As with all the Office 2013 applications, PowerPoint 2013 has been given a fresh coat of paint.
Start it up, and you'll be given a range of templates to choose from to create your new presentation. Most of the changes in PowerPoint revolve around making things PowerPoint users already do a bit more straightforward. Similarly, PowerPoint users often want to make colors consistent between text and pictures, so there's now an eyedropper to allow colors to be picked up from pictures and used elsewhere. To enhance consistency between slides, templates can specify guides along which page elements should be aligned. Another common task made better is a new charting feature that allows Excel charts, graphs, and tables to be directly included in PowerPoint presentations without losing any functionality. Collaborative tools have been enhanced across the entire Office 2013 suite, and PowerPoint hasn't been left out here, either. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. PowerPoint is therefore a useful tool for the lecturer to demonstrate his ideas in a video graphic visual way. For communicating with a person, the speaker had to present himself in such a way that the listener can understand what the speaker wants to say to him. Microsoft Powerpoint’s strongest advantage in front of similar applications is how easy is to use it. Of course, the central utilities here are the instruments to come up with your presentations, and Microsoft Powerpoint has lots of them.
Protect your browser from unwanted changesYou can get the latest versions of your favorite programs withSoftware Updater Vittalia Installergives you the possibility to uninstall all offers of your computer quickly and easily. Maybe not in all cases, but I know that my own personal issue with most of the PowerPoint presentations I have had the displeasure of viewing is they are boring.
And not just kinda boring.  I mean chin on the desk, prop your eyes open with a pencil, fall asleep sitting up snooze worthy! So today we are going to tackle this problem once and for all.  Instead of just focusing on how to get the job done, now we are going to look at how to get the job done well.
So instead of trying to stick to some arbitrary number you have picked out somewhere in your head, let the information speak for its self.  You will end up with better slides and a more compelling overall presentation. Try anything as long as you are trying something.  Why?  Because you should be able to tell one slide from another without having to constantly check the number printed on the bottom.
My last point here is far from being the least important.  In fact, I think it might actually be the true heart of the matter. One of the best PowerPoint presentations I ever watched stands out not because of the quality of the information, but rather their use of space.  I remember this presentation clearly, even though it has been 10 years since I watched it, because they used a nice pie chart in the upper right hand corner of each slide. More than just a random clip art, this pie chart was relevant to the presentation and different portions were highlighted with each slide.
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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 free trial gives you more ways to create and share dynamic presentations with your audience than ever before.

It has a new icon and Metroesque look-and-feel, plus the application incorporates extensive cloud integration. For example, Microsoft has found that PowerPoint users often use PowerPoint to make shapes and diagrams. Templates can also specify preferred color schemes, so that anyone using the template will use the right colors and put objects in the right place.
In addition to better embedded charts, PowerPoint 2013 supports more video formats for embedded media, and it supports music playback that spans multiple slides (or even the entire presentation).
You can click on someone's contact and start instant messaging them over Lync, or send them an e-mail. You can directly add images to a presentation from the Web without having to save them separately first.
Presenter view shows slides on one display, and information for the presenter (such as notes and upcoming slides) on another. He covers Microsoft, programming and software development, Web technology and browsers, and security.
In order to download the PowerPoint application the user had to download the whole Microsoft office tools. Although remembered as a very basic tool, the latest versions of the software have shown significant improvements that turned it into a very attractive option when deciding for the best presentation alternative. From image, video and audio editor to retouch the elements of your project to a wide set of filters, effects, animations and transitions, the program will offer you everything you’ll ever need, from the most basic options to several real advanced ones. Thanks to the broad template gallery, you’ll be able to choose an existing structure to guide your work.
Compress your project, save it into a video file and share them with your friends or display it in your class.
In particular, the "ribbon" interface has been given a new look that's closer to 2003's menu bar. The focus with PowerPoint 2013 has been on streamlining real-world usage and getting the most out of the features that already exist, rather than cramming ever more functionality into a product that's already creaking at the seams. What is new is that they're now available with 16:9 aspect ratios, which the application defaults to. While it could be argued that Visio is the better tool for this kind of task, the shape creation tools have nonetheless been extended to make it easier to create custom shapes by combining existing ones. In PowerPoint 2013, they're more capable, similar in concept to the comments found in Word, with comments presented alongside slides and users having the ability to add replies to comments.
While this perhaps isn't actually PowerPoint's fault, it can't avoid being tarnished by the way its users use it. From basic presentation of any sorts of complex presenting everything can be done with the help of PowerPoint.
Moreover PowerPoint allows audience or user to note down the slide show with the help of laser pointer and narrations. Therefore, your work will be reduced to selecting the components that will fill the spaces in the templates. There are plenty of possibilities lying within Microsoft Powerpoint: download it now and check what it can do for you! In the meantime we will display some great and free commercial opportunities that you are not compelled to download.

The File menu returns to PowerPoint 2010, although it now takes you to a separate screen.The change from the menu bar to the ribbon in 2007 did not play especially well with many users. The presenter can choose to zoom in on the display with the slide to focus the audience's attention on a particular part of the slide.
It is generally a sort of demo, allocutions, persuade or for making a good will among the listeners. The basic components of presentation are slides, in which text, pictures, audio clips and as well as video clips can be inserted.
Power point gives a complete freedom in the hands of the user to express his minds fully to the audience in a more effective and customized and impactful way. However PowerPoint provides a short and yet most impactful way to present before an audience. Additionally, you’ll get countless models to work with, divided by categories and styles to ease up your choosing process.
Those who found that ribbon less than intuitive may see 2010's updated ribbon as a return to form.The File menu button was replaced by the Windows orb in 2007, but now it's back with a new twist. He or she also has a new navigation grid to allow, for example, easy navigation to additional, optional slides included as an appendix without having to flick through all the slides to get there. However Google also provides this PowerPoint software, but this is an online version in the Googledocs, which is free of cost. PowerPoint helps the audience to concentrate on what the lecturer is saying, through its graphic, ambient sound & animations provided. Instead of opening a menu, it now transports you to the "Backstage" view -- a full screen of controls.
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Backstage is where you access all of the save controls, the options for printing and sharing, and some features like exporting your presentation as a HD video file. Microsoft provides a 30 days free trial of the PowerPoint from the date of installation, after 30 days the product has to be registered by buying for future uses. Our download manager distributes the original unmodified software, obtained directly from Microsoft's website, and does not modify it in any way. Sharing has never been easier, with the option to upload your presentations onto Skydrive, Windows Live's free file hosting service.Other innovations that stood out include the much-improved multimedia media functionality, with more and better effects, animations and transitions. However these days pirated version of PowerPointis readily available in the Internet and the pirated version can be downloaded from here. For new or occasional users it may be bewildering, while advanced multi-media fans may find it lacking. While installing the setup the user had to give the activation code for installing the product.

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