Enough about my reasons for switching to Chrome, this post is about the Flash Player running in Chrome.When I switched to Chrome I quickly realized the debugger version of the Flash Player wasn't being used.
I was able to install MAC 10,1,53,21 debug version into chrome without any disabling of anything and it stays the debug version.
All, several folks have pointed out the different versions of the plugin configuration screen and how to open it. Homepage » Online How-to » How to watch TV channels online from Google chrome browser? Watching TV channels online is possible through many online websites and servers, but keeping a list of them and bookmarking is always a pain when compared to a few other options where you need to do nothing but installing simple tools that do the job you need.
The extension is known to play more than 2700 channels from all around the world, live through many sources.
The only other requirement for the extension to work and the live TV to work is the Windows Media Player plugin for firefox and chrome browsers. Once the plugin is installed, open the Google chrome browser and install the chrome extension and open it. There are various channels listed under every country, and apart from that the various categories have numerous channels listed in them.
A few days ago, this plugin’s actual name was Remoting Viewer or Remote Viewer, which Chrome team has renamed to Chrome Remote Desktop Viewer to suite branding of their Remote web app and may be also due to users’ concerns of it as spyware or phishing app.
Open about:plugins page in Chrome, click “disable” button showed below the plugin description.
I had grown tired of Safari 4 chewing up nearly a gig of RAM after leaving it open for a week or more. When I attempted to run a step debugging process Flash Builder 4 displayed a notification warning me I wasn't running a debugger version of the player. I've updated the post with instructions on the simplest way to open this screen that should work in older versions and current versions of Chrome. For those who use the Google chrome browser, there is a simple extension that would help you view your favorite channels, in accordance to the country and even with the various categories like news, sports, entertainment, music etc.

You don’t need to have a separate software installed for the TV channels to run, but just a simple plugin would do. Click on Download Now, and then run the downloaded file, while keeping your chrome browser closed.
Obviously many channels have been showing some error while opening, but others do work pretty well and stream the channels live.
He has been blogging since 4 years, and has been always fascinated with the gadgets, the beauty of Android OS and the Apple gadget designs. When you install Chrome in your computer, Chrome Remote Desktop Viewer comes enabled by default. This plugin is related Chrome Remote Desktop app launched by Google and it “allows securely access other computers that have been shared with you, to use this plugin you need to install Chrome remote desktop extension”.
Call the plugin on the input field and create an array of suggestions for the user to choose from. I validated this claim using Adobe's Flash Player version checker.This seemed really odd to me since I knew I was running a debug version of the player. I have the debug player installed there, but it's not showing up in the Chrome plugin list. I've since moved back to the standard version of Chrome as I was having a lot of Flash content issues with the dev channel.As far as disabling plugins goes, you can do it from within Chrome without having to write any bash profile scripts.
The channels are displayed in a separate pop-up window, that can be placed anywhere in the screen without having you dedicate your time separately if it was being shown in a tab.
Yes, if you’re planning or want to install the Chrome Remote desktop app, No, if you don’t want to install the app, at present. But I can't have any browser chew through a gig of memory even if it takes it a week to do so. I launched Safari and loaded the Flash Player version checker and it said I was running the debug version.
I've found disabling plugins usually sticks for a good while unless you restart Chrome and there's been a dev channel update.

In Chrome 7 you have to press the Details button to expand each plugin section so additional details show up.Pressing the Disable button for a plugin should only disable one plugin at a time, regardless of the Chrome version.
You cannot remove this plugin, because it’s difficult to find its residing directory location, but you can disable this if you feel it no longer necessary for you.
Chrome is nearly as fast as Safari (for me) and I've left it open for two weeks without any tab hogging memory.
But you are correct without pressing Details first you won't know exactly which one you are disabling in the event you have two with the same name (such as two versions of Flash Player). Each opened tab spawns its own process allowing a single tab to fail without affecting other tabs.
If you do that math you'll realize I can open around 25-40 tabs before Chrome takes up a gig of RAM. Whichever versions of these files you had in the directory dictated your installed Flash Player version.That's when I remembered Chrome has its own embedded version of Flash Player and it manages this version of the player without input from you. Casual Chrome users receive automatic updates to the Flash Player which can be useful when there are critical Flash Player security updates.
For programmers writing software for the Flash Player this feature isn't so good.I dug through Chrome preferences and found the screen at Preferences - Under the Hood - Content Settings (button) - Plugins - Disable individual plug-ins (text). After disabling the default Chrome-managed version of Flash Player the Adobe Flash Player version checker reported the correct debugger version. I was now able to debug Flex applications in Flash Builder 4, though it still told me I wasn't running a debugger player.For those who wind up disabling the default player like I did, be warned. Chrome automatically updates it's default Flash Player and when it does the plugin is re-enabled. And since the plugin is listed higher on the Plugins page, this version of the plugin takes precedence when two different versions are enabled.

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