ConceptDraw MINDMAP has an ability to present many document types that makes the Remote Presentation for Skype solution even more powerful. ConceptDraw MINDMAP opens up a new dimension of global collaboration with web meeting, online conference and presentation.
Product Proposal Data document mind map sample is created using ConceptDraw MINDMAP mind mapping software. NINE RELATED HOW TO's:Data Flow DiagramsData Flow Diagrams (DFDs) are graphical representations of the "flow" of data through an information system. Another great feature, at the end of presentation each participant of conference call have the copy of presentation document file. Before, there were floppies, then discs and pen drives, that you had to carry around to your meetings. I’ve been to meetings and speaking sessions like these many times and I find it a shame to have such great ideas slip out the back door without anyone ever noticing. Whether it’s at your weekly project meeting or a major presentation with your stakeholders, your ideas can be presented and communicated in a powerful way where everyone is at the edge of their seats, paying attention to every word you say. In this post, let’s take a look at 5 tools to create meaningful and powerful presentations. Whether you use a Mac or a Windows computer, these presentation tools are a great place to start off with.
Haiku Deck is a free browser-based presentation tool grounded on a mission: to be able to tell each person’s story in a fun and compelling way, to create a memorable experience that rallies support for a great idea. But what makes Haiku Deck a great alternative to Keynote or Powerpoint is the knowledge available to anyone who wants to learn how to create presentations that matter. Presentation Mode is founded on the same idea—that presentations shouldn’t be stale or a painful experience for everyone. Presentation Mode comes with various useful tools: easy keyboard shortcuts, a laser pointer to keep the audience’s attention, being able to switch notes, and more.
Prezi is another web-based online presentation software that takes the technology to a whole new level.
Its most notable features are being able to navigate and zoom into different details and aspects of your story.
Built with a comprehensive and attractive design, you can use TeamGantt to present the progress of your projects to your teammates and stakeholders. Do you use any of these tools to create and conduct eye-catching presentations to better communicate your ideas? Thousands of people from over 60 countries use TeamGantt to plan, track, and manage their projects! Stef Gonzaga is a product specialist here at TeamGantt and writes about project management, productivity, & effective teamwork.
Color Palette for Excel will allow you to change the default Excel color palette with new, brilliant and professionally designed palettes; you could change them or even create your own palettes. Database converter is a powerful tool which makes the conversion from MS SQL server to MySQL easy and reliable.
Atrise Terminal Video Player is a fullscreen loop video player for public places: terminals, shops, casino, home, etc. Do you want to add presentation sharing to your website, or do you want to build a presentation community or sharing presentations to your websites?
Presentation tools: PPT2Flash software, PPT to Flash software, PowerPoint to Flash software, Create engaging flash or swf presentation, demonstration, training course, and home slide show.
Billing and inventory management software records and maintain company financial status, productivity, sales purchase order report.
Dongsoft Interactive Flash Maps for websites, interactive map applications, presentations, and more. PPT to EXE Converter is an application that will help you convert your PPT files into EXE files. MSSQL to MySQL database converter software transfers all database attributes and records of Microsoft SQL to MySQL. If your work or studies need you to make presentations in front of an audience, a crowd or your peers, then you know the importance of having good, engaging and effective presentation content in your hands.

Whether you need presentation tools for business proposals, HR training, a viva voce, or for teaching a class, these tools will probably help you keep your audience entertained through and through. Prezi is a zooming presentation tool that lets you create and present your ideas on a large and zoomable virtual canvas. Looking for a way to create free and interactive professional-looking, HTML5 presentations? Users can animate their presentations with a Flash-like editor where you can select keyframes, set the length of the various animations, and so on. SlideRocket is a presentation platform that helps you to create and manage your presentation.
Vuvox offers 3 main features: Collage, Studio and Express to create a multimedia presentations with feeds, links, music, audio, video and photos from Flicker, SmugMug or Picasa.
It is also perfect for multimedia collage presentations that require the use of rich media elements. Empresser is an online rich media presentation editor which allows you to add photos, music, audio, video, and even Flash into your presentation. Registration is free and there’s no limit to the number of presentations you can create and store. You may start by choosing a chart template from its gallery and it only supports Microsoft Office 2003 and above.
As the name suggested, ScrollShow is a scrolling presentation editor for iPad with multi-speed backgrounds.
If you always share your presentations on the Web, Knovio can help you show your personality by letting you attach your voice or a video alongside the presentation. You can even import PowerPoint presentations that are already done and work on that with Knovio. Similar to Knovio, supercharges your presentation by adding videos side by side to your slideshows whether it is in Powerpoint, PDF, Excel, Word, Google Docs or Open Office format. VCASMO is an online presentation editor for multimedia slide shows, business presentations, training, academic teaching and etc. By importing files from Microsoft® Word®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft Project®, or other supported mind map formats, users can present data from a huge variety of sources to colleagues and shareholders anywhere in the world. Remote presentations via Skype are proven method of capturing and presenting ideas that increases productivity. This mind map example helps to learn how to share and present business documents to team via Skype.
Now, you may have to present on your iPad, tablet, or even smartphone – that’s where the cloud is your saviour. Projeqt boasts of being a “dynamic” presentation tool, through which you can parallelly pull out information from twitter, blogs and other social platforms. It has a minimal style and an infographic-esque approach, adding a quirky element to your presentation. That he or she had plenty of ideas to share, but the presentation didn’t really connect with you on a deep and engaging level?
More importantly, you lose the opportunity to make an impact on your audience and inspire them to take action. They’re already built in to your computer and have the features you need to create a great presentation.
These are created with better design and typography in mind, some of which may fit your purpose better than the default options.
A quick glimpse at the Popular and Featured galleries show a plethora of possibilities when creating beautiful and eye-catching presentations for just about any purpose or topic. If you’re subscribed to their Premium or Business service plan, you get to present those valuable notes to your team using a nifty feature called Presentation Mode.
With team meetings and small group presentations in mind, Presentation Mode enables you to display and present your existing notes to your audience without having to translate and transfer them to presentation software.
Designed to capture and hold your attention from start to finish, Prezi presentations are interactive, customizable, and animated. You can insert images and videos to illustrate your ideas, and your presentations are always available wherever you need to access them.

You can see which tasks are due and in progress, the availability of each member of the team, and easily hide completed tasks so you can focus on what needs to be done. Flash movies, created with iSpring Pro, look exactly the same as your PowerPoint presentations. No need computer, PowerPoint presentations can be watched on TV sets which can be easily found2. Application has inbuilt features of open, edit, update and delete for manipulating the company database. Database converter software converts database into new destination database without any changes in records. Powerpoint may not be cutting it for most of us anymore, but fret not, we have here 10 great Powerpoint alternatives as fine replacements. Manipulate your videos, images, animation, audio clips and more into a winning presentation that will definitely help you win over the crowd. You can easily place ideas, images, and videos and arrange them in a natural flow to tell your story. Import your existing presentations from PowerPoint or Google, and start using SlideRocket’s authoring and tracking tools to create a vibrant and dynamic presentation.
SlideRocket has since been acquired by ClearSlide, if you would like to try it out, check out this link. In short, Oomfo helps you to design interactive charts like Pareto, Waterfall, Funnel, Marimekko, Pyramid and etc. Your slides can then be shared on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or shared privately with close friends. You can even watch the edited presentation on mobile devices using exclusive apps.
Use this mindmap example for implementation of Remote Presentation for Skype solution from ConceptDraw Solution Park. But the world is moving to a much more visual and interactive space, and you need to keep up. Prezi is a tool that automatically syncs your edits across devices, so you’re always presentation-ready. You’ll find plenty of custom templates or themes for free or purchase them from well-known vendors. This way, data won’t feel overwhelming and it’s easy to determine the next steps to take for the project to move forward. It provides an HTML5 WYSIWYG editor for you to design simple presentation content in HTML5.
Oomfo allows you to connect your chart data from your Cloud application or multiple Excel files. It is ideal to present timeline presentations, animate infographics online or at a personal level, present your vacation photos. An effective presentation should involve and interact with the audience, and give them food for thought. You can create layers of information, and go only as deep as you wish, depending on your audience. You only have the first two minutes to make a great first impression and sell your ideas to them. Category you want to view and backgrounds that you want to be able to download the presentation as appropriate to your project. They have two versions; web and iPad – and you can even use your iPhone as a remote control! Accomplish.How To Collaborate via SkypeOnline collaboration tool for workgroups that extends Skype conference call possibilities.

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