Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In a post for the Content Marketing Institute, Rick Allen explains why customer relationship management begins at home. Allen says it is important to set and reinforce communication goals by breaking down barriers.
This goes for product developers, customer service representatives, business managers, and creative directors. He suggests working with internal stakeholders so they understand how the content they inform or create supports their work along with larger business objectives. For more tips on using content marketing to foster customer relationships, read Allen’s full post here.

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We’ve already discussed the first triangle— Meeting Business Objectives—by maximizing profits or increasing market share . If we produce one more item , we go beyond covering our costs and will make a profit ? hence the name for the denominator – Contribution Margin (= contributing to our profit) .
With your neighbors, come up with the appropriate pricing strategy for each of these situations. Price Lining - Setting a limited number of prices for certain categories of products EX: sweaters, pant selection at Filene’s 2. Pricing above prevailing market prices for similar products EX: Sony ? higher price = higher quality?

Free Web tools—messaging programs, voiceboards, free downloads of applications, free electronic greetings REASON? Lower price ? Competitive pricing Q: At what stages do you think it is really important to promote the product to ensure its survival? Special sales promotions; displays; flyers to raise awareness Emphasize uniqueness of product!

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