For links between math and art, check out this exhibit of math in art and check out Tufts alum Lun-Yi Tsai's math art. Check out Vi Hart's site (opens in a new tab) for entertaining math videos that are real math! In Math 135, Real Analysis, we prove the Bolzano Weierstrass Theorem, and here is a Rap version for the real line!!
Here is a cool site for kids and adults with puzzles, logic games, including Sudoku, and illusions (opens in a new window).

Speaking of numbers: I thought about taking the square root of two, but that is just irrational. Elegant proof: Requires no previous knowledge of the subject matter and is less than ten lines long. Two line proof: I'll leave out everything but the conclusion, you can't question 'em if you can't see 'em. Wigner from ``The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences'' in Symmetries and Reflections, (Oxbow Press, Woodbridge, Conn., 1979), p.

Here's the real thing (an interview with a mathamagician, Arthur Benjamin, on Colbert Nation)! Zhu, the Zigos, Uncle Karl, cousins Karl III, Lisa, Nancy, and Nino, niece Ashley, and some kind anonymous soul.

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