simple dropdown on the site.

And additionally, all of the functions noted above in the running section still work just fine in cycling mode. Note that you won’t get calories here, or distance, or pace, or anything else other than time.
I wouldn’t exactly say that the backlight on the FR10 is terribly brilliant in comparison to some of the other Garmin watches (like the FR910XT).
This is how stable the instant pace feature is on the watch when you run at a near-perfect constant pace. I’ve taken it out for a few runs, including one with The Girl, where we both ran together and both with two watches.
However, they won’t pull from your existing Garmin Connect account – so it’ll only be stuff on this particular watch.
While the unit only has 5 hours of active battery life for activities, it will stay in standby (time displaying) mode for five weeks.
It’ll show your location on the map, and your corresponding speed up above, as well as the elevation at that point in time. I’ve used this countless times to find running routes that might otherwise be in the middle of nowhere. Since the unit doesn’t support ANT+ sensors, about the only thing you can buy for the watch is the standard Garmin Forerunner bike mount, which usually costs about $10. Only two problems were stability with one particular version (was fixed in an update a week later) and some audio-synch issues when pausing recordings. This program will help our offshore automation teams to better illustrate (literally) what their video captures are demonstrating. They have release firmware v2.0 for the original bug which has ALL yes ALL the features of bug too!
From features and functionality to sizing – everything is smaller than other Garmin watches. Once units are available in retail shops I send them back to Garmin and then go out and buy my own (to be able to support y’all in the comments section down the road).
But, if I’ve missed something or if you spot something that doesn’t quite jive – just let me know and I’ll be happy to get it all sorted out.
While this isn’t quite as secure as the most secure charging clip I’ve seen from Garmin (the new Fenix clip) – it’s still pretty solid. On her other wrist she’s wearing the Garmin FR310XT – which is her watch she normally runs with.
It supports cycling by merely supporting the ability for you to change the velocity metric from ‘Pace’ (i.e. Since it records all the same GPS data as a watch four times it’s cost – it doesn’t really matter as much that it mis-categorizes it. Rather, it’s that it stands a far better chance of day to day water survival – an issue with the IPX7 rated watches that while rated fine for use in the rain, tended to have issues more than those with higher ratings.
Since there’s no ANT+ sensor support, you can’t get other data streams to aid in those metrics. I ran with the Polar RC3 beta watch, she ran with her trusty FR310XT, and we both ran with FR10’s.
Still, a nice nod to what we’ve seen on other watches like the Nike+ GPS that does this as well. Meaning that if you run with it a few hours each week, it’ll easily stay in normal watch mode the rest of the time. You can switch between Google or Bing as a provider, and then change to the various mapping formats that each service offers (satellite, hybrid, street map, etc…). This is why it’s a bit puzzling to me that the elevation map isn’t available on the other page like normal.
But since there’s a gazillion Garmin users, and thus a gazillion people uploading runs – you’re pretty much bound to find a run somewhere.
For example, it can’t seem to find any of my marathons, nor my 37-minute 10K PR or tons of 5K’s in the mid-upper teens. Thus, when I needed to share what I was doing with the customer support, it took me literally a couple of minutes from finding it using Google to submitting my support request with the link to screen recording.
But, for those looking for a low-priced GPS watch that’s more durable than a cell phone – this line definitely opens up new options. Also, because the technology world constantly changes, I try and go back and update these reviews as new features and functionality are added – or if bugs are fixed. As a general reminder, these are all watches I’ve bought – so if it’s not there in the lineup, it’s likely because I don’t have one and haven’t reviewed it. They grasped that a GPS watch costing hundreds of dollars (or roughly a hundred in this case) should have the same waterproofing as one costing $15 at Walmart. And why would it show the furthest distance as 9.6 miles when there’s clearly a half-marathon above it and dozens if not 50+ 20-miler runs? Now, the FR10 does record a fair number of details, so you can go ahead and load your FR10 file into other apps (i.e. If you find my review useful, you can use any of the Amazon links from this page to help support future reviews. Also, sometimes Garmin Connect can be a little bit buggy – but in general, I find it no more better or worse than other platforms out there from a bug quantity standpoint.
Improved timed record events by allowing the continuation of recording regardless of standby state.

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