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The format of our preschool• Other than the stations there will be other features that make up the classroom, such as plenty of room for children in wheelchairs or other accommodations, large windows in each class, each classroom would have a bathroom, and attached outdoor playground. Continuing format• There will be cubbies for each child in the front by the classroom entrance.
Drama station• This station would include a dress up area with a mirror and a play kitchen area with accessories.
Drama station continue• Fine motor tasks of buttoning and dressing will work on their physical development. This station will help develop motor skills by dancing and fine motor skills by playing of musical instruments. Maik Meuser attends RTL Program Presentation and premiere of TV Production "Deutschland 83" at Curiohaus on September 24, 2015 in Hamburg, Germany.

They’re will be full size cubbies so that each child could put all of their items in, coats, shoes and books etc. Cognitive development is implemented in drama play through the various roles they engage in. Music has a long history shown to improve cognitive development, like math skills that are practiced through reading music and playing notes. If the students have their own cubbies, this will make them feel responsible in maintaining their personal space and prevent germs from spreading through keeping clothing separate. This would allow the children to develop socially in the drama play are by deciding roles and situations. Some examples of cognitive learning would be a child playing cashier will most likely use math skills to add up the total.
At this station students can listento a book on tape thus improving literacy, or listen to music on tape.

This station would also allow children to role play events that may have occurred or may worry them. Language development is stressed through discussing and acting in the role the child has selected.
Students who engage in drama play have the skills to “cooperate with peers, control impulses, and are less aggressive”.

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