For years, the debate over the differences between Mac and PC has raged on between experts and novices alike. There was time when you would have to make your choice between PC and Mac based on the software you used.
Amidst the debate of which platform is better, there has also arisen a belief that one system is inherently better than the other. It seems there is a new story almost every day about a data breach or a new virus wreaking havoc on computer systems world-wide. Apple has a reputation of being much more expensive than most PC products and it is a reputation that is most certainly deserved.
While the lines between PC and Mac have definitely been blurred in recent years, which platform you choose for your business really comes down to personal preference. While there are an increasing number of ways to consume virtual reality content (Cardboard and Samsung’s Galaxy VR come to mind), there aren’t a lot of devices available for consumers to use in making content.
Described as bringing “immersive content creation to the masses,” the Vuze is an all-in-one solution to making 360-degree 3D VR, which usually requires elaborate film-making equipment; the company even touts the camera as a benefit to professional photographers and movie makers.
The Vuze Studio software is easy to use for novices, but complex enough for those skilled at video editing. While VR will be making a lot of noise at CES 2016, it’s still nascent technology, and hardware like the Vuze is still early-adopter territory. After much speculating, denying, and waiting, Microsoft has finally released their suite of Offices apps dedicated to the iPad.
Rather than bundle everything under one umbrella like their Office Mobile apps, Microsoft has instead opted to release the suite as seperate apps for Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word. So, Are These Apps Worth Your Download?Will the release of these apps help Microsoft increase its diminishing dominance in the market, or is this a case of too little, too late?
The consensus often reached is that PC is better for work-related tasks, especially in an office environment, while the Mac is the best choice for creative endeavors such as graphic design, audio editing and video editing. In many cases, specific software packages were only made for Mac or PC, effectively making the choice for you.

The truth is both systems are made with almost identical components under the hood, and either system can suffer hardware failures. PC’s are most definitely more at risk than Apple as most viruses and malware target these systems. With a Mac, a user is investing in not only a functional piece of equipment but also a brand with an elegant design that has yet to be matched by PC manufacturers. In the end, both platforms are simply tools that must be selected carefully in order to accomplish whatever goal you have set for your company.
The third-dimensional capture is important in a VR viewing experience, because it adds the sense of depth that is natural to how our eyes sees things, versus a flat image.
The images are processed in near real-time and stitched using the Vuze Studio desktop software for Mac or PC. The company may not be a familiar name, but it has been around since 2000, described as a “pioneer in photographic 3D, animated content creation, printing, display and processing in lenticular graphic arts,” and led by experts in computer vision. It’s hard to tell if cameras like this will gain traction with consumers at the initial stage.
With increased competition and flocks of users going to apps like Quickoffice (which was recently acquired by Google) and Kingsoft Office, it was getting close to do-or-die time for Microsoft. You'll need to have, or sign up for, a free Microsoft account in order to use the apps, as well OneDrive in order to pull and push documents to and from the cloud. While the mobile app doesn't equate aesthetically to its iPad equivalents, the added functionality may make the app worthwhile to keep tucked away on your iPad. Only time and adoption will tell, so the question becomes, "should you adopt?"If you were an Office power user clamoring for the official apps, you knew that a subscription was probably necessary or you already had one, so I would say these apps are absolutely worth your download.Organizations that utilize Office will most likely already have subscriptions to Office 365, and if they have a heavy reliance on iPads, adding a subscription may be nothing but a small line item on a monthly expense report.
Today, however, with the advent of cloud based applications and developers comfortable with both PC and Mac, the choice is often left up to you.
Apple tightly controls its hardware, forcing you to go to them for many replacements outside of basic hard drive and memory repairs and upgrades.
It’s not always about design, however, and many PC systems still look great while being highly functional, often making them much more attractive for businesses looking to manage costs.

You must select the one that you and your employees are most comfortable with, and that will allow you to get on with business in the most efficient manner possible. From some of the 360 samples HumanEyes posted to YouTube, the image quality looks decent with smooth motion, although the colors look a bit off. Still, we can expect more of these cameras to appear if VR continues to grow, and Vuze is certainly trying to position itself at the forefront. Grab the app from the iOS App Store for those moments you notice a typo and need to quickly fix it, then go back to viewing your documents in the iPad app. In these cases, having mobile apps that are nearly equivalent to their desktop counterparts may prove invaluable, so definitely worth a download in this case as well.But if you're like me, someone who found and utilized alternatives instead of waiting around for Microsoft, the need for these apps diminish greatly. Creative software, for example, is readily available for both systems and, in most cases, functions almost identically regardless of the platform you are using. This can give PC an edge in business as IT departments continue to search for ways to reduce failures and decrease maintenance times. As the popularity of Apple has soared, more and more viruses and malware have begun to appear that specifically target these systems. If all I can do is view documents, grabbing the Office Mobile iPhone app will more than suffice for quickly viewing and making simple edits. By the same token, basic office systems once dominated by the PC are now easily found for the Mac as well. No matter what system you decide to use, a strong and reliable antivirus software package should be your first purchase.
But even that may be unnecessary, as Quickoffice has become my go to document editor, and oh yea, you can view documents with it too!
We aren’t sure how much of that is due to the display limitations of the phone, but the Vuze is still in its development stages.

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