It has the same general format and tools, which makes it an easy transition for PowerPoint users.Emaze doesn’t have the most templates, but they do have a business focus.
Templates “Infographic,” “Marketing Strategy,” “Sales Pitch” and “Product Demo” include full pre-written slides (pictured below) that you can customize with your specific information and data.
Rather than move from one slide to the next in sequence, Prezi uses a large “whiteboard,” where all your slides are connected like a diagram.
When you present your slideshow, it zooms from one area of the diagram (or one “slide”) to the next. For a basic image-based presentation, PowerPoint is one of the best (and cheapest) options – You can use an online version of PowerPoint for free. There’s several business-specific ones that include pre-written slides, like “Marketing Strategy,” “Sales Pitch,” “Product Demo,” and “Market Analysis.”Others, like “Infographic” and “Gallery” help you showcase products in a unique way. There’s even a template called “Small Business” that helps you create a landing page for your website.Additional templates are available from the Emaze store.

Most of them are pretty basic, giving you a “theme” with a background image, font, colors etc.There are some more advanced ones, however.
You can also add videos and audio files, but only using the desktop version (not the online version).
Charts and graphs can be created by entering raw data or pasting it from a spreadsheet.Prezi has a great interface that’s a charm to use. Like Emaze the menu options are very simple, only expanding when you click a relevant object. Because Prezi doesn’t follow the traditional slideshow formula, however, there is a bit of a learning curve to get started. You have to understand “frames,” which are the areas that make up each slide and “paths,” which is how the screen moves from one frame to another (pictured below).Another downside is that there’s no easy way to create graphs. Text cannot be added directly to the image, but rather needs to be entered as bullet points (pictured below).

It’s a small example, but it illustrates why Prezi and Emaze are faster and more effective when it comes to creating graphics. The Bottom LineIf you’re making your first upgrade from PowerPoint, Emaze is a great choice. At the same time, it doesn’t stray too far from PowerPoint’s editing style, so most users should be able to plug and play.

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