Mobile phone has become an inseparable part of our daily life and most of us depend on mobile phones for many of our daily needs. The mobile internet usage is growing rapidly and by the year 2014 end, the mobile internet usage will take over the desktop internet usage. People are spending more and more time on their mobile phones and a whole new marketing world has evolved around the mobiles. SMS’s are everywhere in the world and out of 4 billion mobile phones used worldwide almost 3.08 billion are enabled with SMS services. Responsive web designs are the most fascinating feature that offers a computer like feeling to the users making searches on the mobile.
Mobile marketing is on the rise and most of the companies are making use of this amazing device for promoting their brands and products. Mobile channels are redefining the way the mobile companies make use of technologies for promoting brands. In the year 2012, 39% of all the adults in UK had a mobile phone but by the year 2016, almost 80% people would be making use of Smartphone.
The number of Smartphone users in US is expected to increase almost 50% more from the year 2010 to 2015. On the planet earth there are 6.8 billion people out of which 4 million make use of mobile phone for most of their communication needs. Consumers are loaded with various mobile technologies and US can be considered as a bellwether for the mobile technology.
The trends in marketing world are changing rapidly as the society is becoming more and more dependent on technology.
The web use on mobile is increasing rapidly and more and more number of marketers is incorporating mobile marketing into their marketing agendas. In the digital era of today’s time mobile marketing campaigns are increasing rapidly and it’s time for the marketers to get ready for some action in the field of mobile marketing. A huge number of consumer bases is accessing internet on their mobile whether it is for browsing, banking or shopping.
There are some interesting mobile facts that may not be known to many people almost 75% of America bring their phones to the bathroom and 53% Americans make use of Smartphone to do web browsing at least once a day.
The Usage of Social Networking Platforms on Computers vs Smartphone is similar for Facebook (nearly 90%) & twitter (around 25%). The different video platforms are used equally on computers and smartphones: around 80% for YouTube, 52% for Facebook and 14% for Twitter. Fact 8: 39% of smartphone users say they notice ads (all the times or most of the times) on smartphone.
The best place of your ad to get it noticed is an app (54%), a website (48%) or search engine (42%). Fact 10: Barriers to mobile purchase are mainly payment security, screen size and lack of product detail information. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
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5 Key Social Media Trends Surfacing at Social Media Marketing World You are using an outdated browser. If I had to pick a single social media trend driving conversations at #SMMW13, it would be the convergence of social and content marketing. A world class easy to use text marketing platform to set up and monitor your resultsa€¦ if you can type, you can do it. Full Training Program to help you better understand how to profit from mobile marketing A for your business. Includes support for your personalized mobile marketing strategy to build your business and meet your goals. You can have the best marketing tools in the world, but to get the most out of your marketing investment, you need to have a comprehensive strategy.
Mobile Marketing Done 4U is ahead of its time in all that is offered to support your mobile marketing needs in a single platform, offering personal support throughout the process.
The widespread use of mobile has invented a new marketing opportunity known as mobile marketing. SEO, mobile sites and geolocation are some of the common terms used for the mobile marketing.
76% of the mobile phone users can be searched by the text messages and 8 out of 10 mobile phone users are using the text messaging and 98% messages are being opened by the users which are a good opening rate. People look at their phones almost 150 times a day and almost 70% of searchers act within an hour.
In the year 2012 the sales of tablet phones reached up to $ 29 billion out of which 70% sales will be iPads. The increasing number of mobile phone uses has created a huge market for the mobile marketing facilities. 18% people can manage without their desktop PCs and 22% would prefer to trade in their TV sets if their Smartphone is gone. In the October 2010 almost 21% of mobile subscribers owned a Smartphone where as by the end of 2011 50% of mobile subscribers owned a Smartphone.
US alone have 271 million mobile subscribers and 60% of consumers make use of searches about the products or services on their Smartphone. Adults are spending more and more time on mobile media as compare to newspapers or magazines. The increasing proliferation of web based devices like mobiles, tablets and Smartphone maximum number of client base is available on these devices itself. Mobile marketing works in many ways it involves mobile commerce, big data, real time bidding and augmented reality. Speed and no contract plans are fastest rising consideration shapers for people who wish to buy mobile phones.
Mobile has become one of the most potential marketing tools and even retailers cannot ignore the potential of mobile phones when it comes to increasing the sales figure. We gathered 10 facts you should know to plan effectively your mobile marketing plan (source: Our Mobile Planet).
Depending on your customers, note that some specific social network are more or less used on computers vs on smartphone. In interviews, Jason Miller, resident Social Media Strategist at Marketo, has admitted that he agrees, and “believes that this is the year where content and social media will convene into the driving force behind organizations’ marketing strategies.”2.

SMS marketing offers great reach and ROI and 41% times people are inspired to make purchase with the help of a message marketing campaign. Only 30% people depend upon the PC search now where as most of the people make use of mobile phones for all their web surfing needs. 90% of SMSs are read in 3 minutes and 88% of users have made use of site for getting discounted deals. 1 in 3 purchasers may switch the carriers and 80% of all the shoppers’ research online before making their purchase of mobile phone. Engagement Goes DeeperFor many brands who are just starting a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, any engagement is a good thing. According to gender distribution 49% female make use of tablets where as 51% male make use of tablets.
Lucky you if you managed to attend it rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Guy Kawasaki and Chris Brogan! Posts that gain “Likes” and “Shares” are certainly rewarding, but paying attention to Facebook Insights is crucial. For the mobile usage almost 56% male use mobile phones where as 44% female make use of that. You probably had the luxury of cruising gorgeous San Diego bay in the evenings on a private yacht. Amy Porterfield, co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies believes that a leading social media trend will be looking deeper at  engagement, as a tool for learning more about your audience.3. Between inspiring conversations with other experts and the exciting roster of speakers, I’ve had the pleasure of gaining some insight on the biggest social media trends of 2013.I’ll be sharing highlights of my experience in a series of blog articles.
Podcasting Gains SteamOne of the most-effective ways to be heard could be to literally invest in publishing branded sound bytes.
Tune in for more insights over the next few days, and in the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek at the hottest social media trends that are right around the corner for your brand:1. One of the powerhouses behind the conference, Social Media Examiner founder Michael Stelzner reported that a recent survey of 3,000 marketers revealed there would be an 800% increase in podcasting in 2013.
Content is Social2011 was the year where social media marketing became a runaway phenomenon.
Approximately 1 in 7 people on the planet have a mobile-enabled device, allowing convenient access to podcasts.4. Social Commerce GrowsDespite the meteoric rise of social media, consumers still trust recommendations from family and friends more than any paid media, or online review websites. 2013 is the year where companies are beginning to realize that you simply can’t gain an audience without social media, and you can’t educate and engage without branded content.
Viveka Von Rosen, CEO of LinkedIn to Business, predicts a rise in social commerce, like Facebook’s graph search. More social media networks will likely invest in tools that allow users to explore their friends’ and families’ “Likes” and experiences with brands.5.
Personalization MattersPersonalization is really nothing new, but as the internet becomes more sophisticated, it’s becoming increasingly possible for brands to develop real friendships with customers.

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