Each oral presentation is scheduled for 20 minutes: 15 (+ epsilon) for talk + the remainder for discussion.
The conference hall will be equipped with a presentation notebook with MS Office, Acrobat Reader, and popular programs like Windows Media Player for playing videos. Poster sessions are a good medium for authors to present papers and meet with interested attendees for in-depth technical discussions. Poster highlight presentation: 1 minute (only 1 slide) for each poster at the beginning of a poster session. It’s an age-old truth that slides jam-packed with information cast audiences off into their own daydreams, but new research from Christof Wecker reveals that slide design means more to presentation retention than anyone previously estimated.
As it turns out, slides with too much text create a cognitive overload that destroys presentation recall. Concise slides, on the other hand, are so crucial that audiences are more likely to walk away remembering what was on a presenter’s slides than what actually came out of their mouth.
The perfect way to apply Wecker’s research to increase presentation effectiveness is to create pointed slides that reiterate the most crucial takeaways from each section of a presentation.

Scientifically proving what many secretly think, but are often too afraid to put into practice.
We are a presentation agency with over 50 years of experience working with industry leaders. See how we give companies like AMC, NBCUniversal, and Conde Nast an edge over the competition with first class presentations and a presentation solution for the iPad.
Learn more about our CustomShow presentation software that is proprietary and used with many of our clients. Question Mark provides numerous presentations to help our customers, and prospective customers, successfully deploy computerized assessments. In addition, attendees find the poster sessions a good way to sample many papers in parallel.
This blog is devoted to helping businesses improve the ways in which they build and manage presentations. We provide public ?web-seminars? that use a combination of conference calls and web technology to discuss computerized assessment issues.

Thus, it is important that you display your message clearly and noticeably to attract people who might have an interest in your paper. Using visuals is all the more powerful, as your narrative can explain the images, increasing audience engagement and recall through frugal coding of two different (but synchronised) media streams. It need not, and should not, attempt to include all the details, you can describe them in person to people who are interested. The ideal poster is designed to attract attention, provide a brief overview of your work, and initiate discussion.

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