Over the past year, Enphase Energy has endured a sagging share price and market value, accompanied by laying off 7% of its staff earlier this month in a realignment. Nahi has conceded the time when customers paid significant premiums for the Enphase solutions had already passed, adding that the company must also enter the larger energy market by providing complete energy systems for businesses and homeowners.
Nobody ever said going public was an easy place to conduct business, especially when competitors are nipping at your heels.
Keep up to date with all the hottest cleantech news by subscribing to our (free) cleantech newsletter, or keep an eye on sector-specific news by getting our (also free) solar energy newsletter, electric vehicle newsletter, or wind energy newsletter. Enphase AC batteries require extra electronics for storage, making them less desirable for that application. That simply has the circuitry to change it back from AC to DC internal to the battery packaging… but we still have the conversion losses. The best thing to do would be to have individual panel optimizers which can be smart trackers (just like these microinverters) that then go back and feed one inverter that intelligently decides whether to store the power in the home battery, feed it to the home, or send it to the grid. Network and establish your business in one of North America’s largest energy industries. CleanTechnica is the #1 cleantech-focused news & analysis website in the US & the world, focusing primarily on electric cars, solar energy, wind energy, & energy storage. Click here to download the whitepaper "Five Best Practices to Enable Population Health Management".
Thank you for downloading "5 Staffing Strategies for Engaged Nurses and Better Patient Outcomes." The paper was sent to the email address you provided. Click here to access the whitepaper "Implementing a Successful Telehealth Strategy: What Health-System Leaders Need to Know".
Thank you for downloading "Outpatient Joint Replacement." The paper will be sent to the email address you provided. The Association of American Medical Colleges and a couple other university-based organizations are deeply concerned about a subpoena from a House panel asking for the identities of researchers, students, trainees, healthcare providers and other staff with any connection or involvement to research that uses human fetal tissue. The "Disrupting Healthcare's Legacy Approach to Staffing" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided. The "Essential Elements of Care Redesign and Care Management" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided! There is a growing body of evidence that supports the clinical effectiveness of fecal microbiota transplantation, but little research has been conducted on the patient experience of undergoing FMT — until now. The "Leveraging Technology to Enhance Patient Care" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided!
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Merge Healthcare, an electronic medical imaging company purchased by IBM in August, has joined forces with health information service provider MedAllies to advance interoperable medical image ordering and delivery for the nearly 300,000 physicians using its platform. Data from the West Virginia Health Care Authority showed 25 hospitals across the state saved $265 million last year in uncompensated healthcare, according to the Register-Herald. The Infectious Diseases Society of America has published updated guidelines in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases on treating candidiasis, a serious, life-threatening fungal infection. In addition to securing $2.3 million in a seed round, Austin, Texas-based Chiron Health's HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software launched for iPhone and iPad Wednesday.
Participation in CMS' Bundled Payment for Care Improvement initiative decreased when those involved were required to accept downside risk in October, but remains fairly strong overall, even for clinical episodes that involve infections, according to a new Avalere report.
The whitepaper "Maximizing Point of Service Collections" has been sent to the email address you provided! 7 Steps for Builing and Funding Sustainability Projects examines how hospitals and health systems have various options for funding energy-efficient and renewable-energy initiatives. The "Achieving Cost Savings by Looking at the Big Picture of Health System Supply Chain" E-Book has been sent to the email address you provided! The "Improve Care Delivery with Recorded Discharge Instructions" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided! The "7 Steps for Building and Funding Sustainability Projects" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided! The "Lean & Profitable - Your Blueprint for Urgent Care Success" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided!
Obesity and other nutrition-related conditions present a huge challenge to the healthcare industry, but Irvine, Calif.-based St.
The e-book pricing strategy that Michael Hyatt has adopted for his two Writing a Winning Book Proposal e-books is ideal for just about any author or information marketer selling electronic information products over the Internet.
However, in the case of electronic products like e-books, the incremental cost of distributing a second PDF file is negligible, creating a win-win situation for both buyer and seller.
The question, of course, is what are you doing as an author or information publisher to increase cash flow by creatively pricing bundles of e-books and other electronic information products? What do acquisition editors, like Michael Nolan from New Rider’s Press, want to see in your book proposal and book marketing plan? What of branding and consumer perception of quality and value, how do these affect pricing? Pricing together with selection of channels of distribution, positioning and promotion can affect consumer’s perception.
Price is one element of the marketing mix and is used in conjunction rather than in isolation of the other variables of place, promotion and product. Pricing decisions must take into account a range of internal (business and consumer) and external factors detailed in the diagrams shown below.
Depending on product and buying behaviour, as consumers we do spend time looking at a range of factors that influence our own assessment of product pricing.
Businesses are also influenced by external factors including an understanding of what their customers and consumers think of pricing. Businesses will need to know how their customers interpret prices, for example are prices seen as high, low, premium, or ‘very very’ expensive! Consumers are protected by legislation such as the Trade Descriptions Act, the Consumer Protection Act and the Fair Trading Act. As we discussed in the session looking at Place, channel member do expect to receive a profit from handling goods. It can be a dangerous watching competitors too closely as you might lose sight of your business and its own competitive advantage.
As a little explanation of diagram 3, at Price (P2) the quantity is Q2, as the prices drops the quantity increases (Q1).
Internal business factors such as costs and business objectives influence pricing decisions.
We have looked at some factors that influence pricing above, but before moving on to discuss methods of setting prices please read the case study on low-cost airlines putting into practice many of the points we shall discuss in this week’s session. Ryanair has confirmed that it plans to charge passengers for use of toilets on its aircraft, meaning spending a penny on a flight will soon cost as much as a pound. Prior to 1987, air travel within Europe was heavily regulated and was largely the province of the rich. In essence, the national airlines regarded the skies of Europe as their personal property - the exception was private charter flying, which gave rise to the cheap holiday package. All this changed in 1987 when the EU agreed that the skies should be liberalised for any carriers.
This airline operates an effective website, which has served as the pattern for other cheap airlines. The basis of a low cost airline is that the company reduces its costs to an absolute minimum, and does not provide the level of service that a full-fare carrier would provide.
The following link is to a blog site, but it does offer up-to-date information on cheap flights including articles on some of the premier carriers such as Lufthansa and British Airways who are both offering very cheap flights.
Full cost plus pricing seeks to set a price that takes into account all relevant costs of production.

What are the costs of business overheads such as utilities, factory space, rent and staffing? Direct cost pricing does not include everything as full cost pricing and includes only costs that can be directly traced to producing specific goods or services. For example, the cost of meat in a hamburger can be attributed directly to the cost of manufacturing that product. Direct cost pricing is also useful when trying to price for services such as air flights or hotel accommodation.
Costs are taken into account only when they are directly attributable to the production of a particular product. The point at which the cost of producing a product equals the revenue gained from selling it is called the break even point. The supplier will benchmark themselves against major competition with a choice to sell at the same price as their competitors, above or below. Some new products from top global brands generate considerable media curiosity before production; remember the interest generated by Apple I-phone? Rapid penetration - companies that combine low pricing with high promotional expenditure are using a rapid penetration pricing policy. The business is happy to make money later - for example Dell computers are moderately cheap in comparison to their competitors but their add-ons such as inks and printers are not cheap! In the previous section we reviewed pricing strategies for new or pioneer products some of which are mentioned below again, however, in this section we shall look briefly at a few more pricing strategies. Offers a low price to gain good market share and then increases the retail price to meet demand. During the introduction phase of a new product prices will be high, and then reduced as the product is adopted by consumers and competitors launch their own similar products.
Marketing-orientated companies need to take account of where the price of a new product fits into its existing product line. Where multiple segments appear attractive, modified versions of the product should be designed, and priced differently, not according to differences in costs, but in line with the respective values that each target market places on a product.
For example the price of buying the Gillette mach Razor is quite reasonable, but to buy the replacement blades a second mortgage is required! To conclude the price of a product or service is the value placed on what is provided by the seller to the buyer. Now try an on-line quiz through the Learn Marketing site on pricing……good luck! A major player in the PC market had traditionally competed on price, but changing market conditions made it necessary to adapt by increasing price. MegaCompute had traditionally competed on price, but changing market conditions and a complex corporate structure made it necessary to adapt. MegaCompute became a major player in the corporate PC market by offering fastest time to market on new technologies at the lowest possible price. Recent market conditions caused PC prices to fall rapidly and competitive pricing pressure to increase.  Customers have responded by avoiding long-term contracts and asking that prices be indexed to market price decreases. MegaCompute discounted by negotiating each sale individually -- driving up the cost of sales. The company had difficulty in developing a coherent response to pricing changes, since it has eight business units facing significant differences in competitive dynamics and customer buying behavior. Bain took apart MegaCompute's existing price assurance model and created a fact base with which to build a new list pricing strategy.
By focusing on a refined list pricing model, MegaCompute can attract target customers and build profitable relationships with them. Alkermes (ALKS) has adopted a multi-pronged strategy for the successful launch of its schizophrenia drug Aristada (Aripiprazole Lauroxil). The FDA has approved Aristada as a once-monthly injectable drug available at three dosage strengths—441 mg, 662 mg, and 882 mg. Alkermes also aims to target group of physicians that have histories of prescribing LAI (long-acting injectable) atypical antipsychotics to schizophrenia patients in hospitals and community mental health centers.
Aristada is expected to be priced at levels comparable to other LAI drugs for schizophrenia patients.
Alkermes is currently involved in clinical research to expand Aristada’s label as an injection to be delivered once every two months.
You can get exposure to Alkermes’s unique launch strategy for Aristada while avoiding excessive company-specific risks by investing in the First Trust NYSE Arca Biotech ETF (FBT). Read the next and final part of this series for a look at the market’s response to the FDA’s approval of Alkermes’s Aristada. Correction: This post originally claimed that Abilify Maintena belonged to Bristol-Myers Squibb. Through its Black Sea opening, Ukraine benefits from its ports, the most important ones being Odessa, Illichivsk and Yuzhny, located in the North-Western part of the Sea, as well as the Mariuipol Port (Azov Sea).
For the implementation of the “Law on SeaPorts”, the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure elaborated the “SeaPorts Development Strategy until 2038”, a document approved by the Government in July 2013. The main directions and goals are based on 6 criteria, among which states the competitiveness growth, the provision of an adequate maintenance, the efficient management and the use of strategic assets of port infrastructure, the attraction of long-term private investments aimed to develop the port infrastructure, the creation of a fruitful background for economic activities and equal access to services, the provision of safety regarding the port activities and infrastructure, the reduction of the negative impact on the environment. The industry development needs massive investments that can be assured only through PPP, with strategic investors that already operate the Ukrainian ports. A new method launched by this strategy implies the definition of each port’s specialization and its development on the named segment, a fact that will sustain the investment projects, through which the lessee will assure the quality of the development grade and the increase of competitiveness, taking into account the port benefits. According to the press, the main risks, mentioned in the document, state in the growth of external competition (Romanian, Bulgarian, Turkish and Baltic ports), the re-directing of goods to other types of transport and the decrease of the demand for the Ukrainian exporters’ products.
The Strategy will be implemented by the investors, through bank credits, by the companies involved in this specific domain-related activity, Maritime Port Authority, the railway companies and railway operators, as the Strategy’s concept is based on  transport industry development, as part of a sole Ukrainian logistics centre, as mentioned by Volodymyr Kozak, the Ministry of Infrastructure. This downward spiral has prompted an aggressive pricing strategy over the next two years, stated president and CEO Paul Nahi in a November 3 Q3 presentation.
EnPhase should start aggressively targeting consumers, double down on software monitoring (was always their strong suit). Put a microcontroller in the inverter with a wifi module and that functionality can be added later as the rest of the system evolves. It is part of Important Media -- a network of 20 progressive blogs working to make the world a better, greener place.
Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries. Merlino served as chief experience officer and associate chief of staff at the Cleveland Clinic prior to joining Press Ganey. Baker, MD, executive vice president of healthcare quality evaluation for the Joint Commission, has released a statement to clear up any misunderstandings people may have regarding the organization's standards for pain management.
Terry McAuliffe's latest attempt to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act was unsuccessful, according to a Richmond Times-Dispatch report. Census Bureau has released the results of the latest American Community Survey, including five year's worth of statistics on the social and economic characteristics of even the smallest communities in the nation. Joseph Hoag Health is tackling this public health crisis at one of its sources — the grocery story.
The tasteful design of the front covers of the e-book, characterized by lots of white space, a restrained use of color, and careful typography, further reinforces the credibility of the offer.
Are you taking advantage of the Internet to offer buyers attractive savings while increasing your profits and cash-flow without destroying the credibility of your offer? All of the above and more will be explored in this Week’s session looking at price, one of the marketing mix 4Ps and the only P that generates revenue rather than is a business cost! Prices are perhaps the easiest element of the marketing mix to adjust; products features, channels, and even promotion take more time. Channel members also expect discounts on large orders and prompt payment and expect assistance with promotion and training costs. This doesn’t mean that each time a competitor changes product pricing that a business should follow suit, but as the top UK supermarkets have shown none are slow to shout very loud about who offers the most value at the cheapest price. Customers’ attitudes and responsiveness to price are reflected by economic theories of demand as illustrated. For some products a fall in price leads to a large increase in demand, and the economic term for increase product demand is said to be price elastic. National airlines of European Union member states had developed a highly complex set of agreements about who could fly where, how many seats were allowed on each aircraft, and what fares could be charged.
Prior to 1987, it was often cheaper for a business traveller to buy a package holiday than book a scheduled flight in Europe. Licences were granted to other operators, subject to air traffic control regulations and agreement with the airport concerned.
Seat prices are not fixed, but are controlled by demand, using a sophisticated computer system.

For example there are no in-flight meals, there are no tickets (all processing is done on the Internet), there are no boarding cards, and seats are unreserved. The aircraft is tidied quickly, and pilots use radios to talk to ground engineers, rather than leave the cockpit. They offer the opportunity for people to travel by air, where previously they may have travelled by road, rail or bus. The cost of the product manufacturer, the overheads of the business, fixed and expected, plus costs of channel members and final mark-up to retailer. Other costs, such as depreciation or administrative expenses, are more difficult to assign to a specific product, and so are not considered direct costs. The diagram below shows the relationship between costs, revenue, profits and losses but to calculate the point that the product breaks even a unit price has been previously determined. Here other variables such s product quality and consumer perception will play a part in pricing decisions. Such as the going rate for bread and newspapers, yet in reality there is always scope to offer something different about a product. There is already a scramble to buy the product before it is launched - if only it could be that easy for all new products? The high price reaps high rewards in revenue and the high promotion should attract plenty of interest. As we have seen there is so much more than setting a monetary value for a product, but pricing is relatively easy to control and change if required and don’t forget it is the only revenue-generating variable of the marketing mix. The company also experimented with contracts tying price to an underlying component cost index that declined over time ("price assurance").
This strategy involves flexibility in the usage of the drug, effective pricing, and additional research activities to support further label expansions for Aristada. Physicians also have the option to choose either the deltoid or the gluteal muscle for the injection of the drug.
Health insurance companies should benefit by offering coverage of Aristada because the drug has added flexibility, three effective dosage strengths, and approval for six-week dose intervals at the 882 mg level. The company will also be implementing other clinical studies to expand the drug’s geographical markets outside US.
Thesefour ports serve about 70% of the total volume of goods handled in the Ukrainian ports.
The document aims to establish the main guidelines regarding the port and industry development for the next 25 years, and moreover, the programme is based on a new approach for the identification of each port’s specialization, the development of ports infrastructure and activity.  For the first time, the Programme establishes the planning of short term projects (over 5 years), medium term projects (over 10 years) and long term projects (over 25 years), that will be implemented according to the terminal development projects and also, according to the projects developed by the companies whose raw materials and goods assure the import-export operations and are handled in ports. We are waiting for investors who will involve in industry, who will bring a new approach in project implementation, a fact that will allow us to maintain the port competitiveness as global logistics hubs, within the international transport corridors.
Meanwhile, the government will continue to develop the legal frameworks and will provide the stability of the specific business sphere”, Aleksandr Vilkul, the Deputy Prime-Minister of Ukraine declared. The specialization of ports will be determined through different criteria that rely upon the types of handled goods, the territorial proximity in comparison with the delivered raw materials, production capacities, the existing infrastructure and the availability of the areas that are considered for development.
As an independent producer, he's been involved in the development, production and distribution of television and distance learning programs for both the education industry and corporate sector. 10 cents per watt indicate a $25 price per 250W unit, well that is a 75% cost reduction and not 50%. When the utility pays me half of what they charge me for the same electrons, I can live with a lower efficiency if the price is right. He has written a book on how to improve the patient experience and has been published in a number of academic journals.
In that role, he leads the nation's efforts to control health threats from infectious diseases. Lois Capps, RN, of California have introduced legislation pushing to support comprehensive healthcare and mental health services to students at school-based health centers, or SBHCs, across the country. Writing is writing, and it’s entirely logical that, at some point, nonfiction authors may consider writing a fiction book, and fiction authors may want to write a nonfiction book. Put the pricing too high in comparison with competitor goods and your customers will go to them, but if the pricing is perceived as too cheap then that might have the same effect. Price also communicates to the market the company’s intended value positioning of its product or brand. Does a higher price mean that the customer will go elsewhere or does it equate with quality? Also regulatory bodies such as Ofwat for water and Oftel for the telecommunications industry have been set up to keep a keen watch on pricing and to deal with consumer interests.
These will influence the setting of the final consumer or recommended retail price (RRP), channel member costs must be factored into pricing decisions.
All these decisions were made by national airlines in negotiation with each other - so that, for example, Alitalia might not allow British Airways to fly from London to Milan unless Alitalia could be given a route from Rome to Manchester. As demand rises so does the price of the ticket,which means that early booking makes economic sense. There are threats on the horizon too - the EU has recently clamped down on airports offering low cost airlines concessions and air traffic capacity is under serious pressure. However, pricing adopted at product launch can track in one of two ways, keep the price high or introduce it low.
Bain helped by developing a segment-specific list pricing model to attract target customers and build profitable relationships, which yielded growth that exceeded targets. Despite these efforts, high list prices deterred some new customers from considering MegaCompute for its PC needs.
Additionally, as Aristada need not be refrigerated, it can be effectively used in challenging healthcare setups such as community mental health centers. In order to encourage the development of the transport sector, in July, the Ukrainian Government adopted the “SeaPorts Development Strategy until 2038”, a document that aims to significantly raise the volume of goods, develop the infrastructure and attract a big number of investors.
We also have not factored in their proprietary cables which are comparatively more expensive than standard PV cables… These numbers are way too aggressive, I do not think they can deliver on this promise. Plus, since writers tend to be friends with other writers, you can always share the other e-book with a friend. However where major airlines have been able to compete is on the actual destinations; because low cost carriers tend to use the cheaper regional airports and passengers are often faced with lengthy journeys to get to their final destinations. Meanwhile passengers continue to enjoy low prices, hotels are enjoying increased business and airports are burgeoning as a result of the spending power of passengers coming through their gates. Another warning sign is that they have to back up their unit sales with warranty from Siemens. All of the advantages of micro inverters are for consumers – very few advantages for installers.
Enphase cites modularity as a feature, and that has some benefit and popularity with DIYers. Frieden made a name for himself in tuberculosis control with the New York City Health Department. As stated above there are consumer perceptions of pricing which affect demand plus other assumptions such as advertising and distribution policies, it is not an exact science! Major airlines also do well with business travellers, because price is not often an issue when the company is paying. In this instance companies can and do rely on existing consumers to purchase their new products. The con is that it’s harder to achieve highest efficiency and lowest cost in many smaller power devices. Low cost airlines have so far, had little effect on long haul flights, where superior levels of service are a basic requirement due to the length of the flight.
Frieden led a program that rapidly reduced TB, including cases of multidrug-resistant TB, by 80 percent. Frieden continues to be a vocal public figure as the CDC addresses the potential threat of the Zika virus to U.S. Accelerated aging is done by increasing temperature and voltage in a high moisture environment, the definition of military hi rel testing.
The optimizer system is cheaper because MLPE ( module level power electronics) are Confined to lower voltage power devices on the roof. The central DC-AC inverter in the optimizer system is a bone of contention, but 25 year warranties are available for both types of systems, Microinverter and optimizer.

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