We also have some great places you can check out photos of our events, speaker videos, and more, with our Flickr and YouTube accounts! So there you have it – all the places you can go online to connect with us, with fellow attendees, and with our speakers. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
You could spend an entire day reading dozens of different articles and viewing different charts about what it is that exactly separates the two services.
Google might have different ad formats and more options than Facebook, but at the end of the day you’re relying on what people decide to search.
It’s where we push out links to our blog posts and updates, communicate with fans and attendees, have random and not-so-random discussions, and in general is where people interact with each other about various topics, links of interest, and so on. Facebook events are great things, because you can RSVP there and show all your friends and colleagues that you’re planning to attend BlogWorld! Deb Ng, our wonderful Conference Director, also runs a weekly #bwechat there, every Wednesday night at 9pm EST. You can use this tool to network with other attendees and fans, connect on LinkedIn with people you know or would like to get to know, and share thoughts and ideas freely in there!

She's often found chatting it up in our online communities, but spends whatever offline time she has creating art and jewelry.
You see, once you compare them platform-to-platform and start looking at the metrics that actually matter to advertisers who would use Facebook to bolster their brand, you start to see something entirely different. This means you constantly need to be on top of your research across the board, all to drive people to a destination. We often feature special guests like some of our speakers, or active members of the community who have something to share. Networking at the conference event is a crucial activity, but with the LinkedIn group, you can keep in touch with those you meet at the events, or find people you’d like to meet at the next one! Then again, that’s because of what Google is – an entire search engine that is able to span the Internet.
And while Google might be more widely used, because it’s a search engine as opposed to a social network, ad campaigns all come down to targeting, and this is why Facebook is able to trump Google on ad effectiveness.
With Facebook’s 900 million users, however, you have something of a comparable size with much more focus. Though for the sake of argument, it looks like Facebook wins in the categories that matter the most.

It’s pretty great that you can choose to be part of one, ten, or twenty different communities on any given topic. Google’s search terms and ad formats and other features provide more options, but Facebook provides a much more streamlined approach for targeting your market.
Sure, they have millions of other companies and sites associated with them, but Facebook users use Facebook; everyone can search Google. Your fan page or business page can pick up a head of stream through likes and sharing and unique content within the social context of the Facebook framework. You have many different filters that can be applied to help you keep this focus as narrow or as broad as you wish. It’s much easier to reach the right audience, and the word-of-mouth factor is exponentially increased on a social network when compared to the Internet at large.

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