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The masters in library and information science qualified me to work in the world of information service delivery where librarians strive to provide an inclusive and universal service that has a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of our diverse user communities. 24point0 is specializing in VC, Venture Capital Presentations, to help you make your next investor pitch presentation. 24point0a€™s editable Venture Capitalist graphics for PPT can help you successfully articulate the details of your business plan.
A successful pitch to venture capitalists is one that includes identification of the opportunity in the market and the solution which the business will be producing and selling.

Studying the market and doing in-depth research on competitors is essential in any business presentation that is pitching a new product or service. The final slide of the PowerPoint presentation has to be the most powerful – after all, it is the last chance you have to make sure your idea is worth investing in. Buy and Download PowerPoint Diagrams, Templates, Frameworks and Maps at our 24point0 Slide Store. Fast, reliable PowerPoint Design Services - our experts transform and deliver your presentation in less than 24 hours! Signup to our mailing lists and get frequent updates on new products, offers, tips and tricks and more.

By far the most important thing I learned was professionalism – the pride that librarians take in doing their jobs to the best of their abilities and to a high professional standard. If youa€™re still operating the business out of one room and need to expand operations for your business to truly take off, then you need investors. These easy to edit slides can be used to illustrate the various elements needed to make a successful pitch to venture capitalists who may be potential investors in your business idea.

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