TweetScoop.itThe Christmas season is drawing near and many people, including you, will be busy with Christmas shopping and preparations. This greeting card maker template, is perfect for companies wanting to give some holiday cheer to their employees, or companies wanting to greet other companies, like clients or suppliers.
This template features a solid black background with a thin solid white border near the very edge of the greeting card. The inside pages of the greeting card also features the same Christmas tree image, only smaller. Using this Christmas Cards Maker Template, you can also change the images for your own, if for example you want to further personalize it with your company logo or family picture.

You can print two cards in one standard letter-sized paper because of its easy format and layout.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! After all, Christmas is about giving and being together with family, friends and loved ones.
You can also use it for your organization, community, in school, at work or to your family and friends.
Framed is an image of what appears to be sparkling, multi-colored Christmas balls that form the shape of a triangle, like the iconic Christmas tree.

The inside pages are also complementary and printing them on the other side of the same paper or another sheet would complete the look of your greeting card. These inside pages also allow adequate space for you to type in the computer or write by hand after printing.

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