The Acrolaw Blog is a resource for lawyers, law firms, paralegals, legal IT pros and anyone interested in the use of Acrobat in the legal community. Over the past few months, I’ve received a number of inquiries about Acrobat and Office 2010 compatibility.
Adobe Acrobat X installs toolbars and advanced integration— called PDF Makers— into Office 2010 applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. In addition to offering one-click conversion from Office applications, the PDF Makers enable additional functions within Acrobat and Windows Explorer.
Output from the PDF Print Driver is not functionally equivalent to that of the Adobe PDF Makers.
Here are a few of the key features that will be missed using an earlier version of Acrobat with Office 2010. Although many of the conversion options are common to all Office applications, some PDF maker functions are application-specific.
I previously used Outlook 2007, where the ability to save individual emails and their attachments as a PDF file was invaluable. If converting from excel (2010) to pdf using Acrobat X, cell borders that are any colour apart from black will be the wrong thickness. Acrobat is enhancing thin lines which can give the on-screen appearance that certain colored lines are thicker. I have Windows XP SP3 PC, Adobe Acrobat 9 and just upgraded from Office 2007 to Office 2010.
What version of Acrobat should be used if 32-bit Office-2010 is installed on 64-bit Win7 OS?
I used to be able to see a thumbnail image of my pdf file when set as an attachment within my Microsoft Access 2010 Database.
I have a problem with encapsulated postscript graphics being very badly rendered by the Adobe PDF Maker in Word 2010, whereas they come out perfectly if I simply print to the PDF Print Driver. I am trying to print out multiple sheets using the PDFMaker addin in Excel but it is cutting off the right columns in some sheets and printing them in others with the same print settings. I’m not aware of it myself, but make sure the PDF settings are the same on both machines from PPT. I wish I had some ideas for you other than making sure Office and Windows are patched to the latest version before you install Acrobat.
We never had this problem with Acrobat 9 and Outlook 2003 but now we have it with Acrobat X, Outlook 2010. Is there an option when making the PDF that the notes and slides show up on the same page, instead of the notes being put into a text box? You can switch to the Notes view in PowerPoint and print that to PDF using the AdobePDF print driver.
My Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard allowed me to .pdf portfolio my Outlook 2007 email and attachments.
Can I purchase an Adobe Acrobat X Standard Upgrade to resume creating .pdf portfolios with my Outlook 2010 email and attachments?
Is Acrobat XI Pro capable of converting MS Office documents (docx) to PDF by itself or does it require to have also the office suite installed on the same machine (Windows) ?

I no longer use XP, but I am able to print Office 2010 PPT files with notes to PDF on Windows 7.
Office on the Mac does not provide the ability for third party apps to hook into it, so there is no Acrobat ribbon on the Mac. PDF-ing a file in Powerpoint 2010 ‘with transparency objects’ produces different result on Adobe PDF Makers and the PDF Print Driver?
PDF Print Driver produces grainy or fine lines in the output of the transparency objects of the source file. Is that the above the reason why I am getting the grainy result print on PDF using the PDF Print Driver? Have you imagined running your new product promotion presentation on a big screen TV in front of a big crowd?
Have you imagined sending your PowerPoint presentations to people who does not have PC and let them watch it on a TV? Have you imagined going to a presentation meeting with DVD in your hand without your notebook computer? Now every PowerPoint users can have the most compatible, portable, and versatile tool ever. Rick Borstein, blog author, is a Principal Solutions Consultant with Adobe Systems Incorporated. In fact, Acrobat itself relies on the PDF Makers working correctly for important functions. Acrobat 9 shipped about 30 months before Office 2010 and will not be upgraded for compatibility with Office 2010.
Any idea where the permissions need to be changed to allow a regular user to use this functionality within Acrobat? I recommend checking with your IT folks to use a package built for your specific environment. I have Acrobat 9 now, and find when I PDF an Excel document (2007 version) that includes links to multiple cells within the Excel document, the PDF strips the links to those referenced cells.
If you are upgrading five machines or more, you can buy a pack of 5+ with a single serial number. I have to convert documents from MS Office 2003, 2007 & 2010 and really do not feel I should have to upgrade to Adobe 10 when MS Office older versions are supported longer than just 4 years?
Essentially, the blog post you refers to talks about changing the default typeface and style when doing ASCII depo conversion.
I can create PDFS with no problem but haven’t been able to merge word documents from the original files. Specifically, I have a header with two words on two lines (company name), but with very tight linespacing to bring them close together.
Any fields in multiple forms that you combine will be unified with the data in the first instance. How do I get rid of said bar without having to constantly extract the actual pdf from the portfolio?
We are currently using a separate driver that lets me put the notes and slides on the same page, but it only lets me highlight the notes section and turns the upper slides into a graphic, so the type cannot be highlighted.

You will need Acrobat X or XI for compatibility and the ability to create bookmarked files from Excel. The table borders have no attributes set (we are aware that in Word there is no option to set a zero border width). In Adobe Reader, depending on the border width, and the zoom level, it is possible you might not see them, depending on your view settings.
I understand that the PDF conversion can be launched either from the Office suite or from Acrobat itself but what if the MS Office Suite is not installed? Adobe does offer a server-based tool called LiveCycle PDF Generator that offers server-based PDF creation. Now the pdf add-in for Access 2010 does not work (Professional 2010 32bit) on a 32 bit XP workstation. I was able to reproduce the error when printing, but I believe this is likely an Office issue, not a Reader issue.
They also have several of Word’s text special effects applied (Gradient Fill-blue, Accent-1, Outline-white, Shadow). However, when I’m in Acrobat X, Word does not appear in the list of All Supported Formats (excel, powerpoint and publisher are on that list). In the previous MS Office Application, I used to be able to convert into PDF with bookmarks.
I ask this question because we are looking for a way to automate the process of PDF conversion on a server. This gives a Web designer flexibility in .You may have run into a situation where you wanted to fade a part of an image for a PowerPoint slide.
About the only surefire way to get a PDF with good figures is to print to PDF, and even this is not 100%, and you lose a lot of valuable features. When printing to PDF, the Postscript interpreter normalizes the file to fix issues, but I don’t think that happens with the PDF Maker. You can open it from the portfolio, redact the words you want, and save it back to the portfolio. On devices such as ipad and iphones, you can see the gridlines where the table has a solid colour background, yet on other devices such as Samsung Galaxy – you cannot see the gridlines. The newer Acrobat reader versions have forced me to seperately imbed bitmap images for the same effect. I have been able to PDF documents by moving the text to a seperate page from the images but this is not good enough for the final release. If you know all the strings you want to search for, you can use the Search and Redact feature to mark all found words in all the documents in a PDF portfolio. Taking away from both the presentability of the database and adding significantly to my file size.

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