You can book the following options in addition to your regular partnership, so that your logo will be placed in central, eye-catching positions. The three luxury WHD shuttle buses will be branded with your logo and your flyers may be placed onto the seats. The WHD hosts and hostesses are present all over the area and provide help for all visitors. Hostesses will walk around with vendor trays once a day and give your sponsored snacks to the attendees. Have your logo waving over Europa-Park, so that everybody approaching the area will notice it.
As the BizBrunch sponsor your company will be present where business deals are made in a relaxed atmosphere. This option allows your hostesses to promote your services outside of your fair booth (not permitted in the lecture rooms or restaurants). These flags will be flying over Berliner Allee, the main walkway between the different WHD facilities. The large banners are placed in central locations in the event area, so that every visitor will notice them. The hosting.FAIR visitors can collect stamps at the fair booths to take part in a competition and win valuable prizes.
Your brochures will be placed on every table by our hostesses before your company's main.FORUM talk.
All prices include the production cost of the advertising material (except event bag inserts and video material) and are exclusive of 19 % VAT.

Become the sponsor of the ConneXion Party and associate yourself with the best and most memorable moments. All visitors receive a high quality event bag containing informative brochures and give- aways from the partners. Place your logo onto it and be mentioned as sponsor in the program and announcement during the ride.
The stage and tables will be branded with your logo, and your company will be named as VIP Gala sponsor wherever applicable. You will be mentioned as the official sponsor in all communication and your logo will be displayed during the party.
Advertise exclusively on the premium lanyards, to which the visitor badges will be attached. The shuttles are used by most of the attendees and are also clearly visible when waiting in front of the hotels or main entrance.
Each table in the lunch areas will be provided with a sign holder carrying your logo and you will be named as the lunch's sponsor in the program. There will be no cocktails without vouchers, so that these hostesses attract great attention! The attendees of WHD will each be provided with a pen, onto which a partner can place a company logo or slogan as desired. A writing pad in the format of A5 with 50 pages will be handed out in the main.FORUM and in all the session rooms. Your logo will be visible all around the conference, and you will be mentioned in the program as the bruncha€™s sponsor.

The lounge will be branded with your logo and you will be mentioned in the program booklet as its sponsor. All attendees get a printed WHD program booklet, which is sent out in the run-up as well as handed out on site. As an insert for the event bags, your provided material will be handed out to every visitor. During the party, each table will have your logo displayed and there will be some banners naming you as the sponsor. The attendees will find those event bags very useful, not only during the event, but also long after the final evening has come to a close. Each page of this pad will have a printed logo of WHD, and one partner may add his logo exclusively. The entire coffee break area will be branded with your logo, and you will be mentioned as the break's sponsor in the program. On the bags, a WHD partner can exclusively place either his logo or any other suitable advertisement.

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