The advantage of this platform is that one can receive the messages – either text or voice, even if they are offline.
It is necessary to install android emulator application on devices running on Windows or Mac OS. Step 2: Open the executable file of downloaded android emulator and click ‘continue’ when the welcome screen appears.
Step 4: The device (Mac or Windows) will automatically restart successfully after the emulator is installed completely.
Now you can install the latest Android-based application on your Windows or Mac OS based system.
You can install WhatsApp successfully once the android emulator is functional on your PC equipment.
Step 2: Search over the dedicated ‘search bar’ of the emulator and select the icon of WhatsApp.
WhatsApp would not work smoothly unless it is configured accordingly on your Windows or Mac OS operated PC.

Step 2: Check out the verification code that is sent to the particular phone number, which is entered on WhatsApp. Step 5: Click on the Menu Bar for the second time and you will get the option ‘New Contact’.
The messages are saved in the process and pop up on the screen of the gadget simultaneously, whenever the receiver logs into the respective account. It is always better to choose the latest emulator application as it comprises all the latest innovations and add-ons which older versions certainly miss. Click ‘download’ option and allow the system to complete the process without any interruption. Check out the following steps to enjoy unlimited free texting and voice messaging over the platform through your PC or Mac devices. For smooth running, you may restart your device again after saving the configuration of the latest application. Now users of Windows and Mac operated PCs are also able to enjoy the advantage of WhatsApp.

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