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With the iPad taking a more prominent position in the board room, during sales presentations, and during business meetings, wouldn’t it be nice to know what some of the best apps are for these business situations?
I’ve done a little bit of digging for you here and came up with 3 of the top iPad apps for business meetings and sales presentations.

Finally, we get to change roles from the presenter to the audience member with Penultimate for iPad ($0.99 in iTunes). So these are three great iPad apps for business presentations and meetings that are all under $10. What are some other iPad apps you like, or have come to prefer, for business meetings or presentations? This presentation gives details of FreezePro Software's expertise in different areas such as personal finances or fin tech, smart home solutions, fitness industry, touch screen pos terminals, poker and betting, stock and forex market, social networks, media and entertainment. Microsoft has a new online version of PowerPoint available from SkyDrive and originally named Office Web Apps.

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