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With this post you will discover because I consider Leica X2 a fantastic street photography tool. Before this let me remember some basics of photography, that will be useful for understanding the settings for Street Photography with Leica X2, sure can be applied to other cameras.
Although my blog has an audience of advanced photographers there are also beginners and I think is ueful for all in this article to remind the fundamentals of photography.
Although it is proved that the AF of X2 is improved in respect to Leica X1, the experience with the camera suggest to use the manual focus.  With the depth of field indicator, X2 users can see the in-focus area of a picture they would take based on the current aperture set on the top dial.
It’s fun shooting once and awhile and not getting any feedback until a trip to the drug store to get the roll developed. By the way did you choose the Black & White mode in the camera or you convert the pictures afterwards? I have set the camera Black & White contrast + DNG (Raw) and the choice depends by the destination. Hi, i`ve been wondering if the Leica x2 has a AF lock, sometimes manual focus is hard to use, given the low resolution of her LCD display. Let’s say you want a foreground object to appear out of focus, with the background in focus? Any alterations such as upgrades, modding with custom ROM, rooting or flashing the Android device with other firmware will automatically cause the device experience matters as well as void the device's warranty.

Of course this is not the only camera very good for the genre, but Leica X2 with the necessary precautions and settings can become a a great solution for street photographers. After a month of experience I can affirm that using full manual, included manual focus, is the best way to use this camera for me.
You can understand the number of combinations for the same situation of light are numerous. You will see that you will use often the same parameters with your camera with determinated conditions of light and so you will have favourite settings. This technique used by photojournalists allows the photographer to essentially “set and forget” the aperture and focus. You can use the MF saving* feature and the lens will be focused on the same position when you turn on the camera. I find EVF very useful when busy with commercial work, not that much in the streets where I prefer to use the optical viewfinder. Running the full Android 4.4 OS gives you the ability to run virtually any Android APP on your TV. If used correctly your shooting experience in the street will be easier and will allow you to focus on the content and composition. I am using memorized the focus from 4 feet to infinity: it is perfect for 99% of the situations in the street. It remains locked until the button is held for a couple of seconds again – even if the camera is switched to an AF mode, or switched off.
Ok, Leica X2 is a compact camera but not so small to be considered a snapshot camera (I am thinking for example to Ricoh GRD IV) where the viewfinder is almost an excess.
First of all let me say that Leica X2 is a compact camera with an APS-c sensor so its 24mm is an equivalent 36mm. The powerful H3 quad core processor with the Mali400MP2 graphics engine provides stellar performance for high definition video playback.
Using the depth of field (or “distance”) scale and aperture ring found on many prime lenses, you can identify a “zone” of acceptable sharpness (sharpness is a relative and conventional concept) while shooting at a specific aperture, from a specific distance away from the subject. The APS-C sensor of Leica X2 has a significantly wider DOF than a full-frame camera like M9.

It seems weird for an external component given X2 is such a compact machine, but EVF gives you a different utility (especially by viewing from the top).
This, of course, affects the DOF (depth of field) that you must consider for the results of blurry that you would obtain. XBMC runs smoothly with 4K x 2K hardware decoding from local media and your favorite XBMC streaming add-ons. Zone focusing with a profound depth of field works very well and Leica X2 has a good indicator for a compact camera (as you should always consider this camera). That said, if you want to blur the foreground you will need to have with a large aperture (f 2.8) the subject in the foreground very close and focus on something in the background.
Shooting full manual is challenging, and you must consider a lot of factors, but the benefits can be enormous: and you can actually draw your photograph. I am not a bokehlicious addicted in absolute, but sometimes to have shallow depth of field can be useful also in street photography. An accurate stock management to enable you to follow the sales of all products and thus not be out of stock. Of course Leica X2 has a great depth of field versatility, but with the advantage of being very compact yet. Detailed computerised reports to refine your management strategies.User friendlyWith Merlin X?, Merlin has been improved and simplified . You can’t say to be a photographer if you are not able to exposure without automatisms. And this will be useful also when you will shoot in program, aperture or shutter speed priority.

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